Monday, February 23, 2015

B-Lo's Board Majority Aches to Impose Their Status Quo

The Board Majority's Tapestry @ Bennett Plan Revealed a Few Glitches

If you've noticed, the Board Majority members like to toss the phrase "status quo" around - a lot. I should say the three members who possess the capacity for speech. Mac and Patty, as we all know, are simply non speaking extras in the Cecil B. de Millionaire Club's epic drama of an urban school system ruined by non wealthy, non white people many of whom were not men either. They were abetted in said ruination, of course, by unions teeming with socialists who want to take away most of your rights. Yes, you'll hear Carl and Larry especially in the speaking -- or shrieking hysterically depending on the moon phase-- roles and they'll be lamenting what they call with disdain and regret "The Status Quo." (cue three note declining flourish here)  Of course they're referring to the current situation where public schools are public property not the private cash cows of any number of connected friends who'd gladly step in and rename Lafayette Gioia Charter or chisel the letters off the front of Bennett High the way the Taliban destroyed the cliff carved Buddhas in Bamian so they could carve "Robert Wilmers Academy of Wine, Grit and and Excellence" or some other self adoring shite in its place. 

When our boys bemoan the status quo you'll observe they studiously avoid any mention of the crippling, demoralizing poverty so many of our students live with every day. What's the stat again friends? Are we still the 3rd poorest city in the Milky Way ? Or just on planet earth? This status quo is one none of them care to discuss because their magic bullet - privatization - has no magic and no gunpowder to address this level of poverty. They simply have no answer for it. So they hope if they ignore it we will too. Fuck that. We know better. The best they can do is borrow a phrase from their poster girl the disgraced cheater run out of D.C. and ed reform all together, Michelle Rhee, who said Poverty is no excuse. And she was correct actually. Poverty is not an excuse at all. It's a reason. Big difference. It's one Lars, Jimbo and Carl won't touch with a 10 foot pole even if Ciminelli held the other end for them. And either will Rhee now that she's working for a fertilizer company in what can be noted as a true example of career readiness. Who ever spread it like Michelle Rhee? 

So when our majority members speak of this intolerable status quo they are likely not going to revisit Mr. Gibson's slide show from a few weeks back that demonstrated the paltry status quo of their shining star at Tapestry Charter School. Turns out the status quo over there isn't anything to write home about. And when you pair Kevin Gibson's research with the letter written to this very board by a Ph.D'd Tapestry parent, the status quo of Tapestry is pretty much flapping in tatters. This is one of the places the ed reform class likes to brag about. This is the place that they wanted to hand Bennett High over to in spite of the fact that Tapestry's performance is a distant cry from the "high performing" label they've slapped on it. Turns out after a little road test and some tire kicking, the Tapestry Lexus turns out to be a Neon with a soft tire that burns way too much oil. Again, this is the status quo of a charter crown jewel. It'd be a stretch to even call it zirconium. 

Currently Bennett is home to hundreds of students and a dedicated faculty and staff who are laboring in the shadow of essentially being called dumb and sub par at every turn. Slice it how you want friends but when you call a school "failing" and "underperforming" it's no different from saying the people in it are failures and slackers. I wonder if Larry Quinn in his previous incarnation ever walked into an NHL locker room and declared an entire team to be "low performing and failing?" No I don't wonder. I know that would put him at a disadvantage he would never risk. But it's fine to keep throwing these stones at kids and professionals then shrug and say "Hey,  it's the data, don't blame me." The status quo of these kids having a school to go to apparently is too much for the speaking majority. Their plan was to kick every single damned one of these kids to the curb and say, sorry, not our problem. Tapestry's own administration promised their parents none of the Bennett kids would be allowed to mix with their precious issue. This was verified in the parent letter and deemed unacceptable -- from a Tapestry kid's mom no less. But it was just fine with the wealthy white men's caucus. None of them have a problem with THIS gentrified status quo. 

