Friday, April 18, 2014

You Tell Me...

I am not sure I go whole hog with this guy but I am sorry to say he makes sense. Elected officials sucking seems to be the norm these days. We have here in B-Lo a Board of Ed. dominated for years by a majority cabal of black women loosely known as The Sisterhood. In a word they have sucked. In Albany we are faced with a Dumbocrat Governor who sucks and is every bit the corporate union buster the Republicans of our worst nightmares would be. Our state teacher's union has been led by an old white guy who sucked for years and crept into bed with the very forces who seek to demolish public education. Likewise on the national scene with the AFT its Vichy Quisling collaborator queen Randi Weingarten who never had a bad word about Bill Gates or Common Core but is quaalude slow on defending her constituents. In Washington D.C. we are treated to scorn and contempt as public school teachers and union members by a president who sent Joe Biden to Chicago trolling for union votes then stabbed us in the back as soon as he got his chance. All of these people suck and we in part are all to blame for electing them. Hillary in 2016? Paul Ryan ? Seriously folks? 
My question is what else can we do ? 

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