Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sir Lawrence of Quinn Asks a Question. Or Does He?

The Board Majority Promised More Entertainment and More White People and Dammit They Delivered

So many questions so little time to bubble in the answers. I don't get to a lot of Board of Education meetings but I was able to catch most of last night's affair. As I was navigating the catacombean basement of City Hall by way of the Elmwood entrance, Lars Quinn posed a question I can't really make heads nor tails of. "Why," asked the highly compensated doorman who smiled and nodded as Danny Briere, Chris Drury, Pat LaFontaine and Stu Barnes left the Sabres, "are parents interested in having their kids refuse New York State tests?" Hmmm, I guess the most common initial response to this interrogative would be "Are you effing serious Lar?"

 I only remind both of my readers of the coiffed one's doltish ineptitude as "a hockey guy" because it may well explain how a medium profile hanger on like Quinn elected to the school board in a city with 30 some thousand kids has no earthly grasp of why anyone refuses to participate in the test and punish paradigm our amusing ed reform friends have established as the status quo for public ed. It appears to me that a school board member in 2015 may very well and should very well have a well informed opinion on this business of test refusal. Pro or con makes no difference, but said board member should have a definite stance. Any board member at this point in history who asks such a cringer of a question -- publicly no less and sitting in his board member's chair as he's asking it-- would be the hockey equivalent of a GM shaking his head and asking how come every time that dude in the striped shirt blows that whistle everybody just quits what they're doing?

 If you have ever googled Leisure Class Larry's hockey exploits you will find no shortage of invective, contumely and scorn troweled upon him. Imagine Carl The Churl Paladino wandering into an AKA house party with a handful of his well wishers from Doc's and you can pretty well get a feel of the things sports fans  sports writers and irritable bloggers had to say about his ability to produce a winner on the ice. I know it's common for sports fans to insist that failed executives are imbeciles, morons, dumbasses, etc. etc. and I have no current WISC-R score with which to defend or attack Sir Lawrence. I have heard he's ever the well read bon vivant who charmed the shamrocks off of tenor Ronan Tynan somehow, so I can't accept that he's really as dumb as Brownie from Seneca Street might have insisted in a blog post back when Drury and Briere bid Lars, B-Lo and the Sabres adieu. 

Let's try this the other way then. As a believer baptised and vested in the church of the ReformEd, shouldn't Capn Larry be hip to all the whys, the wherefores and henceforths of the movement for which he's been advocating since he boarded this tub? How is it he doesn't have the talking points down and why can't he like all the rest of the mewling corporate zombies recite the life and death importance of high stakes testing? What exactly does he gain for the cause and for himself to pretend he's flummoxed by this how you say "test re-fusal?" If you read that with a Jean Lafeet accent, the Capn Crunch pirate I mean, it sounds better. 

Ahh but then again this is B-Lo and the sun never set on a more passive aggresive collection of disputatious lubbers than we have here cheering against sports teams and for injuries or slowing down to 45mph to bedevil that a-hole who tailgated us on the Skyway. So maybe it's just a little taste of the local flavor our Boy Larry is serving up to the masses. He doesn't do so well when he starts flapping his jib and trying to keelhaul the small folks. The guy he called an idiot at Lafayette is now running to become BTF President. That could prove awkward and karmic too with any luck.  When Lars told the cop the toss Mr. Gibson from their super special meeting Lars ended up with Sandra effing Tan in his grill, hectoring him about First Amendment rights. Damn, dude if you're an ed reformer in Buffalo and you manage to piss off a charter loving, union hating pro corporate reform worshipping Buffalo Newser to the point that she's straight up calling you out as a bullshitter you really must have some kind of reverse Midas hoodoo working against you. 

So I think I see now where our guy Larry is going -- that is if he really knows why parents refuse to allow their kids to be tested. What better way to peeve the proles than to play dumb and ask in your best antebellum drawl "Why ever do they not favor the tests? It simply escapes me..." The only fart in that elevator however, is I'm not entirely sure Larry Quinn really does or really doesn't know. Maybe we should ask Pat LaFontaine. Or Danny Briere. Or Chris Drury.   

