Saturday, July 7, 2012

Absenteeism Of Board Members Raises Questions

A cursory head count at the Board of Education's PRESS CONFERENCE raises a few questions in the inquiring mind of this pedagogue. Absent : McCarthy, Licata, Florence Johnson. I can't find any of them in the picture...

Board of Education Calls a Presser to Address Paladino's  Claims of Incompetence and Race Based Decisions


Scenario : Licata and McCarthy voted against Brown's appointment. McCarthy even voiced the unspeakable and asked why nobody would consider signing Amber Dixon to a one year contingency contract. It's clear he is not feeling the group vibe of Ralph Hernandez and the Sorority Majority. Licata, while less demonstrative in his nay vote seems no more inclined to follow this bunch off the side of a cliff than Mr. McCarthy. The point of this conference was to dispel the wholly accurate accusations leveled by Carl Paladino and about 3/4 of the sentient non racist beings who are able to ambulate and enjoy a stick of Juicy Fruit simultaneously. Carl pretty much asked out loud and in writing what thousands of WNYers including Mr. Ogilve of BOCES and Robert Bennet of State Regents both asked : Why did this Board want to dis Amber Dixon? Can we assume from the no shows of Licata and McCarthy that they are not buying the party line that this was NOT a race based decision? Is it safe to say their absence may be taken as a passive voiced statement that there is nothing to dispel, that it WAS in fact exactly what Paladino et al are saying it was?  As always the best comes last and I can only imagine what detained Flo Jo from standing her ground in a show of solidarity for Sister #7 alongside Sisters 1-5 as they brazenly prevaricated to the community how race had nothing to do with their vote. Was it just too much for her to stand up there and spin that whopper in front of the cameras? Was she afraid some clueless reporter might ask why anyone should trust her or this Board after all the happy horseshit they promised us when Jimmy Dubz blew into town?

Or were all three of them spending time with their families out of town and I need to go to Oliver Stone Rehab ? 


  1. Things that make you go hmmmm?

  2. I think I started making that noise in 1988 and it hasn't stopped. It's damned entertaining if only it weren't so bad for kids, adults and the entire city. Glad you are dropping in Mrs. G. I actually had 2 people tell me Oh I can't comment I don't say the right things. I am like what ???