As for some other stati quo... Currently Mr. Paladino is taking in lease payments from 3 charters with a promise of another springing fully formed like Athena from Frank McGuire's head over at Holy Angels -- and possibly another on top of that or maybe 2 more. Oh we've all heard how he shuffled the paperwork and now it's in his family's hands, not his per se, but c'mon. Unless he sells the properties outright to a disinterested party the money is still going into Planet Paladino. None of us have been bullshat by this lawyerly legerdemain. Apparently this many charters leasing his buildings is more of Carl's intolerable status quo. He needs MORE. 

The Board of Education meetings have become public events that people are packing into. People are packing into them to tell Sampson, Quinn and Paladino that their tactics and schemes are not welcome. And in response, President Sampson has attempted to create a status quo for Board of Education meetings that limits discussion to topics he personally deems acceptable. When anyone mentions anything Sampson doesn't want to hear he and Quinn have had them removed in spite of Larry's pathetic attempts to lie his way out of taking responsibility for his actions. Sampson had Ziolkowski tossed for asking about Sampson's profligate CEO spending at Gateway. Quinn had a cop remove Gibson on the grounds that he's a union member. Then he tried to lie about it. Sampson banned O'Bowen for eternity, tried to interrupt several other speakers and told John Washington II he was done but was given data to the contrary by practically everyone in the hall when JW II began chanting Whose Schools? to the delight of all who returned "Our Schools" as Samspon withered and Quinn's complexion waxed from pink to scarlet. Again at the Special Meeting on Friday the 13th it was a Sampsonian procedural flub stemming from yet another attempt to shut down input and discussion that set off the hollering between Paladino and the Board legal counsel. These people constitute a majority who seem to think they were crowned not elected. 

So next time Surly, Larry and Paladimoe roll out their favorite phrase The Status Quo, remember the status quo they are trying to impose. You've watched them do it. It's one that ignores poverty, adds to Carls list of rental properties,  seeks to metastasize low performing charter schools for profit, kicks kids out of their current schools and shuts down debate, criticism and/or opposing views simply because they can. Is this the status quo anyone wants for Buffalo Schools? Me either. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Send Your Own Message : Dump Bennett, Appoint John Licata

Well friends, once again NYSUT "leadership" is wafting its message down from on high to the small folks and once again it makes about as much sense as their hashtag/text blast/ button wearing campaign. Get this: we are being told by the great minds who created the Grisanti Loves Domestic Abuse ad

 (as well as this ad that couldn't even spell Ranzenhofer correctly)

Did Someone Hire their 7th Grade Kid to Whip this Hit Piece Up? 

that we are free to call for the end of Robert Bennett as a Regent but we should finesse it in such a way as not to endorse former Buffalo Board member John Licata. So a No Bennett  message is only ok if we avoid a Yes Licata message. Got that?

I know these guys are the experts. I know I am just another dope who teaches kids to willingly suspend their disbelief as Coleridge advised us we must, But in the other periods I sometimes teach kids about Civil Disobedience and clue them in that in spite of his awesome Ghandi/MLK inspiring essay, our boy Thoreau was kind of a fuckup. You know that Walden Pond experiment came on the heels of HDT setting an accidental grassfire that nearly turned all of Concord to charcoal right? 

Well, all that aside, Henry had it right that we sometimes have to stand up and say no to authority no matter who that authority happens to be. And in the case of NYSUT's elite ranks I'm hard pressed to come up with anything they've done in the past few years that would give them a scrap of cred to tell us what we should be doing. Listening to Weingarten and running Ianuzzi out on a rail just as he was starting to get up on his hind legs and bark at Cuomo? The double pension scandal? The gutless non call on backing Zephyr Teachout? Aiding and abetting the date rape of WFP to endorse Cuomo? Telling us to back off on a Tisch protest because Skippy Ryan was going to handle her? The Grisanti ad?  The text blast, hashtag, wear a button, tell a friend cause the governor doesn't respect your profession campaign?  Are you fucking kidding me? 

