Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bring the Bums In...

Admittedly my last offering was a bit dire. The idea that our elected officials suck is never one to build your day around. Ahhh but friends it gets worse. Any time we experience a hearty round of "throw the bums out" it's soon followed by a round of bring the new bums in. Cases in point : Dick the weasel Ianuzzi sat on his hands when it came time to stand up for his teacher bros and sisters in NYSUT but when Gates et al came a calling he couldn't play pattycake with them fast enough. And then somewhere on the road between Massapequa and Damascus Old Dick went from Saul to Paul and with the dusty bootprints of unionists on his ass and threats of worse to come Dick decided to become the man of the people. Too little too late it appears. The Revive Party, led by anonymously harmless nice lady Karen Magee and surrounded by Andy Palotta and lil Martin the Mess et al swept into power on the tsunami of delegates provided by Mikey Mulgarten of UFT. So the good news here is Dick is out on his ass where he belongs. Ahh but the baaaad news is NYSUT now belongs to Mulgarten whose lips have left a permanent indian burn on the buttocks of Sherriff Andy Cuomo. So guess what folks? That bastard in the Governor's office who's done everything he can to stick it to teachers, who pimps charters and disses us at every turn? Your friends in NYSUT are going to be endorsing him for governor in the hope that he'll go on to run for the White House in 2016. Randi Weingarten is jockeying for  position here too and Mulgrew will do anything he can to further her cause because it will further his own. That's how these mofos have been doing it all along. And I am really glad Diane Ravitch is such warm friends with Randi. Good for them. But she  needs to STFU about it. Randi is no friend of teachers or unions. She is a big friend of Bill Gates and a huge friend of the Common Core. You can't have it both ways Randi.We got rid of the Dick but now we're stuck with this bunch of balls.

Here in B-Lo we have a similar dynamic in play with the Sorority Majority of the Board of Ed. The Sisterhood as Carl Paladino (Affluent Caucasian Caucus) calls them, have played racial politics for years hiring their black friends and railroading qualified white women at will. Amber Dixon and Deb Sykes most prominently. Well halleluiah, the Sisters are getting tossed out on their Alpha Kappa Alpha asses and they can take their idiot, limp dishrag of a leader Pamela Pearls Brown PhD with them. Except... Yeah here's the frying pan into the fire punchline... The Board is going to swing to an angry wealthy white man's club featuring Larry fucking Quinn of Buffalo Sabres' infamy. Quinn already has $35K in his warchest and has has received donations from StudentsFirst not to mention assorted local Brahmin. I can't imagine the Gioia checkbook denying a high profile schmuck like Quinn a few grand and maybe he'll tap into the Jabobses, Bordeaux Bob Wilmers, the Knoxes and the Rich clan too. And when these wealthy white guys get their hooks into the meat, hiring an ed reformy Super straight outta the Broad Academy it's going to be the last train to Charterville for B-Lo Schools. Again we'll experience the same momentary relief of the boil being lanced and all the gnarly puss and shite and whathaveyou being flushed away. In its place however we will be infected with a more organized, better funded and established not to mention better connected bunch of corporate jackals who will see public education the way they see everything else -- as a way of making money. And how do you do that? Well they will start by cutting costs and what do you know but TFA is already here ready to take on the toughest kids in the city with 5 weeks of training for a lot less pay than union backed teachers. The sisters suck. James Williams and Pamela Brown, their two choices of Superintendents have sucked royally. They will not be missed. But when the Affluent Caucasian Caucus gets their game on we are going to be screwed. Throw the bums out is a temporary pleasure.

Friday, April 18, 2014

You Tell Me...

