Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another Guy from Somewhere Else Fails to Dazzle in B-Lo Public Schools

It looks like De Ja Vu all over again here in Buffaltucky friends. Another clubcar in the infamous Soul Train Wreck that is the Buffalo Public Schools has been deemed unsafe by teachers in a BTF survey. Recall a while ago when the exact same scenario played out at Lafayette High School under the alleged leadership of one Fatima Morrell? She was known for trying to bitch out teachers in front of kids, a completely lax discipline policy against thugs and troublemakers and at one point a hamfisted hall sweep that sent home hall wanderers halfway through the day -- one of whom was murdered at a bus stop by a neighborhood enemy. Of course the rabble all went after Amber Dixon the white interim Superintendent's head, neatly ignoring Morrell as the administrator who sent the boy home and into the path of his killer for nothing more than hall wandering.

Morrell's survey came up looking about like Dr. Terry Ross's survey -- a rousing vote of no confidence and if Mark Twain had taken it he'd have added a dead cat to the thing. Dr. Ross is a joke. He looks good in a suit, is a black man with advanced degrees and is from somewhere else. Around here that kinda cred will get you a key to the city and a cake from the girls at the Alpha Kappa Alpha house. Not surprisingly, he was not fully certified until Feb 1, 2014 though he's been on the payroll since last summer. He still has 2 years to pass the test for permanent certification. While Carl Paladino is on him like a dog on a football, fellow Board of Ed member James Sampson is taking the administrative, hasn't been within 500 feet of an urban high school ever approach, waiting for "data" to come in before he makes up his mind about Ross. Oddly, Phil Rumore and Paladino are on the same page here calling for Dr. Terry to take his fine self to some other godforsaken dysfunctional hell hole to pursue on the job training at the expense of the students, faculty and staff. 

Sampson I suspect is trying to give local bluenose and education dilettante Robert Wilmers a half nod here since it was Bordeaux Bob's Promise Neighborhood Inc. who found Ross and stuck him in the big office at Bennett. Wilmers' M&T people were miffed that Dr.PamelaBrownPh.D.Harvard blew them off in her talks with EPOs to manage the various BPS holdings deemed to be in need of outside help. Sampson's fellow ed reformer board member Jason McCarthy spoke up on M&T bank's behalf and said as much, that they were shocked and appalled that nobody called or contacted them. Poor bankers being dissed by the sorority girls, what next? I ask you. I suspect Sampson is trying to stall and at very least avoid pimp slapping Wilmer's guy publicly. These wealthy ed reformer guys have to have each other's back you know. While Carl's companies lease school buildings to 3 charters he seems uninterested in playing the diplomatic waiting game and respecting the well heeled Wilmers' pride on this one. 

Terry Ross is yet another race based hireling of a terribly screwed up system. Paladino has fought them as only he can because he has his millions and his status in the area and nobody calling him a racist is going to slow him down one bit. But let's be real here friends. What happened to "Dr. Morrell" as Mark Frazier called her glowingly in the news back when he was one of Jimmy Dubz's minor domos? In a word: nothing. Better than that she was promoted to Principal of Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence where I suspect she has people in place running things and keeping her out of everyone's hair. I recently heard she was spotted nosing around the WNED studio property scouting it out for God knows what unholy occupation. As for Dr. Terry Ross, who among other outrages told a 32 year white veteran of Bennett High that He was the problem, that he doesn't know how to connect with urban kids, (a black friend from Voice acting workshop observed with a smirk one night that when scripts ask for "urban" they mean me!). So it's ok for Dr. Terry to tell this three decade veteran of one of B-Lo's toughest buildings that he's no good cause he's white but woe unto him who declares that the good doctor is sitting at the big desk because he's "urban." Seems the post racial halcyon days are eluding us folks and I daresay we're going backwards.  


  1. Fatima is now the head of principals, I believe. She is no longer at #89. In fact, she was "on the phone" when I spoke to someone downtown about my daughter refusing the ELA assessments. She said nothing. She might be an avatar, for all I know.

  2. Teachers, parents and anyone with a brain wanted her tarred and feathered but the city hall brainstrust finds a way to put her in a position to supervise real principals who can actually do their job in a competent professional manner. Only in B-Lo baby.

  3. But I wonder.......why doesn't the staff at Bennett organize and publicly denounce what is going on at their school.?The two brave staff members will now likely be suffering the consequences of speaking out. I am sure they are prepared for the fallout from their actions. All of this, Fatima Morrell being a Supervisor of Principals, Dr. Terry Ross riding roughshod, Dr Brown creating chaos that has huge implications at the building level, etc., etc.,... must have a response. Teachers need to get a voice, in unity, and strength, publicly and fully informed. The meek will NOT inherit the district.

  4. Yeah I see Phil posturing about a big showdown picket line in September when they bring Ross back which you know they have every intention of doing. Why wait? I think we oughtta be out there Tuesday when we return to school. Don't these people know what a confrontation is ? and why the hell are they so terrified to show some goddamned backbone -- ever ?