I can't imagine what their beef with Licata might be. Nor do I give a rat's ass. The guy served for years as a sane, judicious Board of Ed member in Buffalo. He voted thoughtfully, answered emails, stood up to stupidity and cronyism and commented here on this blog on more than one occasion. Oh yeah, rumor is he sent his own kids to Buffalo Public Schools too. This guy replacing Bennett would be about like trading in your overhead projector for a Smartboard. NYSUT would like us to ditch the overhead and carry on with a nice new chalkboard for our troubles. Like the old overhead I had at #72, NYSUT's bulbs aren't too bright and they need to start changing a few before they hand down any more mandates from the aerie. 

Write your assemblyman. Find the email here.  Tell them to dump Bennett and install John Licata. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Chance for NYSUT to Redeem Themselves. Sort Of...

Use This Instead of Making Another One of Your Brain Dead Attack Ads

Great news NYSUT. You can cancel that order of oversized hoodies for B-Lo cause we've got something a lot better you can do for us. It appears our old nemesis Regentus Flatulentus Robert Bennett is trying to get himself appointed for another term as New York State Regent. Come off it already, Bob. You drove a Corvaire to your first Regents meeting and it was uphill and snowing both ways. Time to get your shuffleboard on and shake that old bootie down to Boca where the surf is up, the sandals come with black socks and it's lights out at 9:30 for everybody in Grumpy Palms. Can't miss ya if ya won't leave, Bobber.

And this is where you come in, NYSUT political experts:

The Regent members are voted on by the NY Assembly and the Senate. Because the Assembly members outnumber the Senators and the Democrats in the Assembly hold the majority, the Democratic Assembly members have the decision making power.

Sooooo, NYSUT, as we established here yesterday, these Democrats mentioned above? These are YOUR guys. These are the guys you helped get elected so they can work to help teachers like Marc Pannepinto told us he was going to do back in the Fall. And as we are amateurs with little to no understanding of the manly and complex umvelt of politics, we simple teacher folk are going to stick to our abcederian tasks and trust ya'll to git er done as they say on the t.v. Shouldn't be too much effort for such seasoned political operatives as NYSUT has on retainer. If there's anything left in the piggybank after the $360K Pannepinto disbursement, some of us would like you to give it to John Licata, the former Board of Ed member here in Buffalo. He is actually sane, educated, not a charter schools advocate and he actually trusted BPS to educate his own kids. Seems John's the obvious choice in spite of the fact that there's someone else from the area who supports vouchers and the parent trigger but c'mon, what idiot would look at that track record and say she's the one we want? So please, NYSUT, we are giving you an opportunity to show us how important it is to have a state wide union with people earning over $200K for not teaching. We always hear how important it is to make sure we have politicians on our side even though the Governor is a Democrat and so is the President and so is Rahmbo Emanel and so is Christie. Oh wait. Chris Christie just acts like a Democrat but he's actually a Republican. So don't blow it NYSUT. Seems the timing here could be divinely inspired you know? I mean just yesterday I was saying Wait a minute, if their only real purpose is to gain political traction for teachers and currently we are in spinning our tires, rocking the Corolla and going nowhere, then why the hell should we even bother with these people? What better use could we put those funds to that would actually benefit teachers?

Ahh but that was yesterday and today is a new day. Rumor is your  good friend Sean Ryan is supportive of Mr. Licata's ambitions to become Regent. I can only hope and pray Mr. Ryan does better this time than he did bringing Dragon Empress Tisch to Buffalo. I hate to do this but I am going to do it anyway. When Ryan brought Tisch here a bunch of us asked BTF about organizing some kind of a protest action to let her know what we think of her. BTF ignored us. The NYSUT regional poobah, I forget his name, told me in an email that Ryan was going to school Tisch and put an end to the bullshit lie that our schools were failing so why should we protest that? Again, always trying to control the message, the goddamned message, as if it's private property. Well, we stood down, that time, most of us anyway -- Kudos to Mad Mike O'Bowen, who pursued them to the doors of their CIA-like black Suburban flinging fake money in their mugs and calling them sellouts and a disgrace.