Monday, March 23, 2015

Paladino Throws Yet Another Mantrum. Sampson Sneaks In a Low Blow. Leisure Class Larry Keeps His Own Counsel

Lars Quinn must be scraping zebra mussels from his gunwales or trying to find some swell corduroy shorts with little buffaloes on them  to match the banana colored Sperrys he'll be sporting on this summer's nautical frolics. He's the only one of the Three Privateers who  hasn't weighed in yet on the sad sorry disappointment our rich white men of The Board are experiencing thanks to Benedict  Arnold Ogilve, goddamned turncoat that he is. 

Carl is going to try and make Ogie walk the plank at the next board meeting. And if that fails Carl will dial up his old pal Andy Cuomo who's sure to be in a fine mood with an unauthorized bio about to hit the stands in a week or so and hit him up for a receivership. In case you haven't been to Perdido St. today, Andy's no-no bio includes the bizarre tale of a campaign kick off party where people wondered if Andy had anything to do with playing Sympathy for the Devil at ear splitting decibels while his dumbstuck and horrified Kennedy in laws were left to shudder in disbelief at his callousness.  Lest you're not up on your Stones lyrics the song includes the lines " I shouted out who killed the Kennedys when after all it was you and me." Yeah and we just kind of suspected the guy was a sociopath? So good luck with that call Carl, I am sure Sheriff Andy has forgotten your concession speech where you pointed your baseball bat at him by now. As we say here in B-Lo that's just Carl being Carl. 

But you've really gotta love the beachballs on Accountability Jim Sampson though. This guy never disappoints. While trying to remain above the Carl Paladino shark feeding tank -- you know old Jim's big on protecting that phoney veneer of dignity he's shellacked himself with -- he does manage to send a shot across Ogie's bow telling the Buffalo Nooze : “We’ve made some marginal kind of progress,” board President James Sampson said, “but not the kind of progress the community wants to see.” If you're reading this I'm sure you recall how Sampson responds to "the community" when its members try to be heard at Board of Education meetings. Michael Ziolkowski was abruptly cut off and bustled away from the mic by security at Sampson's insistence when he had the temerity to inquire about Diamond Jim's lavish taxpayer funded lifestyle as CEO of Gateway Longview. And when John Wasington II of PUSH offended Sampson during his remarks Jimbo tried the same trick on him but without the security detachment.  Thankfully Washington refused to shut up and continued talking. By the time he was done he was leading "the community" Sampson fantasizes about in a chant of "Whose schools?" "Our schools!" There was no doubt in anyone's mind how "the community"  in the Waterfront auditorium felt about Sampson, Paladino, Leisure Class Lawrence and the proprietary air that emanates from them in matters of Buffalo Public Schools. Yet here comes this corporate welfar recipient mofo telling the Buffalo News how "the community" isn't seeing the progress he and Carl and Lars are trying to cram down its throat.

 As if anyone aside from these 3 carpetbaggers, the two dummies they keep in a sack until voting time, Sam Radford and his half dozen DPCC homies support any of this corporate ed reform bullshit they are selling.  You've really got to wonder what Sampson sees in his mind's eye when he tosses out a phrase like "the community...

 Yeah I think that's about it...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Buffalo News Braces for Armageddon. Provides Free Pizzas and XXXXL T-shirts for Press Conference

The Buffalo News Buries the Needle

Pay attention to minute particulars. Take care of the little ones. Generalization and abstraction are The plea of the hypocrite, scoundrel, and knave.
William Blake

