Monday, July 30, 2012

Who's The Cookie Monster in City Hall?

So The Buffalo News is talking about the investigation into the grants department and from what they say BPS and its minions are in no mood to discuss or reveal anything they absolutely don't have to reveal, FOIL requests or not. From what's out there it appears the gender of one possible perp is male as they used the masculine pronoun to describe someone who was signing off and paying for work that a follow up showed was never completed. In the original breaking version of this mess we were told by The News that Mr. Kelleher, lawyer to the rock stars of City Hall, shoved a paper under Debbie Buckley's nose and told her to sign it. It said that Mark Frazier had never asked Ms. Buckley to sign over a check for $80,000.00 to him. She refused and apparently made the point that the opposite was true and he, in fact, did exactly that. She was shortly thereafter suspended and has since been terminated by The Board of Education. Several wags have suggested that Frazier's departure from his Royal Court position under Williams, also known as "Exempt" provided him little job protection and for that matter why did he need it as long as Jimmy Dubz was at the wheel ?  Shortly after Amber Dixon was appointed as interim Frazier took a sizable pay cut and serious demotion in rank when he applied for a union administrator's job as a Special Education Supervisor. Frazier's "haircut" to use the Chameleon's term, brought his salary down under $100K to a paltry $98,222.00 a drop in salary of $37, 778.00. Owch. Yeah but there's more. As a union administrator  Frazier will receive the benefit of a rigorous due process procedure and will likely remain on paid leave as his case is fought. Again this is mere speculation but if I know Frazier, he'd do the same for me. 


  1. The other interesting part of this report involves the not quite kosher use of Title 1 funds. The document also calls the district to task for:

    -catered meals at Parent Council meetings
    -travel for non-district employees i.e. parents
    -Parent facilitator stipends with little oversight or assignation of duties.
    -no tax reporting of parent facilitator payments.

    Thus we see highlighted some of Sam Radford's important work for the district. Eating well at those parent meetings, blubbering about the need for Parent Facilitators in each building and paying his own parent friends to go on trips to find out about the "Parent Trigger",( or Parent Tricker as Diane Ravitch calls it) . Paying $$ to the Parent Facilitators but giving them no defined tasks, duties, or need to report what they've been doing.
    But well-fed Sam never misses an opportunity to degrade the teachers, aided and abetted by his well-fed local Deform friends. They are always "doing for the children"!

  2. While the kingpibn of the DPCC is screeching about teacher salaries and benefits it's pretty clear he's only pissed someone is getting something he can't have. The children are the most convenient pawns in the world for these money and food grubbers. Oh and the high minded folks over at DeformED too who want to use the Children to make sure they all get cushy administrative jobs somewhere in the Edutocracy, far from the base realities of classroom teaching where one actually has to come in contact with "The Children" instead of using them to fatten their own asses and wallets.