But in the heure de verite' Tisch cut Ryan off in mid sentence with an imperious hand, as if she were telling him he'd overchlorinated her swimming pool. "Come to Brooklyn," she snapped, "I know what success looks like. I've seen success." Thus endeth the quest of NYSUT's man Ryan to take Madame Tisch to the edu-woodshed. Bearing that in mind I sincerely hope Mr. Ryan has been eating his Wheaties and getting lots of rest. Something tells me there will be more of the same waiting for him if he tries to persuade Tishcean underlings of Mr. Licata's chops as Regent. With any luck we'll avoid some of the rotten tomatoes and dead cats that got flung our way last time NYSUT waxed Madison Avenue with their lowbrow attack ads. Let us know if you need anything NYSUT. And please, whatever you do, stay on message will you? 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hey NYSUT, Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are...

On Message from NYSUT's Best Minds 

In case you forgot this bottom feeding campaign ad from last fall was part of the $360,000.00 effort NYSUT put forth to get Marc Pannepinto elected as a State Senator for the Democratic Party. Our enemies had a field day when this thing surfaced. The Buffalo News pursed their lips in mortified disdain shaking their collective head until the ball bearings rattled. Every unlettered dunce who'd ever spewed an anti union or anti teacher sentiment in the News comment section puffed themselves up to Hindenbergian levels of indignation then misspelled and double negatived their wrath at teachers and unions. The "Student Lobbyist" his own damned self Prince Andrew Cuomo emerged from his swamp of corruption dripping with righteous outrage and faux horror. "I've seen a lot of cheap campaign stunts but this is one of the more disgusting ones I have ever seen," said Herr Cuomo and we all know he's a connisseur of cheap campaign stunts.  Right wing radio jerks and right wing bloggers not to mention the ed reform camp all enjoyed a protracted open season on teachers there was little any of us could do to defend ourselves from the rogue actions of backroom hacks who threw teachers and unions under the bus while insisting they were "on message" somehow. At least I assume they thought they were on message. They spend a lot of time shushing us as rank and filers insisting that they control "the message" and we just shut up and do as we're advised. The worst part of having this albatross hung around our necks is none of us had a damned thing to do with it, its creation or the bass ackward notion that it would score points for Pannepinto. Everyone knows us as teachers. Everyone knew it was our statewide union who dropped this turkey in the road. Ergo, everyone wondered what the hell was wrong with us if our union stoops to such scumbag chicanery but nobody could point to the bozos responsible for it cause they refused to stand up and own it.  And to that end the question arises "What the hell kind of freak show are you guys running anyway if you don't even know what your union is up to? It felt like we were part of Tony Soprano's crew and we were being told to shut up and do the time for the family. Kind of like in little league when some ragarm 11 year old nails you in the chest with his fastball and your coach walks you to first base saying "Take it for the team, kid..."

Well the election is long over with and go figure Pannepinto has been installed in Albany. What he's doing on our behalf is something of a sacred mystery since his party's Governor has done everything but take out contracts on individual teachers. My question to NYSUT is after we were asked to lump the fallout from that asinine campaign ad, what good is coming our way for our troubles? When Tony's guys get out of stir they expect to be comped with a cash payout or points on someone's action. If I was damned to absorb Richie Coyle's fastball in the chest then Mr. Adams was damned well taking us to Fran Ceil's for ice cream after the game. That's how things work in the world people like to call "the real world." As we've seen though, NYSUT doesn't exactly function terribly well in this milieu. No, they seem to favor an all Quid program in lieu of the larger Quid pro quo equation everyone else adheres to. I can't think of anything resembling support from them in this pitched battle B-Lo teachers have and allies have been waging against the powers of ed reform and the NYSUT party's Governor. Sorry to tie ya'll to Sheriff Andy folks but you spent your asses off to get guys from his party elected and you sat on your hands instead of throwing in for Zephyr Teachout when she was chewing a hole in Cuomo's lead. So, Cuomo and you are party mates like it or not. If you don't like it, we feel your pain. None of us were very keen on being tied to your domestic abuse ad either but according to the donation report you gave exactly no shits whatsoever how any of us felt.