 The current issue of Warren Buffet's Ed Reform newsletter for the WNY region bears yet another front page clarion call. This time they've enlisted the ever willing ed reform foot soldiers of Sam's Club (known on paper as the DPCC but we know better)  to make the case for Buffalo Schools to be placed in receivership. The headline blares "Concerns Spur Call for Takeover of Buffalo Schools." Yes, Sam Radford, his pal Bryon and enough others to generate a decent poker game are "concerned." And again, we see the generalizing and abstracting scribbler hacks at The News using phrases like "ready to consider the bold step" etc. etc. Oh yes it's bold all right. I recall so you don't have to but this paper also described James Williams as having "initiated a series of bold reforms in Dayton before he was let go in a fiscal crisis." They also knew at the time the fiscal crisis was of Williams' own creation but remember who we're dealing with friends -- hypocrites, knaves and scoundrels. The very people who are now clutching their pearls and shrieking on tiptoes over Sam Radford and some of his homies' latest publicity stunt were the same ones who described the statewide revolt of parents, teachers and community activists as a "manufactured crisis." Get Serious Buffalo News. Get Fucking Serious.

So Sam and Bryon are looking to take bold steps and the Buffalo News is only too happy to prop up any ridiculous claim they make with front page headlines. As for the DPCC initiating this action, the details begin to get rather murky. In reality, the DPCC as a whole didn't really put this thing forward or call the press conference to announce any bold steps. Sam Radford did. Mayor Byron Squarepants in his trademark cowardese opined that he remained open to any options. Superintendent Ogilve seemingly accused the DPCC of premature speculation. He did. I read it. And probably the most informative commentary on this manufactured crisis comes from a News commenter  glossed "Banking on Education" who, unlike the News or any of the Ed Reformer blowholes claiming to love their data, actually has some numbers to put this teapot tempest into perspective:

"This announcement by a "growing chorus" (!!!!) of Buffalo "parents" was supported by exactly 14 parents at a DPCC meeting held on Tuesday night. Oh, pardon me! To be more specific, exactly 22 people at the DPCC meeting voted. 8 of those 22 voted against Mr. Radford's nonsense. Of the 14 who voted in favor of this "bold step", at least 4 are the current leaders of DPCC. So essentially, Mr. Radford and the Buffalo News are creating another false education alarm!! Really, the News education reporters prove every day that "there are few things more dangerous than propaganda disguised as journalism", to quote Buffalo State professor Dr. Andrea B Nikischer in her study of the education reporting in the Buffalo News. "

The Buffalo News chooses their battles carefully, deciding what's a mountain or a molehill no matter if it's a news piece or an editorial. As long as anyone from the corporate ed reform camp is involved you can be sure it will be a mountain. And when parents, teachers and the community are concerned it's nothing but molehills as far as they eye can see. As noted earlier this week the desperation index is red lining in the News bunker. The sad sack scribblers writing copy for the privatization movement have had so little to cheer for lately that now they're just plain making shit up.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Buffalo News Exploits a "Poster Boy" with a Little Help from their Friends at Sam's Club

If The Buffalo News Has Any Room on its Masthead Here's a Motto for Them

In case anyone forgot, The Buffalo News is the newspaper that once called John King's failed attempt to lead The State Education Department "a breath of fresh air."  In recent vitriorials The News has accused parents and teachers of attacking Andrew Cuomo and trying to distract everyone from the real issues at stake. The fact that people are catching onto these very issues and thus the uproar seems to have eluded the braintrust of the  News' editorial coven. Curious to note that they have even borrowed from the failed and run out on a rail King using his famous phrase "special interest groups" to describe parents and teachers in one of this week's insufferable blarrrrgh eruptions. 

You can hear their roar of agony in Tuesday's front page foul ball. While calling him "a poster boy" the News exploits the struggles of an obviously troubled young man, gathering hearsay after hearsay from his mother and a so called "parent facilitator" (translation: DPCC hack who got the job as a member of Sam's Club) who point finger after finger at the school and the so called "system." The News blithely attempts to gloss over the kid's 30 suspensions, his innumerable write ups and fights, threats against adults and other kids, bullying, swearing and generally doing none of what kids are expected to do in school starting with following the rules and showing basic civility for peers and adults. The News bemoans this kid's placement in the same class for 3 years seeking to direct all blame for his failure at his school and the adults charged with educating (raising) him. It's as if he's been abducted by aliens who've sealed his feet to the floor with space glue in this one little corner classroom of hell. Except of course when he's being suspended which his mother says is more frequent than his attendance. 