I am not sure I go whole hog with this guy but I am sorry to say he makes sense. Elected officials sucking seems to be the norm these days. We have here in B-Lo a Board of Ed. dominated for years by a majority cabal of black women loosely known as The Sisterhood. In a word they have sucked. In Albany we are faced with a Dumbocrat Governor who sucks and is every bit the corporate union buster the Republicans of our worst nightmares would be. Our state teacher's union has been led by an old white guy who sucked for years and crept into bed with the very forces who seek to demolish public education. Likewise on the national scene with the AFT its Vichy Quisling collaborator queen Randi Weingarten who never had a bad word about Bill Gates or Common Core but is quaalude slow on defending her constituents. In Washington D.C. we are treated to scorn and contempt as public school teachers and union members by a president who sent Joe Biden to Chicago trolling for union votes then stabbed us in the back as soon as he got his chance. All of these people suck and we in part are all to blame for electing them. Hillary in 2016? Paul Ryan ? Seriously folks? 
My question is what else can we do ? 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another Guy from Somewhere Else Fails to Dazzle in B-Lo Public Schools

It looks like De Ja Vu all over again here in Buffaltucky friends. Another clubcar in the infamous Soul Train Wreck that is the Buffalo Public Schools has been deemed unsafe by teachers in a BTF survey. Recall a while ago when the exact same scenario played out at Lafayette High School under the alleged leadership of one Fatima Morrell? She was known for trying to bitch out teachers in front of kids, a completely lax discipline policy against thugs and troublemakers and at one point a hamfisted hall sweep that sent home hall wanderers halfway through the day -- one of whom was murdered at a bus stop by a neighborhood enemy. Of course the rabble all went after Amber Dixon the white interim Superintendent's head, neatly ignoring Morrell as the administrator who sent the boy home and into the path of his killer for nothing more than hall wandering.

Morrell's survey came up looking about like Dr. Terry Ross's survey -- a rousing vote of no confidence and if Mark Twain had taken it he'd have added a dead cat to the thing. Dr. Ross is a joke. He looks good in a suit, is a black man with advanced degrees and is from somewhere else. Around here that kinda cred will get you a key to the city and a cake from the girls at the Alpha Kappa Alpha house. Not surprisingly, he was not fully certified until Feb 1, 2014 though he's been on the payroll since last summer. He still has 2 years to pass the test for permanent certification. While Carl Paladino is on him like a dog on a football, fellow Board of Ed member James Sampson is taking the administrative, hasn't been within 500 feet of an urban high school ever approach, waiting for "data" to come in before he makes up his mind about Ross. Oddly, Phil Rumore and Paladino are on the same page here calling for Dr. Terry to take his fine self to some other godforsaken dysfunctional hell hole to pursue on the job training at the expense of the students, faculty and staff. 

Sampson I suspect is trying to give local bluenose and education dilettante Robert Wilmers a half nod here since it was Bordeaux Bob's Promise Neighborhood Inc. who found Ross and stuck him in the big office at Bennett. Wilmers' M&T people were miffed that Dr.PamelaBrownPh.D.Harvard blew them off in her talks with EPOs to manage the various BPS holdings deemed to be in need of outside help. Sampson's fellow ed reformer board member Jason McCarthy spoke up on M&T bank's behalf and said as much, that they were shocked and appalled that nobody called or contacted them. Poor bankers being dissed by the sorority girls, what next? I ask you. I suspect Sampson is trying to stall and at very least avoid pimp slapping Wilmer's guy publicly. These wealthy ed reformer guys have to have each other's back you know. While Carl's companies lease school buildings to 3 charters he seems uninterested in playing the diplomatic waiting game and respecting the well heeled Wilmers' pride on this one. 

Terry Ross is yet another race based hireling of a terribly screwed up system. Paladino has fought them as only he can because he has his millions and his status in the area and nobody calling him a racist is going to slow him down one bit. But let's be real here friends. What happened to "Dr. Morrell" as Mark Frazier called her glowingly in the news back when he was one of Jimmy Dubz's minor domos? In a word: nothing. Better than that she was promoted to Principal of Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence where I suspect she has people in place running things and keeping her out of everyone's hair. I recently heard she was spotted nosing around the WNED studio property scouting it out for God knows what unholy occupation. As for Dr. Terry Ross, who among other outrages told a 32 year white veteran of Bennett High that He was the problem, that he doesn't know how to connect with urban kids, (a black friend from Voice acting workshop observed with a smirk one night that when scripts ask for "urban" they mean me!). So it's ok for Dr. Terry to tell this three decade veteran of one of B-Lo's toughest buildings that he's no good cause he's white but woe unto him who declares that the good doctor is sitting at the big desk because he's "urban." Seems the post racial halcyon days are eluding us folks and I daresay we're going backwards.  

