Thursday, November 19, 2015

Buffalo Board of Ed Sends Teachers a Personal Message: YOU SUCK.

Attention BTF Members, The Board of Education Has a Message for You

Well friends and colleagues if you didn't get your own copy of the Board of Ed's email to the Teachers -- and a lot of us didn't get it, why is anyone's guess -- let me sum it up for you as succinctly as I can.

You Suck. 

As one who likewise sucks allow me to tip my hat to the Bard in counting the ways you all suck:

  • You don't work a long enough day, thus the largest number of struggling schools

  • You work the shortest year of anyone on earth

  • You get waaaaaaaaay too many personal days. Have you ever seen Larry Quinn take one? 

  • Your class sizes are waaaaaaaay too high. Lowering class sizes costs MONEY! Not that you care. 

  • You get cancer and have heart attacks and use sick leave time. You even have a bank for it! Outrageous, needs to be stopped. 

  • You slackers who get assaulted at work take waaaaaaay too much time to return with your broken bones and dental work, your fractured skulls and neurological damage, your PTSD, cry us a river you wusses. You need to suck it up buttercups. We are going to shorten your return time by nearly half. Get over it. 

  • Some of you simply can't go another day and retire in January! Screw your mental and physical state, do you know how destructive that can be to the testing schedule? 

  • You deserve a lot less insurance and you should all be paying a lot more for it. What do we look like freaking GEICO or something? 

  • Previous Boards screwed up and failed to remove the cosmetic rider which many of you have used in lieu of a respectful work place and a fair wage. You need to hand it over, NOW! We've allowed it for years as it's a great way to show the public how greedy and selfish you all are. 

  • We plan to pay you a meager "increase" which is not really an increase when you consider it's spread out over the 4 years in which it will take effect plus the past 12 in which you've missed all kinds of pay increases and had your wages frozen by a control board. But we'll frame it in a way that the average dope will slide off his barstool and declare Maybe I shudda been a teacher...

Essentially, you'll be paying more into health care, losing personal days, working longer hours and a longer work year and as Phil Rumore pointed out when the Buffalo News printed this "generous" offer months ago, teachers will be working more and earning less than they are right now.

But you suck.

So deal with it. You're lucky you're getting anything. 

Carl, Larry, Jim, Sharon, Theresa, Patti, Barbara and Jay

Board lawyer Terry O'Neil tells Tiffy the Ed Reform reporter from Nooze that he fears BTF rank and filers aren't really getting the truth from their union leadership so he's taking it right to the members in this poignant and heartfelt missive. Folks, the next time I trust a $300.00 per/minute NYC ambulance chaser to tell me the truth cause he's more reputable than my union President will be the first time I've ever done that. We suck. We're dregs. And we've seen this game before Terry. I know you planned to roll into B-Lo and dazzle the roobs same as Kriner Ca$h did. You've probably got a few Board members kissing your diamond pinkie and offering to buy you drinks. But we're dregs dude, we don't blink. So toddle off and write us another letter. We'll wait. 

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