So where to from here? Well for starters I'd expect Sean Ryan and Pannepinto to speak at the next board meeting. They could also call a presser to remind everyone they are here for teachers as they said they were in the fall. They might have to upset their boss in Albany but we've seen random courageous politicians before who stood up to tyrants from their own party. It's not the end of the world guys. You've all got a law practice to fall back on anyway right?  And at very least we could use some hoodies. Lots of XXLs and XXXLs --fuck t shirts, it's cold here. I don't even care what they say on them. Maybe start with "We're NYSUT and We Don't Suck That Bad." I know better though than to expect much from a bunch of adults whose best strategy against a sociopathic governor boils down to text messages, tweets, hashtags and discount car insurance. There's been no push back against Cuomo for months and when NYSUT finally did decide to push back they told everyone to do what many of us were doing anyway in lieu of a definite strategic, funded response. I knew we were in trouble when NYSUT slapped a grimacing mug of Cuomo on the cover of their newsletter with the caption: "He has No Respect for Your Profession. Fight back!"

Shouldn't that have said "Our Profession?" 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Friday the 13th Hammers B-Lo's Ed Reformy Board

Whose Schools? 

Well well well. Leave it to Accountability Jim Sampson to zone out on the procedure button and send the whole "special board meeting" into a tailspin. I can't help but laugh thinking the same pompous ass who tried to shut down John Washington II when he didn't like JW II pointing out that Carl Paladino has made race based references to members of the school board screwed up - Royally. When Michael Ziolkowski complained a few weeks back about Sampson himself as CEO of Gateway enjoying memberships to social clubs to the tune of $64,000 on the taxpayer's dime, Sampson got away with shutting him down and having security toss the guy. Wednesday at Waterfront Sampson warned Mad Mike OBowen sounding like an ineffective daycare volunteer giving permission to the rowdy kid to act up one more time before he'd be tossed. The most absurd part of O'Bowen's trip to the mic was that Sampson reminded him he'd been contacted by Buffalo Police and told not to return to board meetings. To which OBowen responded by waving a sheet of paper and saying with a go to hell shrug "I'm on the agenda." Which he was. Apparently, unlike the rougher high schools a lot of us have plied our trade in, the Board doesn't know to publish a standard "Do Not Admit List." Funny, if any of those Majoritarians who are so sensitive to public input had ever worked at Burgard or South Park they'd know you put up a list to keep recidivists from crashing the gate. Ellicott Development and the Sabres apparently are not ideal training grounds for people who want to dabble in Edumacation.

That aside, Sampson flubbed the procedural maneuver. Carl went all Seneca Street for a bit with a real practicing lawyer then dissolved into a funk, playing Angry Birds on his phone for the remainder prompting some wags in the packed City Hall  sweatbox to nickname him The Two Minute Reformer in reference to the way he petered out after such a brief but hysterical exchange. As we know from our dedicated friends and colleagues and a little help from Shane at an oddball reversal of fortune followed with Ogilve's plan being dusted off and amended and finally agreed upon to the point that a unanimous vote sent it forward. This Hatfield/McCoy Board reached a unanimous vote? WTF? The slam dunk of the reformers was denied, the ball slapped clear up into the seats behind where Spike Lee sits. Nobody got charterized. Nobody got privatized. The Movement lives to fight another day. Unfortunately so does The Majority with a seething Carl Paladino skulking in its galley. 