Wouldn't it be novel if the Buffalo News approached one of the charter schools they love so much and requested that this troubled student be enrolled in one of them? The News loves Tapestry and Elmwood Village Charters. We hear all the time of the miracles being worked in these high performing halls of excellence. The News is also big on Charter for Applied Technology. Doesn't it make sense that one of these excellent institutions would welcome our poster boy for failing schools into their supportive, grit filled, excellence loving atmosphere of high performance and college and career readiness? 

If you know the first thing about charter schools you're nodding your head about now. If not I'll share with you what my neighbor who teaches in one told me last fall at little league football practice one afternoon: "As soon as BEDS forms are filed we breathe a huge sigh of relief cause that means now we can start unloading all the bad apples." She also spends every free second she has working on her c.v. and trying to get interviews in Buffalo and surrounding districts in hopes of being paid a fair salary and benefits. If the Buffalo News' poster boy ever got past the lottery and actually got himself a seat in one of these educational miracle factories the News promotes, he wouldn't have to worry about being stuck in the same class for 3 years. Odds are he'd be long gone within 3 months. That's just one of the silver bullets the charter schools use to avoid dealing with the kids public schools teach every day.  

Last week The News was shown up by WBEN's knuckle dragging constituency when even their Sandy Beach worshiping listeners' poll sided with teachers  65% to 35% against Governor Cuomo's systematic attempts at teacher bullying that The News rabidly supports. The editorial invertebrates of this one horse rag have always fed from the bottom. There is little they won't stoop to demonize teachers and unions, painting them as avaricious libertines with feet propped on desks shopping online from their iphones while their students starve, hallucinate and hemorrhage in the aisles. It's a despicable business but one they embrace deep down in the editorial bunker. And now that Old Bob Bennett has been rousted from the Board of Regents the bunker trolls are badly butthurt.  The gnashing of teeth and flailing of knockoff Michael Kors handbags is audible from the street. 

The year of the ed reformer is not happening with the sound and fury our entertaining ed reformer friends had been predicting. Seems every time they turn around something's gumming up their works. I really believe the pasturing of Old Bob Bennett was more than The Buffeteers in the bunker could bear. Their desperation has never been more obvious. Sandra Tan did their bidding in grinding out Tuesday's serving of half baked tripe. It's likely the worst thing I've ever seen from her. She and the News took such an ass whooping in the comments section the only thing they could do was shut them down. Shutting down the comments is an obvious last ditch desperation ploy by an outfit whose every action seems fueled by desperation these days.  

In Tuesday's  listener's poll  WBEN listeners were overwhelmingly disappointed that the Lancaster school board voted to stop calling sports teams "Redskins." In today's poll they voted 58% in opposition to raising the age from 16 to 18 at which underage offenders can be housed with adults. WBEN-ers favor locking up 16 year olds with 40 year olds. Kenny Wagstaff from Oz anyone? They support calling sports teams Redskins in 2015.

How does it feel, Buffalo News, to have these people looking down on you? 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wasn't 2015 Supposed to Be "Game On" for Ed Reform? What's Up Bitches?

Andrew Cuomo Confronts Public School Teacher

Shortly after the November elections public school teachers were warned that this was the year Cuomo and the ed reform class would bend our arm behind our backs and made us cry Uncle! They'd been scheming and donating and hedge funding and deck stacking in some elaborate protracted pre-game warm up all meant to come to fruition when Sheriff Andy removed his hand from the bible after lying his way through the oath of office. We were comforted thinly in the belief that House Speaker Sheldon Silver was somehow going to intervene and save us from the worst of Cumo's wrath. Out of nowhere though our Lancelot was hauled away like the common white collar thief he is. Teachers cringed as the one guy in Albany standing between us and the big bad wolf was dragged off calling for a lawyer to protect his own chinny chin chin.

Forgive me for asking though but I could never quite square this:  If Sheldon Silver was such a great ace up our sleeve how did we account for the way he helped to promote and protect Meryl Tisch as Empress of The Regents? Tisch of the test and punish and let's throw all the peasants into the deep end mentality. It was always one of those political inequalities I couldn't quite solve.