Monday, March 31, 2014

Will the Author of St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Werewolves Please Step Forward.

Hello? Karen Russell? White Courtesy Telephone Please...

Loathe as I was to approach the much ballyhooed Karen Russell piece " St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Werewolves" I felt obliged to take a run at it for the sake of Lit. and because as usual there is the "gotcha" spectre hovering above our heads today as teachers  -- in the event that we neglect one of these morsels David Coleman et al found so frottage worthy. This is the story from which some Anti-Common Core Moms and others have extracted a scurrilous use of the term "frottage." And yes dear readers the context is the one used in Urban Dictionary, not the art text.  The work also comes with a 17 lesson script that metastasizes into a 211 pages module. And don't think for a second that these 17 lessons are going to be covered in 17 days. Not even happening. I had already peeked at my trusted colleague Reality Based Educator's website where I stumbled across this teacher's testimony of Karen Russell's short fiction after Common Core Appalachians went "Deliverance" on it: 

Here is how students have received the genius that is this EngageNY lesson module that uses one short story for three and a half weeks of lessons:
The first day, they're excited to start a new lesson and read a story that seems to be about werewolves.

By the third day, they're bored by reading and discussing the same story for three days straight and starting to get antsy.

By the sixth day, they're outwardly hostile to the lessons and the teacher for teaching the lessons. 

By the ninth day, they're totally disengaged from class and talk openly about how much they hate English.

By the twelve day, they no longer give a shit about anything - not the class, not the story, not the teacher, not the "assessment" (i.e., "test" for those of you who aren't fluent in reformy geekspeak) that is coming up on Day Seventeen.

It goes on but you get the idea. I introduced the piece with that old chestnut from Coleridge reminding them that in reading a story involving Werewolves they are being asked to "willingly suspend their disbelief." After which I cite several examples of people in annoying voices saying "Awww that aint real, that's stoo-pit!" O.k. we get it they say after my third or fourth annoying skeptical impression.  I felt compelled to say so because when I inquired who among them likes such fiction, you know spooky, supernatural, Steven Kingy... I got a roomful of 1000 yard stares. O.k. tough crowd, says I. So I remind them that we may be reading about something very human that's about more than werewolves or nuns or anything so odd and bizarre and I ask them to keep an open mind which they promise to do. 

Nobody catches the term "frottage" or even asks about it. So I offer it up and explain that some parents have complained that it's in a story being taught to 14 and 15 year olds. They shrug and say whatever but they do get why that might offend some people. The story is remarkably non controversial. Nuns are portrayed in a wooden and stereotypical fashion which doesn't matter anyway since none of these kids have or ever will experience them in an educational setting. My students shrug and smirk at the end. And when I ask them what they think of the story nobody wants to say anything. I think because they think I really liked it. Aww c'mon, it's o.k. if you didn't like it, Remember those awful Flannery O'Connor stories we read? Finally, one of the boys gives me a smile of condolence and says, I dunno, Corny... Really? Corny? Did you think it was corny? Heads begin to bob and a crack of nervous albeit relieved laughter arcs involuntarily from a girl who rarely offers much in the way of opinion. Yeah, she says, smiling. I was looking for the right word but that's it. It was just kind of corny...

Wow. After all that. These 21st century digital kids have dismissed a 211 page module neatly bisected into 17 skull splitting lessons with a single undramatic pejorative phrase. "Corny." Of course there's no way in hell I am dragging them through this Long March of a module. We ended up having some cross curricular discussions about scapegoats and their role in society through the centuries. Several kids thought of Hitler and the Jews. We also had some lively discussion about the idea that someone can be reprogrammed which veered off into the so called Pray Away the Gay therapies practiced by Michelle Bachman's husband Marcus among others. For a fee mind you. We discussed the likelihood of an imposed rehab vs. one that the rehabee seeks out for himself and which might have a better chance of changing a person. They talked about the premise that prison is supposedly a rehabilitative institution but rarely seems to do much more than churn out repeat offenders who never seem to change a thing. In all we were able to use this story for many worthwhile exercises none of which came from the module.