Which brings me to my point, yes friends, aside from recapping with Schadenfreudian glee, the Sampsonian screw up, the Paladinean melt down and the Ultimate Fighting Bitchslap Knockdown of 2015 as Sharon Belton Cottman turned and fixed Leisure Class Larry Quinn with dual eye daggers to explain that Ogilve was not going to do the Majority's bidding in the immortal words : He's not your boy and this aint a hockey game. (cue airhorns, Skrillex bass drop, buildings imploding, Snoop vibing, ICBMs launching and a group of 50 kids at a rap battle falling over backwards yelling Oooooooooooooooooohhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!) As I said, my point...

So far the meetings at someone's house and Spot have done the trick for the grassroots effort taking place in our midst. As usual some are pulling more than their weight and others like me are pulling as much as we can reasonably get a grip on but would like to do more. A friend on FB today made a comment that made me laugh out loud. Yes I actually LOLd friends. Isn't NYSUT supplying buses and the like to get people where they need to be? Well we really don't need a bus since everyone knows where they are going and we're willing to get there on our own. But the larger question remains. Just What the hell is NYSUT doing as Buffalo teeters on the brink of Ed Reform Nightmare Number One? Last I heard we were advised by our great clucking disoriented mother hen of a union to tweet and hashtag against the Andy/Albany Ed Reform machine. We were advised to sign up for "text blasts" I think they called it and wear fucking stickers too. Yes, from what I hear one of those NYSUT stickers works like ricin against the powers of corporate ed reform. Did they think because Sheriff Andy doesn't allow anyone to wear pro union badges, pins or stickers at his parties that these goddamned things have some kind of innate totemic hoodoo we can turn loose against Regentus Flatulentus Bennet and that Sociopathic shrew Madame Tisch? And when a NYSUT apologist hit me with the usual schtick about how hard they are all working and why don't I focus on the real enemy, my friend from downstate chimed in saying As an outsider, I think Buffalo people have every right to be pissed and disappointed with the lack of support they are getting. Hmmm, I had to wonder about this as nowhere in my most recent travels surrounded by the hard corest of the hard core have I heard any mention of NYSUT. It's like they have rendered themselves irrelevant and nobody with a brain is waiting for the white horse of Revive Party to come thundering to the rescue. 

NYSUT chickened out from endorsing and getting behind Zephyr Teachout and they have failed consistently to stand up to Cuomo on any level until very very recently. I said here and elsewhere as these events unfolded "We're on our own, folks." I read the other day my colleague Arthur Goldstein in NYC describing how the real boss of NYSUT Mikey -- punch you in the face if you take my Common Core -- Mulgrew shot down a Test Refusal/Opt Out motion then sent in all of his loyalty oath bound apparatchiks to kill it. Later, Mulgrew sneered at M.O.R.E. guy Mike Schirzer's Anti Common Core motion calling him "one of those" as if a teacher being against CCSS is someone we all need to dismiss as a crackpot. I guess you can say the writing remains on the wall and it tells me the people we should be counting on to have our backs, like Dick Cheney dodging the draft in the 60's, have "other priorities." And really I am fine with that. NYSUT reportedly spent $360,000 getting Marc Pannepinto elected. What has he done to show us that money was well spent?More crickets... When the cliches used by union haters keep ringing up true -- they only care about themselves, they will work with our enemies against us, they have their own agenda, etc. etc. etc-- I think it's time we work for ourselves and deal with them later after the smoke clears and victory can be declared. When we have top union people working against the Opt Out movement and taking potshots at teachers who want to buck CCSS it tells me we have a serious problem within the union's elite ranks. But for now we have bigger, more pressing fish to fry. And once they're fried and served up with coleslaw and potato salad in the fine B-Lo tradition, we'll deal with our so called "leadership" in the same way we dealt with this board. For now, Solidarity and Strength to all who stand and fight. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Larry Quinn: the Poser's Poser