Well Silver is out and so is any influence he might have held to keep Tisch grimacing and screwfacing the small people from her catbird seat as Chancellor. She still holds the title but I think she knows as well as we do that she's a lame duck at best and probably something closer to crowbait among the sharpened elbows of Albany's infighters. In Shelly's place, the guy Heastie, whom we were warned was going to be a party liner and loyal Cuomo soldier, played a serious role in ousting Regentus Flatulentus Old Bob Bennett, replacing him with an African American woman named Catherine Collins. Heastie has also questioned Sheriff Andy's hamfisted "my way or the highway" budgeteering. We were told Heastie was a Cuomo rubber stamp but so far he's been anything but. If I were a Cuomphile I'd be wondering who got to him and what the hell is going on.

A lot of people cringed when Lil John King was bundled off to refill Arne Duncan's office grit dispensers and make coffee for the Ed. Dept. dullards. There was some trepidation that King was going to ascend the chain of command to exert his petulant people skill deficient worldview on the country at large. I never saw the move as anything but Cuomo calling in a favor or two in D.C. to rid himself of a public relations train wreck whose performance as Commissioner of S.E.D. couldn't be whitewashed. King was an unholy disaster and a liability for someone as toxic as belligerent as Cuomo with enough p.r. brushfires of his own to put out. At Cuomo's request John King was made to disappear.  King's puppet master and publicist Old Bob Bennett has also been sent packing. As Bennett's main duty was to serve as John King's Winston Wolfe there's no call for a cleaner when the mess maker has been disppeared.

So far we're shut of Lil John, Old Bob and Shelly the Queenmaker whose departure places Tisch with one foot on a banana peel and the other on a bar of Ivory soap. I don't know about you but I'm not feeling much of a need to say "uncle" to anyone wearing a "Don'tStealPossible" t shirt just yet.

Here in B-Lo proper the Ed Reforming slam dunk Board of Ed that was going to strut into City Hall and have us begging for chalk and flashlights so we could keep teaching after dark had their slam dunk swatted aside not by any of the Sisterhood but by Donald Effing Ogilve himself. Ogie's the guy they wrongly assumed to be a stooge and yes man who'd follow orders with no backtalk. Who ever thought at the end of the meeting where they'd planned to rip 4 schools from the public and hand them over to private charter pals that the summary statement would come not from Sampson or Quinn gloating over the transfer of schools but from Sharon Belton Cottman? Or that she'd bring down the curtain  telling Larry Quinn that Ogilve's "not your boy and this aint a hockey game?" Currently, there's a movement afoot in Buffalo, an energy we haven't seen or felt in a long long time. And this wealthy old white man's board is not as effective against a full court press from parents, teachers and community activists as they are in their traditional roles as CEOs telling lackeys to jump then watching in bemusment as they take turns hitting their heads on the ceiling. Quinn thinks public input at board meetings is a collossal waste of time. Sampson thinks he can cut off and eject speakers whose message he doesn't care to hear. Paladino is comfortable calling teachers parasitic. Clearly these are old men who haven't had to deal with the unwashed masses, with people who are unimpressed by their stock portfolios or the number of buildings their fathers in law gave them as wedding gifts. For all of the anxiety and dread we've had to fight our way through I'd say things are looking a lot better for public education than they did back in January. This isn't to say that we're anywhere near out of the woods yet but here in the woods the big bad ed reformers don't maneuver so well. And as long as we're consigned to this David and Goliath scenario I say we embrace it and keep coming. Vegas put all the odds on Goliath and then David found a rock. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bennett Out - Collins In. What About Licata?

“I do know that the New York State United Teachers (union) in no uncertain terms were opposed to Bob Bennett. Their position was ‘not Bob Bennett,’ and I think that factored in very heavily to the thinking of the speaker and his people,” Schimminger said.