In my position I feel I have a fair degree of latitude in which I can still operate. My administration bends the knee and crosses the t's as needed but it's done with the understanding that we all know better and none of us wants the magnifying glass. I can't imagine the desperation of anyone bound to follow these insipid modules to the letter. Nor can I imagine being a student in a classroom and having the teacher of my favorite class drain all my love of literature, learning and intellect from me drip by drop like the worst kind of water torture. 

When Daniel Pinkwater's Eggplant and the Hare story was bought by a testing company and edited for use on standardized tests here in New York --apparently Pearson's people thought middle school kids didn't know what an egglant was -- he spoke up loudly and hammered State Ed and Pearson for using his fun nonsense story on a standardized test. He says the test company — which sells the test material for "vast sums of money" and pays the author "non-vast sums of money" — changed the story.

 He was quick to question Pearson's use of his story on a test of this nature especially when they seem to have missed the point of it being nonsense. Mr. Pinkwater (whose wife, Jill, is a former college remedial reading teacher) said he considered himself a nonsense writer, and the test-makers had taken his story far too seriously. “Well give me a break,” he said. “It’s a nonsense story and there isn’t an option for a nonsense answer.”

By now I am certain that the author Karen Russell has got wind of this mess. I know for one she has because I personal messaged her to her facebook account asking her what her thoughts were on her work being used to torture kids into hating English. I was slightly more complimentary and diplomatic. Not that I expected a response of course, I know better. The account could be handled by an assistant for all I know but a story about her was posted to her wall 5 hours previous to my message so I know it's active. I am sure there are those who'd say Aww Come on, what do you want from her? It's not her fault they put her story in there. To which I'd say no maybe not. But the fact is her work is included in a set of so called standards that are on record pace to make kids hate, skip and quit school. I think she has a moral obligation as a writer to speak up one way or the other. Either lambaste the Common Core or tell people like me to STFU. As my wife's old German grandpa used to say at the pinochle table : God hates a coward. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

So Much for Post Racial America in BPS

It's been a wacky week in Buffaltucky folks. For those of you close reading out there you might wanna annotate my opener, it's just a bee hive of alliteration. Back to that later... 

We know now that Mugsy Guinn's henchpersons Yammy and Lil Faith have been sent packing back to the big edumaterials warehouse in Omaha or wherever the hell they climbed out of. It hasn't been discussed yet if they are on the hook for the 12K the district spent trying to retrofit them with certifications to do the sweet 135K jobs they were handed. Seems to me they owe us and if they don't, whoever signed off on using that much grant money to certify two unqualified slugs for high paying jobs neither of them deserved needs to step up and own it. Then repay it. 

Word has it  -- and I am getting some good word these days from a few sources who were able to tip me off first that these two were being put on leave and second that they'd been dismissed before local media had either story -- the next dance contestant on Carl Paladino's card may well be none other than the Chief Talent Officer himself Darren Brown. He seems to figure in the hiring of these 2 carpetslaggers and it seems he also played a role in the nasty racially tinged sacking of Debra Sykes. Now to call anything in this looney bin racially tinged of course makes about as much sense as calling The Everglades humid, uhh no shit. But Mugsy Guinn's harassment of Sykes for what has been reported as a 3 hour meeting, trying to bully her into resigning or retiring while on another burner she slides her two incompetent sorority sisters into a quarter million of shared salary without a scrap of credentialing, in my book has bad racial stink to it.  Sykes filed an harassment complaint against Guinn that went ignored and when Sykes asked the lawyer about it he had no idea what she was talking about. So the lawyer calls Chief Talent Officer Brown to inquire about the complaint and he calls Pamela Brown to tell her Sykes is asking about her complaint against Guinn. The result of said call from Brown to Brown is that Sykes is summoned to the Superintendent's Office and scapegoated for the administration's manifest incompetences. Sykes is told she can retire or resign by the end of the day or face disciplinary action even though Pamela Brown has never made a single complaint about her work. Talent Manager Brown is then instructed by Pamela Brown to offer Sykes no advice or alternatives, leave her hanging as it were. The News was in no hurry to report any of this. It mostly came from Carl Paladino. Big surprise. 