Larry Quinn Comes Out from Behind His Lace Curtain at Doc's

I was looking through Larry Quinn’s C.V. recently to see where exactly he picked up his flair for the pastoral phrase. Nowhere in his travels from his private high school to his private college to his wunderkind appointment in the Griffin administration did I encounter any mention of hog farming, porcine relations or a residency in swainery. Yet, when once again, challenged to lie his way out of having Kevin Gibson ejected by the cops, Quinn of course says he didn’t do it. He then bristles at the suggestion of being sued by Phil Rumore and offers the inexplicably bizarre sound byte that follows:  “When you stick a pig, it squeals, o.k ?”
We’ve already covered Quinn alluding to teachers as “idiots” and “those clowns.” Apparently this human has run out of patience with simple insults in homo sapien  terms  and has degenerated into likening teachers, their union and its president  to pigs.  

Pigs, in what sense, Larry? I feel compelled to ask. Do you mean the clich├ęd “pigs at the trough?” we hear so much about from corporate welfare queens like Sampson and yourself  and Carl who never lift a finger unless it’s government subsidized yet you somehow feel a righteous entitlement to attack $50K year teachers who buy most of their own supplies and work in conditions that would see you testing your psych rider as “pigs at the trough.”  I can only assume that was where that pig thing came from.
What baffles and amuses  me though in his particular choice of phrase is the absurdity of such a pampered, privileged double loaf wonder bread doofus as Lars trying to wax philosophical in the argot of the common man. Larry, I live near farms. My sons feed calves and help with milking at certain friends’ houses the mornings after a sleepover. My father was raised on a dairy farm and his father before him and I still have one cousin who’s making a go of dairy farming with the farm he inherited from my uncle. What I’m saying Larry, is these are the guys who use phrases like that. Guys with callouses on their hands and shit on their boots who worry about the weather, getting the hay in and the price of milk. Working guys Larry, those are the guys who can say “When you stick a pig it squeals.”  Those men earned the right to talk like that. You on the other hand continue to be a poser trying to wedge yourself in at the end of the pew in some church that simply won't have you. How about the time Gil Perreault couldn’t make it to the Sabres’ Alumni game so you inserted yourself between Rick Martin and Rene Robert? Do you think they noticed you didn’t belong there Lar? Do you think people talked? What do you think they said Larry, that your hair looked cool? 

Strutting around Doc’s on election night trying to fool Smitty and Sully and Murph into thinking you were there too  hauling cases of pounders from Harry’s to  the courts at Caz in the 70’s -- you're a laugh a minute.  Nobody bought your act for a second but since you and Carl were buying everyone played along. Just like now Larry. Nobody is buying your step out on the back porch with your corncob pipe to cuss the gubmint and talk hawgs routine either. You’re a 1%er and a wanker Larry -- not one of the boys  from St Tommy’s or St. Teresa’s or East Eden or North Collins. You’ve spent your life trying to screw union workers out of a buck so you could take yours home in a bushel. How much did you take away when Golisano bought/sold  the Sabres, Larry? I’ll bet it was a lotta bacon, Larry. And for all your talk of meritocracy and accountability you should be living in Salvation Army after your performance in the NHL. Oh and by the way Larry,You're a Limo-crat not a Democrat. So quit trying to "just folks" that dead horse too. 

In the future Larry, stick to what you know and save the aww shucks routine for community theatre. Nobody is buying it. Nobody is buying you or any of the lies you try to get away with. I predicted you’d flame out before Carl would and so far you’re coming through like a champ. Twice now you’ve behaved like a boor and embarrassed yourself publicly  and both times Carl’s thrown you under the bus to the media. How many more times do you think you’ve got left, Larry? How many more strikes do you think you've got left Larry? I think Dirty Harry said it best when he asked “Do you feel lucky punk?"

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Larry Quinn's Last Nerve Files Comp Claim

Ship of Fools Captain Quinn Finds Himself in Choppy Waters--AGAIN.