This quote from today's B-Lo Snooze mirrors exactly what I was told came down from the local NYSUT braintrust in advising teachers what their message should be. Not that I am wearing a black armband to commemorate the departure of Grumpus Old Emeritus himself or anything, in fact I couldn't be happier that Bennett's been stripped of his power to destroy public education any further than he already has. 

The rub here is that teachers weren't all that crazy about Catherine Fisher Collins who got the gig. She's friends with some people who drink a little too deeply from the ed reform jug for many of our comfort. Her name appears as a trustee on at least one charter school prospectus. On the other hand, many remembered John Licata as the lone, sane Eddie Albert figure on a Green Acres crazy Board of Ed during James Williams roughshod trample through the Buffalo Public Schools. When we needed someone to say something insightful and incisive Licata was the one to step up and do it. When the merde was up the ceiling you could count on Licata to show up in his boots with a shovel over his shoulder. In short, by working with loonies on the Board and for an idiot in the Super's office, Licata gained a lot of respect from people who were paying attention. Many of us felt he was our guy in City Hall, our guy on the Board of Ed. 

But yet again, what members want and believe has little to do with what the so called message makers had in mind. And as always the wants and needs of constituents were trumped by the Daddy Knows Best mentality of the entrenched, out of the classroom paid employees who  work for themselves and answer to nobody. I was messaged last week by a colleague who said NYSUT is telling people to say NO to Bennett. Period. While many of us naive classroom grunts would say, yeah NO to Bennett and YES to John Licata, that message was muted at best. I am glad or maybe relieved for Sean Ryan's sake that he stuck his two cents in to support the guy but after that it seems to be crickets from everywhere else. I'll admit to a surge of malicious Schadenfreudean warmth that Bennett and Schimminger both ate dirt in the proceeding. I've never been a fan of Schimminger and his sister the nun played a particularly disgusting role in railroading my daughter from a private school on behalf of a rich donor's grandchild and her psychotic mother. Full disclosure, that's me all right. See how easy that was Donn Esmonde? Nothing to it. 

Maybe it's because on my next birthday I'll reach that magic Sammy Hagar number that people assume all teachers retire upon. Maybe I'm enough of a teacher that I can find fault and something to bitch about even in a moment of victory like uncoupling Robert Bennett's pullman car from the train wreck that we call The Board of Regents. Or maybe I've been paying attention for too long and the irritating conclusion I keep reaching is that our representatives never seem to represent us as much as their own political interests. It seems we never get the one we want but the one the politicians agree is in their best interests. Maybe I'm just cursed in the Confucian (or was it a fortune cookie, I can't recall which) sense that says May you live in times of great change. Just once I think I'd like to see our great message makers come to us and ask us what our message is and why we are feeling that to be our message instead of screwfacing us when they hear it and explaining in a manner most condescending why we're wrong. Maybe Licata never stood a chance politically and it would have been a moot point to support him. Maybe someone in NYSUT doesn't like the way he ties his ties. From my experience around politicians one is equally as likely as the other. But for reasons beyond the ken of mere pedagogues like us it's going to be Catherine Fisher Collins. We'll know soon enough whose girl she is. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DPCC in Meltdown Mode As Leadership is Questioned by Unpopular and Uncool Non Male Members


  1. a feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition or the state of the world in general.
    "adolescent angst"
    synonyms:anxietyfearapprehensionworryforebodingtrepidationmalaise,disquietdisquietudeunease, uneasiness
    "business leaders expressed their angst over war and recession"
    • informal
      a feeling of persistent worry about something trivial.
      "my hair causes me angst"

Who was it said "A house divided against itself cannot stand?" Oh yeah it was that ugly dude with the beard and the stovepipe hat whose mug appears on the Five and the penny. I won't even bother with the manifest substrata of ironies involved in referencing this quote in a discussion of the Buffalo DPCC's current state of dissolution. But the Lincolnism sure seems to fit like that shoe in that other proverb so I think for now we'll just wear it. House DPCC is divided. Like never before.