WBEN has also referenced the darling of Bennett High, Principal Terry Ross, yet another out of state 'talent' recruited by god only knows  whom and brought to Bennett to shake hands with kids as they beat the living shit out of each other, threaten and intimidate other kids and adults, sell drugs, skip class, curse, run wild through the halls and generally ignore everything he says. Hey, the guy looks great in a suit though. And he has "a doctorate" like  Mark Frazier, Fatima Morrel and Wil Kerzeszetes, so how bad can he be right? It appears that Dr. Terry may have just got his papers in February but that would mean he has been doing quite a bit without the papers leaving the district liable same as those other 2 slugs were doing. Better yet, back to Talent Manager Brown again, why was this guy hired if he lacked the proper paperwork? Is it another race thing? Would be have been hired if he was a white guy? If he was a chair or a table? 

Yes folks, it's tiresome and depressing here in Barack Obama's neo liberal dreamland of the post racial society that we have to ask these questions. But I think we have to ask these questions. When you hire Superintendents by race, Board members sneak previously fired employees back onto the payroll along racial lines and those employees bring their friends along too skipping ahead of all sorts of people who have the proper paperwork, it's time to cut the shit and call out the players for what they are and what they are doing. Worst of all, yes, worst of all of this is the glaring reality that none of these people, not Guinn, Alexander, Williams, or either of the Browns appear to have the slightest regard for the students of Buffalo. Their main concern appears to be placing people of their own race in high paying positions whether they are qualified to do the job or not. Or in these cases knowing goddamned well they weren't qualified but placing them anyway counting on nobody checking up. 

The rehiring of Mugsy Guinn during the mop up phase of a board meeting was likely the end of Pamela Brown's career here in Buffalo. The deadly intersection of arrogance and just plain stupid has claimed its share of careers and poor Pamela must not have seen the light change. But remember, the great benefactors of SayYes! are the ones who brought her here. They also brought Mary Guinn to Buffalo. And while they are trotting out kids in pom poms and SayYes! t shirts, then welching on their promises to run after school programs, remember they brought us this virus. They are very likely enjoying its spread too...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Yammy and Lil Faith Get Put in Time Out -- Paladino Reportedly Seen Laughing His Ass Off

Suspended with Pay, the Girls Plan to Get their Weaves Did and Kick Back at the AKA House

Well friends looks like the Karma Fairy has flown a sortie over City Hall. When Pamela Brown, Mary Guinn and their 5 co-conspirators on the Board of Ed slid Mugsy G. back into the fold as a Deputy Superintendent in the late innings of a board meeting they seemed to think it was checkmate, game over. The Board's white guys were not amused. A few days ago Carl Paladino unleashed yet another of his voluminous screeds, CC-ing everyone but the Pope and Tupac's ghost and encouraging anyone so inclined to share it on social media, OTB offices, Doc Sullivan's and Lee's Lounge if they were so inclined. And they did. You might even find a copy here if you scroll down a post. Included in Carl's painstaking documentation of Mugsy Guinn's serial kickback operation was a little factoid about her dear personal friends who leapfrogged all sorts of qualified local talent in snatching up some City Hall sweet gigs. 

In classic Buffaltucky bass ackwardness,  Chief Talent Officer, Darren Brown, no relation to PamelaBrownPhDHarvard,  demonstrated some nifty buck passing and unleashed a litany of excuses  neatly letting himself off the hook after issuing a lame mea culpa admitting  "I should have followed up on this." Yeah, no shit dude. The Buffalo News is so quaint. They seem to think the forward thinkers in BPS still have an HR office. Pshaw. In case you aren't up on your ed reform jargon and this one is straight outta Broad Academy 101, Buffalo now has an Office of Talent Management over which we can only assume Chief Talent Officer Brown presides. I understand the office of Gimmee a Fucking Break has been getting a lot of calls this week. 

