Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amber Dixon Says I'm Out, Fools

Amber Dixon has decided to "Go in another direction" as we commonly say now of anyone who tells us to Take this Job and Shove It. If I needed any more reasons to admire this lady, and I don't, I have to say I love the way she slammed the door in the Sorority Majority's face and threw out the word INTEGRITY in 72 point characters for them to chew on since it's not something anyone sees much of around the City Hall and Board of Education buffet table. She didn't want to burn sick time while job hunting so she resigned. I think I would have a hard time finding too many people anywhere who'd have a problem with her doing exactly that. It's your sick time, you earned it, use it is what you'd hear around most water coolers. But that's not Amber Dixon. She actually had a problem using sick time as she sought employment elsewhere. She also worked out an APPR deal with Mephisto himself Phil Rumore, a feat everyone had written off as impossible since everyone knows Phil Rumore eats children for 2 meals and drinks their blood for dinner. Amber Dixon ended the traveling Food and Shopping Club among Board members, Sorry Sisters but this one is YOU again, and then told them to forget about their catered meals at meetings as well. They weren't shy about booking themselves $200.00 a night private rooms but when the Buffalo News caught up to them none of the frequent fliers had the guts to explain themselves, they ALL hid from questions.  And when Amber Dixon came in and said enough is enough, it's time to start acting like we care about kids and stop stuffing our faces and our suitcases, the Traveling Sisters said Oh Yeah ? See if you ever get past interim. And fortunately for Amber Dixon she is now free to go, free to pursue whatever it is she wants to do without these freeloaders and insiders around her neck like the albatross they are. Best of luck to Dr. Pamela Brown, and as soon as this little honeymoon wears off, which it will, she is going to learn first hand why she was crowned queen -- not to make a difference but to allow the usual suspects to continue with business as usual. God help her when she crosses them, though I rather look forward to it because she will really have no choice but to do exactly that. Best of luck and God Bless, Amber Dixon. 


  1. One thing we now know about Dr. Brown is that she is not a classy lady. When she
    "relocated" Supt. Dixon" before she even had a contract...was just "consulting,... she did't have the courtesy and grace to let Supt.Dixon stay in her office until the contract was signed and Brown was officially the Supt. of Schools.
    ( think I just wrote the longest sentence of my life.)
    I think that lack of consideration shows her true, arrogant, selfish, obnoxious, self. She will fit in perfectly with "the girls" on the present board. ( hopefull not on the next board. 0
    A smile, a nice suit, and a set of beads never supply "class". That comes from inside. When crap comes out of a person when they are squeezed...that is what they are full of on the inside.
    Too bad. ...we lost the lady with integrity and class.
    Mrs. Dixon, thanks, and best wishes for your next endeavors!

  2. I'm having a little trouble getting the image of "four women in a room" making all of the difficult choices for Buffalo out of my thoughts. Dr. Brown is flying blind and her only input seems to be from her new girlfriends. This District is at a very critical point. Right now, we have:

    -Chameleons trying to take two schools and turn them into charters.

    -Talent Development Secondary hiring Edreformers for the schools in the Promise Neighborhood. Only a bachelor's needed for the Deformers who are going to be telling those schools what's what. Check out the job posting in yesterday's BuffNews. You can also look this info up on their website.

    -A sloppy, hasty waste of money on SLO training for everyone, even though the State has not thought it through and our APPR, submitted on time, has not been approved. Do you wonder, like I do, if our charter school teachers are being frightened by the prospect of SLO's? NOT!

    -A "punisher" for a State Ed Commissioner who's got the Buffalo School District in his sightline and is ready to fire away at any moment.

    And at the helm? Well, a neophyte with no articulated "vision", who doesn't know the players, and is taking all of her intell from her new best friends. If teachers aren't scared, they SHOULD be.

  3. I AM scared. This district has been without leadership for far too long. It feels like we are Circling the drain. Thanks for this blog. Teachers need to know what the deal really is.

  4. Peg I guess I really gave that no thought but it's no surprise either thatthe me first mentality reared irs pounted head as quickly as it did.

  5. D I am working on our charter friendlies for a post tomorrow Ambers resignation caught me off task. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I'm sad to see Ms. Dixon go. In her short time as superintendent I think she did a tremendous job given what she had to work with and the thanks she got for that was to be passed over. It's a damn shame.

  7. Kathleen I couldn't agree more. She was going to interfere with people who are in power for themselves and their friends not for the kids of Buffalo. That is a shame. Thanks for stopping by.