Yes folks as much as it must pain the Buffalo News to report it, there appears to be trouble brewing in DPCC City. That's Trouble with a Capital T and that Rhymes with C and that stands for Cuomo! Yes friends the men behind the mask over at District Parents for Corporate Control are suddenly, uncharacteristically meeting with resistance from other members of their exclusive club. If you've ever talked to any of many disillusioned parents who tried to join this club and left feeling unwelcomed and unwanted you already know that resisting the will of The Men is futile. It is their club and they will have their way. Having their way lately has involved rallying behind Andrew Cuomo's anti teacher pogroms that call for more emphasis on standardized testing and an almost complete removal of any local input on teacher evaluations.  The remaining 15% percent not ascribed to test scores and an "outside expert observer" is paltry enough that even if your Principal says your maybe the next Piaget it won't be enough to save your job. Which is exactly the way Sheriff Andrew wants it. Sheriff Andy has also tied lemming like compliance to anything he says to receiving funding for your local budget. Sam and Bryon think this is great and it's all about quality education nothing else.

The men in charge over at DPCC, Sam Radford III and Bryon McIntyre want to slap the Governor with a congratulatory high five and go on record as being in his corner in this war against teachers and their unions. If you are a teacher in Buffalo or an employee of the district Sam and Bryon will not let you join their club by the way. According to them the teachers already have a union so they are not welcome in DPCC. The fact that about 90% of Sam's Club members are employed as Parent Facilitators in Buffalo Schools strikes nobody at DPCC as contradictory to their own policy. I mean it's their policy right? And they will do with it as they damn well please. And if you don't like it well that's just too damned bad...  Ahh but I digress...

Apparently some woman or maybe more than one - who do they think they are anyway? -- objected to Bryon's call for a vote to support Cuomo's ed reforms. A furious debate erupted when McIntyre attempted to end discussion and push for a vote in support of Cuomo.

-- hmmm, where have we seen this dynamic before? close down debate and rush to vote on something people aren't through discussing yet? Did DPCC borrow James Sampson's playbook for the night? --

The real kicker came later on when the parent in question went to review the videotape of the meeting that the district pays a company $13,000 annually to record. In true Rosemary Woods fashion the dustup had been excised from the tape.

Mine Dosluoglu, a City Honors DPCC representative, said her comments from the Feb. 3 meeting and the entire argument with Vice President Bryon McIntyre – who took over temporarily when Radford left – were deleted from both the videotape and the minutes. “In the actual minutes, the stuff I said is not there. Fifteen minutes of a conversation is not there,” she said. Melanie Matteson, Olmsted DPCC representative, said she didn’t even know the fiery portion of the meeting had been edited out until others informed her at a subsequent meeting of the Buffalo PTO. “Then I went back to the website and watched it, the entire thing ... I knew the moments I spoke. I wanted to see if they cut me out,” Matteson said, adding that she was not “completely shocked” about the omissions. “I was not surprised at all they would try to change their public image,” she said of DPCC officials.

What? A heated exchange that could frame one of the DPCC's main men in an unflattering, possibly dictatorial, power crazed light had been edited out of the tape? Say it aint so Bryon. Well Bryon's not saying much but Brother Sam as he tweets himself assures us this is nothing unusual and every tape is edited. Mmmmm yeauuuh. Sure they are. If the minds behind DPCC were looking to influence their public image I think they've succeeded. While I doubt they were looking to create a cloud of suspicion over themselves and their group this is exactly the result of their dubious editing job. It must be a bad week to be a Buffalo News editorial writer. With the DPCC coming apart at the seams and Old Bob Bennett out on his briefcase from the Board of Regents I imagine you can cut the angst with a bandsaw in the editorial bunker. Add to that the possible threat of Ken Ton Schools telling Cuomo and NYSED to kiss their royal arse at this week's Board Meeting, cancelling The April Fool's testing completely, it would appear that the 4 horses of the Ed Reform Apocalypse are nearly shod and ready to gallop with abandon through the streets of B-Lo. Anyone hear anything about Accountability Jim Sampson these days? I think I heard somewhere his name is coming up again and it's not for a Community Service Award either. Stay Tuned...