Upon further review it's been decided the girls are going to the sidelines for a bit. This from WIVB tonight : 

School board member Carl Paladino submitted a resolution at Wednesday night’s board meeting to put Yamilette Williams, who is chief of curriculum, assessment and instruction, and Faith Morrison Alexander, one of the district’s chief of school leaderships, on leave. Paladino says the board’s attorney agreed with his concerns that a lack of certifications could leave the district open to legal challenges.

According to the State Education Department, both Alexander and Williams hold a conditional initial certificate as a school building leader. Williams applied to be a school district leader, but officials say the application is incomplete. According to officials, Alexander has not applied.

The Buffalo News was the first to report that these two employees lack proper certifications. The newspaper says both were hired from out of state by Superintendent Pamela Brown when Deputy Superintendent Mary Guinn was reorganizing the central office. According to the Buffalo News, Guinn, Alexander and Williams all once worked as consultants for Evans Newtown educational firm.

And in case anyone was about to start running off a gross of "Free Yammy" t-shirts, rest assured B-lonians, Dr. Pamela Brown, PhD, Harvard has come the fore yet again to call for calm and soothe the frayed nerves of everyone wearing Pammy and Yammy T's with this Churchillesque proclamation: “This is not to be interpreted as a disciplinary action. It is an appropriate action for a school district to take in a situation such as this.”  

Whew, now there's some peace of mind for ya. Cause when some carpetbagging thief double dips her ass back into City Hall after she's already been fired once and she brings her sorority sisters with her and plugs them into high paying jobs for which they have no skill or certification, who'd ever want to see them disciplined? I am starting to think Pamela Brown is a stone, straight up Martian. Nothing else could explain how completely tuned out and clueless she is on every single issue. Stay tuned. Something tells me we are in the early rounds of a knock down get the hell out brawl. Damn straight I want butter and salt on it...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't Unpack Those Bags Just Yet, Mugsy...

Well friends it looks like our friend Carl Paladino has yet again proven that even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while. Wacky billboards, racist emails and baseball bats notwithstanding, Paladino has done some serious gumshoeing or hired someone else to do it. Either way the results are devastating and our newly reappointed crony in waiting aka Mary Guinn might just as well leave her bags packed. Paladino's investigation paints a seamy portrait of a serial kick back artist who masquerades as an educational administrator while covertly employed by an educational materials company, directing millions of dollars in materials back to them while failing to disclose her egregious conflict of interest to the school districts employing her. Along with her covert kickbacks Guinn manages to land hig paying positions for 2 cronies neither of whom appear to be qualified to do the work they are being paid for but get the gig ahead of other qualified candidates on Guinn's say so. I hate to monopolize the conversation so I'll leave it to your own judgement what kind of hijinx Mugsy Guinn and Co. are engaged in.   Here's the piece: 

To: Buffalo Board of Education (BOE) c/o Superintendent Pamela Brown and James Kane
From: Carl P Paladino
Date: March 17, 2014
cc: Karl Kristoff, Esq., NYS Commissioner of Education John King, BCI, New York State Police, US Attorney William Hochul, AIC of FBI., Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita, everybody else
Re: Agenda Item #49, Motion #54. The Culture of Corruption in th
e Buffalo Public Schools (BPS.)

In 1999, while Mary Guinn was Superintendent of Schools in Gary, Indiana, she also served on the advisory board of the TargetTeach Program, a product of Evans Newton, Inc. (ENI). Guinn did not immediately disclose her conflict of interest to the Gary BOE, which in 2004 voted not to renew her contract, citing declining test scores as one reason.

A company official told me that Guinn wasn't receiving royalties, but she was compensated while working for ENI over the past 12 years.
In 2005, as Chief Academic Officer of the Tulsa Public Schools (TPS,) Guinn directed a $1.3 million contract to ENI for its TargetTeach program. Two months later she expanded the program for another $2.5 million. As a paid Administrator, Guinn had a conflict of interest that should have been immediately disclosed, but was not, and her decision to expend millions of TPS money was unethical without such disclosure.

