Saturday, November 21, 2015

Memo to New York Teachers: F*ck You, Pay Me.

My colleague and blogging brother Sullio posted this the other day and word has it Grand Imperial Do Nothing Andy Pallotta decided he'd been besmirched or pantsed or called a spaghetti twirler or something, even though Pallotta's name never comes up. Lil Andy was so upset he wanted to file a discrimination claim, a Notice of Feelings Hurt, an Insensitivity Injunction or some such legal bullshit. Guess What Andy, if you put up with the ed reformy nonsense we put up with in the classroom every day maybe you'd have a pair and a thicker skin. Maybe you should give up noodling around Latham with your feelings hurt and undies bunched and hop back into the fray with the rest of us. From here  you sound like a third rate drama queen and a thin skinned one at that.

Friends, if you haven't read Sullio's post it's short and sweet and dead on point. Enjoy:

Lost seniority rights? Fuck you pay me.

Lost due process rights? Fuck you pay me. 

Lost your pension? Fuck you pay me.

Just keep paying and absolutely nothing will change—that's a promise.

It's a proud New York tradition:


NYSUT Unity Caucus


  1. I want to file a discrimination claim too. I
    am tired of a constant diet of criticism and humiliation. This isn't right and that isn't right. I basically no longer know a blessed thing. Chromebooks, by the way, are man's last best hope.

    Abigail Shure

  2. Andy Pallota is unarguably the least qualified and most incompetent union leader ever created. Insiders know this but won't admit it. Let him file a discrimination suit against Sullio and watch as pallotta becomes even more of a laughing stock than before.

  3. This what I get every time I contact NYSUT about how they are going to respond to the BS that is being forced upon us.

  4. The crew at NYSUT is strenuously objectionable.