Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Children, It Turns Out, CAN Wait

Caution Charter Schools Crossing

When asked why their little band of "reformers" couldn't wait and give the new Superintendent, Dr. Brown a chance to work with Waterfront and East before denuding them into charter schools, one of the Chameleon Group spat out a mealworm and chirped "The Children Can't Wait !" Oh, so it's "The Children" again is it folks? If I had a nickel for every time I read some snarky union hating half wit in the Buffalo News croaking "I thought it was all about the kiiiiii-iiiiids?" when BTF fails to comply with any of the asinine edicts from Albany or City Hall, I'd be driving a Hummer with spinning rims. No BTF rep or teacher is so fatheaded that they'd actually give voice to such an horrifically sappy and melodramatic screech but it's always force fed into the mouths of the strawmen teachers these galoots seek to characterize as uncaring, lazy, greedy and generally sleazy. So here go Steve and Amy and  Da Chameleons with their chart topping mantra " The Children Can't Wait..."

Oh the kiddies can't wait to be charterized
The kiddies can't wait to be marginalized
Oh the kiddies won't share in the profits realized
No excuses!!! they roar, they've got it idealized.

No special ed kids they wreck our learning curve
No ESL kids we're only here to serve
Kids who love tests and taking tests all day
Kids who test well, those kids are here to stay

Oh the reformers can't wait
They have some friends to hire
The reformers can't wait they say
our schools are dire.
Oh reformers can't wait to test and twist and shout
them bad apple kids they gonna counsel out.

Oh The Children can't wait
it's an imperative
no the children can't wait
we have our narrative :
The public school folk
they're just no goddamned good
they say that they care
but blame the neighborhood.
No excuses! we roar but
we're misunderstood.

Oh but we know best we
went to private schools and we
have never taught, the work of
lowbrow fools. No we administrate
and we write policy, yes we're without
a clue as one may plainly see.

We're here on our white horse
because the kids can't wait
we're here to push  the tests
and say we educate. So pony up
your bucks, reform's not free you know.
And if you can't comply then you are
free to go...

here are a few of the cool things  The Chameleons believe our kids can't wait for :

Being kicked out of their schools and sent back to public schools because they have Down's syndrome and/or autism

A CEO errrr I mean Superintendent who earns half a million a year and will take a huge pay cut if his senate run succeeds.

Another CEO who skims the money given to his charter by the state so he can pay himself 5 Million a year salary, Ron Packard is joined on his Board by Andrew Tisch of Loews formerly of Lorrillard Tobacco Co. Testifying under oath before Congress in 1994, Tisch said that he didn't believe that nicotine is addictive nor that cigarette smoking causes cancer. Great guy who really cares about The Children even if they are being targeted by Joe Camel. 

Idiotic poorly trained teachers taping their mouths shut because they failed to learn any management skills in their TFA crash course for edu million making.

Being kicked out for failing to produce high enough test scores as in the case of Geoffrey Canada who booted an entire grade level of middle schoolers from his Harlem Success Charter aka Shuck and Awe and those miracle workers at KIPP who never met a lousy test taker they couldn't get rid of either. 

Come to think if it I am pretty sure our kids CAN wait. Chameleons should be kept warm and fed lots of worms and cockroaches, they need to stay out of our city's schools. 


  1. Would just like to give a shout out to Peggy Metzger who wrote a great response to today's insane BuffNews editorial. Here's the link:

    I wonder how many times Commissioner King can pull that tired BS of "holding up the SIG" funding until we do as the King says? He makes every attempt to create chaos in our district. He's a mean "punisher" who does nothing for children but politically calculates his every move. You know he's aiming for a spot with the Big Reformer, Arne Duncan. The more King can bully our district, the more "cred" he'll have when he's ready to move up and out to DC. And he'll find jobs there for his little reform friends when he goes. That is their ultimate goal, better jobs and pay for themselves. Meanwhile, we, the School District in the third poorest city in the nation, get to fork over big bucks to Dr.Judy Elliott. If Dr. Judy had any soul at all, she would decline this position and shame Dr. King for even playing this sad game with Buffalo. But no, she apparently has not made enough money this year, even with her giant buyout and Voyager work. She does not wish to be a part of this District and cannot have any impact. She is the poster girl for the immoral Education Administration PhD band of jolly job-hopping thieves.

  2. The Educrat class is a piece of shit looking to make their chops on the backs of poor kids and teachers. I truly despise their lack of courage, their sneakiness and their idea that they are somehow above the boots on the ground business of teaching, that teachers are interchangeable pieces in their larger machinery and they will prove how meaningless the teachers are when they wreck their unions and hire their little TFA twits for 20K.

  3. Wow Sean, You really have "talent unlimited!" I think your poetic verse covered just about everything and everyone in this sorry reptilian and Charter septic system.

    Thanks again for for the opportunity to "blog" with the "real teachers" in our "real public schools". ( as opposed to the TFA "six weeks of training" temporaries, and the charter charlatans who are passing out Jim JOnes' favorite drink to unsuspecting parents.