In March, 2009, as the Deputy Superintendent of the TPS, Guinn with her "personal" friend Yamilette Williams directed an additional $587,000 of Title I monies to ENI for TargetTeach Strategies. Her conflict was never disclosed. Guinn was terminated due to a "restructuring" in 2010. Private donors provided the $188,000 to buy out her contract.

As the Deputy Superintendent/Consultant in Falcon, Colorado, Guinn again purchased ENI TargetTeach products without disclosing her conflict. In February, 2011 she irked school board members by asking for a raise for taking a job that would have had fewer responsibilities, and her contract was terminated.

In July, 2011, Guinn was named head of school at a Esperanza Charter School in New Orleans where, after one year, she was allowed to "resign". Her boss said the Board had doubts about the school's goals under Guinn's leadership. Guinn had already sold the school $225,000 of ENI TargetTeach programs without disclosing her conflict.

On February 21, 2013 while acting as a consultant to the BPS under a contract with Cross and Juftus, Guinn applied to be the Superintendent of the Monroe City Schools listing as her current position "Independent Educational Consultant--Evans Newton and for Falcon School District 49" (which she had left in 2012).

To recapitulate, Guinn worked for ENI for 12 years and incorporated its TargetTeach program in every school she worked at. She was compensated by ENI for her sales, yet she never disclosed that she was conflicted. This history of unethical conduct and abuse of power require a re-evaluation of her appointment by the BOE.

During her entire tenure as a consultant/employee of the BPS, Mary Guinn was not certified by the State of New York.

In late August, 2013, Guinn, illegally acting as de facto Superintendent of the BPS, harassed the Chief of Strategic Advancement and Innovation (Chief) in a three hour meeting demanding she retire and blaming her for the incompetence of the Superintendent. She repeated the demand in a second meeting in Sept., 2013, threatening discharge. On at least two occasions, BOE member Sharron Cottman, referring to the Chief, blurted out "we will get rid of that woman." The Chief complained to the Human Resources Director who told her he would assign his attorney to interview her. Months later, in an elevator, the Chief asked the attorney when he was going to interview her. The attorney didn't know what she was talking about. He told the Human Resources Director who immediately informed the Superintendent who called the Chief into her office two hours later. The Superintendent stated that the Chief either resign her position by submitting a letter of resignation by the end of the day or face potential, immediate disciplinary action. When the Chief said that she believed retirement was one of her options, the Superintendent directed the Director of Human Resources to say nothing, to offer no advice. The Chief retired. The Superintendent then lied to the BOE saying that despite counseling and warnings the Chief's work was unacceptable. The Superintendent had in fact never evaluated or commented negatively to the Chief about her work.

Guinn was discharged from her leadership consulting contract in October, 2013 for cause. Guinn had lied to the BOE concerning her activities as a consultant stating that she never assumed any responsibilities as a supervisor when, in fact, she was acting as the de facto Superintendent during her entire tenure with BPS, propping up the dysfunctional and incompetent Superintendent on behalf of a dysfunctional majority of the BOE who wanted her to have on-the-job training.

Guinn, who was not certified as a School District Leader during her entire tenure with BPS, became certified by the State Education Department (SED) on February 13, 2014 and on
February 24, 2014 she was appointed as the Interim Deputy Superintendent of the BPS despite her history of deceit and unethical conduct. The Superintendent lied to the BOE when she stated that there were no other qualified candidates for the position. Despite requests for a list of all applicants the Superintendent has refused to furnish the information. On two occasions in November, 2013 the Superintendent attested to the BOE that she had no intention of hiring Mary Guinn as Deputy Superintendent when in fact she was in regular communication with Mary Guinn as her adviser.

Under the supervision of Yamilette Williams, the Chief of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction, nine School Improvement Grant (SIG) applications were prepared.

