Saturday, July 7, 2012

Third Brokest City in The Milky Way Gets a Mercedes

ghetto fabulous
Spending money on items that are not of a necessity, when there are things that you actually do need; Not making wise economic choices with one's money for the sake of appearing "cool" or wealthy; Vanity.
Ghetto fabulous = My co-worker drives a Benz truck but still lives in an apartment in the hood.
i.e. A wiser decision would be to buy a house and drive a more moderate vehicle.
ghetto fabulous chickenhead hood rich mercedes hood

Oh I dunno, something about this entry caught my eye. I heard the Boardfolk tonight on channel IV splainin' themselves now that Carl Paladino has openly and publicly called them out for selecting another black Superintendent. The precious Mrs. Kapsiak explained that she and her cohorts know first hand what is required for a good Superintendent.  She then offered a mini litany of must haves in a  Superintendent : a PhD in education, uhhhh, and foreign language. Yeah that's it. 

Well how on earth would this dear lady know a good superintendent when she obviously found Amber Dixon unsatisfactory. The Super before Dixon was run out of town on a rail along with his doctorate, allegedly, and his fluency in jive. The Super before Williams, James Harris, was likewise sent packing after a series of gaffes, a reported paramour who Harris was warned to keep away from the funds with her hand caught in the cookie jar. Amazingly this same grants office worker was also arrested on an airplane for stealing the wallet of a fellow passenger in flight. Harris's foreign language from what the lore tells us was the language of love. And with these 2 charlatans run off like some characters from a Huckleberry Finn sideshow as role models I have to ask what makes the new Board President so sure she could find the ground with both feet let alone spot a good Superintendent ? 

p.s. just for a scream check out this snippet from Betty Jean Grant writing in The Challenger on the shameful and disrespectful treatment the Board of education showed the esteemed James Williams as he was busily stuffing the Emerson Hospitality silverware and Chop House breath mints into his carpetbag...

"They will then give this interim superintendent the power to sign documents even before Dr. Williams leaves on September 25th, his official day of resignation. How blatantly disrespectful can they be? How can a single school administration have two superintendents signing off and approving things? Dr. Williams is the only superintendent until such time as he retires, resigns or is fired! What the board is anticipating doing, it seems in my humble opinion, to be illegal. But who is crying out or who is watching and monitoring the actions of the board of education? I am hoping that those who are promoting good school, good teachers, good parents  and good attendance, will now step up to the plate to make sure that the Buffalo Board of Education is not overstepping its power and authority by making bad and anti-community decisions."

Oh the humanity...


  1. Pineapple PrincessJuly 7, 2012 at 10:43 AM

    Sean, you might not get any responses on this entry today. You have said it all. "Oh, the humanity!" Can you imagine the general public, those not under the thumb of the current Board of Edumacation, as they watched the silly News Conference yesterday? A collective "what the what???" rose from the populace as they listened to the Board leader's nonsensical public statement.

  2. Roz Taylor sounded like someone trying to explain that raucous thunder everyone was hearing was just the angels bowling. She had a wholly disingenuous, contrived tone of voice and fake exasperation that anyone would question their process...? They held meetings and forums and had cake at Waterfront.... I wonder if she's in in on the waterfront charter coup too ? Nothing like stinking up the living room and blaming the dog. They looked guilty and lame. And where was Flo Jo? Did she have another Welcome Sister #7 cake in the oven. Brown goes to #7 since it appears Ralph Hernandez has donned his AKA lapel pin again and is vote security for the Sorority Majority on any and all Board business.

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if the board included things like experience in inner city schools, bringing parents into the equation on a real basis and not using people like sam radford to rant for tv cameras but doing nothing? How about working effectively with teachers to improve students' education and not just pearson test scores? How about real change meaning reassignments and not necessarily firing people, but moving those who are sitting in the way of progress for the district? Funny that none of those things get mentioned either by the president or the new superintendent so it seems the plan is to keep things the same while expecting a different result.

  4. Sean, You outdid yourself again!

    Here's my version of the female board member 's " checklist" for Superintendent Selection:
    !. From outta town...therefore an "expert" ....... > check
    2. Looks a lot like me. ......................................... > check
    3. Will probably join my sorority. ....................... > check
    4. Will listen to what "we" have to say. .............. > check
    5. Nice looking in a business suit. ......................... > check
    6. Will reinstate the Smorgasbord at meetings. .... > check
    7. Will let us resume our distant "workshops". ...... > check
    8. Will make us look good in the News and on TV... > check
    9. Will make board meetings more fun. ................> check
    10. Will not rock our boat. ..................................... > check

    The Doctorate and foreign language skills are on the extended list somewhere.... just guessin'

  5. bb 27 thanks for dropping in. I think someone either Licata or McCarthy said they voted according to what their constituents wanted. Funny I have never heard any one of the sisters use that line because I am pretty sure they don't care what the constituents want and/or they simply assume their black constituents want a black leader regardless of how poorly that person is qualified to do the job. They are going to look at data not moving hacks and blowhards who rob the public every Friday when they cash their no show checks.

  6. Damn chalk did you break into the Embassy Suites and steal their notes or something? They are looking for James Williams with a uterus and from all counts, they have it, minus the hubris, at least from what we've seen so far. Amber definitely grounded the food and travel club and even stopped up the feed bag at the board meetings. You can bet they will be sliding a travel voucher under her nose for a signature when they think she's distracted with the big AKA cake Flo Jo leaps out of. Paladino is on top of all of this too and no matter what a kook he was on that governor's run, he doesn't hot too many foul balls when he comes after the board and their do nothing race based decision making.