Larry, Larry, Larry.  Will this guy never quit?  Larry Quinn's weapons grade arrogance has reached clinical levels now that he's no longer surrounded, as he has been his whole adult life, with bootlickers, sycophants, toadies and yes men. And if there's anything that will spring the cuckoo door on the forehead of a guy like Larry Quinn it's being challenged by an intelligent adult  -- enter Mr. Gibson, Social Studies Teacher -- who doesn't give a shit about Quinn's connections, power or bank account.  It's a betrayal of all that the Larry Quinns of this mortal coil hold near and dear to think that an educated adult would step up to Quinn and essentially tell him I don't care how much ass you had to kiss and how many unfunny jokes you had to laugh at to get where you are, I think you're wrong and here's why. That anyone would go into the world and use their education to teach city kids about stuff like Civil Disobedience and the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire makes no sense to a Larry Quinn. In his head anyone who does that instead of trying to accrue financial and material affluence coupled with the right political helpers is a sap who's beneath contempt. And if you take a quick look at the Larry-isms we've documented just in the past few months : Scowling at the Lafayette kids as they shared harrowing life stories in a board meeting, accusing Lafayette teachers of pawning the kids out and writing the stories for them,  later at a site visit to the school referring to teacher Pat Foster as "that idiot" and his colleagues "those clowns." Note that Quinn tried to deny this but his buddy Carl Paladino blew up his spot and admitted Quinn had been "harsh and rough" saying also "it wasn't pretty." I can't help but make the comparison here to Al Qaeda denouncing ISIS as too extreme. When Carl Paladino steps away from you because you're being too insensitive, it says a lot about you. If you want to imagine Larry Quinn in a vehicle with a black banner flapping overhead make it an old school wooden schooner and put a cape codder in his hand too, dammit. 

More recently Larry's contempt for anyone who's not seeking his autograph or hoping to congratulate him on getting rid of Pat LaFontaine, Danny Briere and Chris Drury, has been captured on video for all to enjoy by yet another educated fool who chose to teach kids instead of making millions, Mr. Hip, aka Keith Hughes,  to whom we owe many thanks. First we have Larry the Wifi Guy surfing his iphone while student speaker Chronicle McClain tries to address him and his obnoxious frat boy aloofness. Is there a word for doing the very thing a person objects to you doing as that person is objecting to you doing it? I can only think of one word for it and it's the same word as before: it's called contempt. And if we don't already have a pattern of hubris and contempt established here let me add this last straw to an already staggered camel's back. Pay close attention to the body language, the facial contortion and the flicking gesture Quinn gives to the Buffalo cop when he tells him to give Kevin Gibson the hook. It's as if he's dusting a scone crumb from his turtleneck. Also of note is that Quinn again tried to deny his actions when confronted by Sandra Tan of The News of all people. Instead he made a weasel run implying that the cop took action on his own. He then follows it up by attacking Tan for reporting on his behavior classifying it as a minor thing. You see, to the Larry Quinns of the world, muzzling public input and curtailing the democratic process in a public meeting to suit your point of view IS a minor thing. All that democratic process crap does is let the little people run around inside the castle and shit everything up for their betters, you see.  And if you weren't convinced the guy is completely clueless on top of being a pompous ass, he can be heard in a whiny sniveling voice protesting aloud  "I don't go to their meetings and speak." No, Lawrence, you're correct, board members do not attend union meetings and offer their input. But feel free to try. I doubt the cops would throw you out. Only BTF doesn't serve alcohol at its meetings. 

In lieu of the recall petition, which I am sure is forthcoming, I can only observe that "The Movement" for lack of a better word, is standing on Larry Quinn's last effing nerve. In any fight there's the moment where you go for the knockout or go home. I'd say it's time we jump up and down on that last nerve and send Larry to the showers. You think he'd give you a break? Exactly.