By memo dated March 2, 2014, the Superintendent notified the BOE that the applications, signed by her, were sent to SED. The Superintendent overtly and intentionally misrepresented to and denied the BOE copies of the actual District SIG 5 applications that went to SED in what was a $90,000 diversion of funds by the Superintendent to Mary Guinn and ENI.
Eight consultants had responded to an RFP for Leadership Turnaround Coaching. The committee formed to review the responses scored Evans Newton 21/40 points. Two other known and reputable consultants were scored 35/40 and 40/40. Apparently the American Institute of Research (AIR,) which had provided excellent coaching support services to the BPS for SIGs 3 and 4, was chosen by the screening committee but at the last minute AIR was replaced with ENI. Mary Guinn was hired February 26, 2014. The applications went to SED on February 28, 2014. There was no cut off score applied which would have excluded ENI under normal conditions. The complicit Superintendent chose to overrule her committee, circumvent normal procedure and collude with Guinn, Williams and ENI to award to ENI. There was no disclosure of the award nor their conflict to the BOE. Required parent and principal signatures were not on the applications.

When she was illegally appointed,Yamilette Williams did not have a valid NYSED certification as a District Leader. She is not certified today and hasn't even applied for certification. Legally, applicants can't be interviewed without a certification. Williams is licensed only as a "School Building Leader," and that license is only conditional pending fulfillment of requirements including passing the test. The Superintendent lied when she told the BOE that Williams had the requisite SED certification as a District Leader.

Williams was appointed after a required interview by a committee attended by her "personal" friend, "Consultant" Mary Guinn, who told the interviewers that she was present "to make sure Yamilette could answer the questions." Guinn's obvious purpose was to intimidate the committee. The Superintendent has failed to respond to my requests for a definition of the "unique qualities" of Yamilette Williams, which compelled the Superintendent to choose a resident of Florida, over otherwise qualified people available in the BPS who could have been promoted based upon merit.

Williams lists as her professional experience "Project Implementation Manager-Evans Newton, Inc." where she managed "turnaround and transformation programs" from 2010 until she was hired by the BPS.
Chief of School Leadership, Faith Alexander a/k/a Faith Morrison only has a School Building Leader Certification. She does not have the requisite NYSED District Certification to be a Chief of School Leadership. She does not have the required education and has not taken the test. She supervises principals but has never been a principal. Her peers say she is not competent in the position.

Alexander and Williams are subject to disciplinary action by SED for being unlicensed.

There are many high quality principals within the BPS who could have been promoted to the Chief of School Leadership position based on merit but the Superintendent appointed another "personal" friend of Guinn. Despite requests by me for a description of the "unique qualities" of Alexander, who holds on-line diplomas, the Superintendent has been non-responsive. Alexander holds a BA from the University of the West Indies Mona, a one-year accelerated masters from Lynn University, an on-line school, and an Ed.D from Nova Southeastern University, another on-line school which she remarkably earned during 2007-10, the same period of time she was earning her MeD from Lynn.

From 2010 to her date of hire with the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS), Alexander worked for ENI with Williams and Guinn. Within a month of taking her position with the BPS, Alexander was an applicant for another position in downstate New York. Alexander has not shown any indication of permanent residency in Buffalo.

By copy of this memo I am referring the above to the appropriate authorities for investigation of this apparent collusion and conspiracy among the Superintendent, Mary Guinn, Yamilette Williams and Faith Alexander to illegally and improperly award contracts to ENI.
I move that the BOE resolve as follows:

1). The three administrators and the Superintendent be suspended without compensation for cause pending completion of the criminal investigation, and
2). The BPS immediately withdraw the referenced SIG applications from SED to be recast in proper form with the Coaching consultant replaced by the winner by points of the screening committee, prior to re-submission.
3). The SED must immediately investigate and remove and/or otherwise discipline Faith Alexander and Yamilette Williams who are not licensed for their positions by SED.
4). Refer the entire matter to Karl Kristoff to investigate all activities and failures to disclose conflicts by the Superintendent and the three administrators.

Jimmy Dubz his own self says : Dayummmmm, these broads got some nerve...