Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bring the Bums In...

Admittedly my last offering was a bit dire. The idea that our elected officials suck is never one to build your day around. Ahhh but friends it gets worse. Any time we experience a hearty round of "throw the bums out" it's soon followed by a round of bring the new bums in. Cases in point : Dick the weasel Ianuzzi sat on his hands when it came time to stand up for his teacher bros and sisters in NYSUT but when Gates et al came a calling he couldn't play pattycake with them fast enough. And then somewhere on the road between Massapequa and Damascus Old Dick went from Saul to Paul and with the dusty bootprints of unionists on his ass and threats of worse to come Dick decided to become the man of the people. Too little too late it appears. The Revive Party, led by anonymously harmless nice lady Karen Magee and surrounded by Andy Palotta and lil Martin the Mess et al swept into power on the tsunami of delegates provided by Mikey Mulgarten of UFT. So the good news here is Dick is out on his ass where he belongs. Ahh but the baaaad news is NYSUT now belongs to Mulgarten whose lips have left a permanent indian burn on the buttocks of Sherriff Andy Cuomo. So guess what folks? That bastard in the Governor's office who's done everything he can to stick it to teachers, who pimps charters and disses us at every turn? Your friends in NYSUT are going to be endorsing him for governor in the hope that he'll go on to run for the White House in 2016. Randi Weingarten is jockeying for  position here too and Mulgrew will do anything he can to further her cause because it will further his own. That's how these mofos have been doing it all along. And I am really glad Diane Ravitch is such warm friends with Randi. Good for them. But she  needs to STFU about it. Randi is no friend of teachers or unions. She is a big friend of Bill Gates and a huge friend of the Common Core. You can't have it both ways Randi.We got rid of the Dick but now we're stuck with this bunch of balls.

Here in B-Lo we have a similar dynamic in play with the Sorority Majority of the Board of Ed. The Sisterhood as Carl Paladino (Affluent Caucasian Caucus) calls them, have played racial politics for years hiring their black friends and railroading qualified white women at will. Amber Dixon and Deb Sykes most prominently. Well halleluiah, the Sisters are getting tossed out on their Alpha Kappa Alpha asses and they can take their idiot, limp dishrag of a leader Pamela Pearls Brown PhD with them. Except... Yeah here's the frying pan into the fire punchline... The Board is going to swing to an angry wealthy white man's club featuring Larry fucking Quinn of Buffalo Sabres' infamy. Quinn already has $35K in his warchest and has has received donations from StudentsFirst not to mention assorted local Brahmin. I can't imagine the Gioia checkbook denying a high profile schmuck like Quinn a few grand and maybe he'll tap into the Jabobses, Bordeaux Bob Wilmers, the Knoxes and the Rich clan too. And when these wealthy white guys get their hooks into the meat, hiring an ed reformy Super straight outta the Broad Academy it's going to be the last train to Charterville for B-Lo Schools. Again we'll experience the same momentary relief of the boil being lanced and all the gnarly puss and shite and whathaveyou being flushed away. In its place however we will be infected with a more organized, better funded and established not to mention better connected bunch of corporate jackals who will see public education the way they see everything else -- as a way of making money. And how do you do that? Well they will start by cutting costs and what do you know but TFA is already here ready to take on the toughest kids in the city with 5 weeks of training for a lot less pay than union backed teachers. The sisters suck. James Williams and Pamela Brown, their two choices of Superintendents have sucked royally. They will not be missed. But when the Affluent Caucasian Caucus gets their game on we are going to be screwed. Throw the bums out is a temporary pleasure.

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