1. I found this group on Facebook quite by accident. After reading some of its decidedly cowardly and divisive messages I left some comments essentially asking them who they were and why they were so hot to crucify our union leadership yet too chicken to say who they were? As you might have guessed the next morning my comments were scrubbed and I was no longer able to comment on their postings. for kicks I messaged a colleague/acquaintance whom I figured might have some clue as to who these clowns were. 
    Were they really BTF members plotting a palace coup against Phil or were they charter school hacks looking to sow some fake seeds of dissent among union members who've been notoriously unified for going on 7 years of incredibly dysfunctional City Hall behavior? 
    A strange thing happened. The person I messaged never responded which I found odd since we spoke in the hallway at Bennett when everyone was there in May for the APPR conference with Debbie Sykes and Amber. The posts stopped. Almost immediately. Am I good or what ? Apologies to Mark Naison whose postings appear here, by the look of his message he is a mensch who cares about positive change and I would not connect him to the b.s. posted by the person hiding behind the rotten apple avatar.  Notice too the dis they put on Lack City teachers asking why we make less than they do ? Implied is the idea that they suck worse than us so why do they make more ? Oh it's Rumore's fault...There  is no place for this kind of spineless bullshit among professionals when we are under attack from a carefully orchestrated interstate conspiracy by Republican governors and our own jackass donkey Democrats who've been swept up in the charter school kool aid and the billions available from hedge funders like DFER. As Franklin said we need to hang together or we will surely hang separately. 

    Buffalo Teachers For Change
    By the way did you see who was third in the pay ratings? LACKAWANNA! Couldn't we do a "bit" better than 67? The answer is yes, we can do a lot better, but you have to get involved!
  2. Funny how Phil Rumore and Amber Dixon have found so much time to discuss the APPR yet we have not heard a word about contract negotiations for a LONG time......Wouldn't it have been a good opportunity for Phil to have used the APPR agreement as leverage for a new contract? It sure would have, but after eight years without a contract looks like he has us giving up more!! Wake up BTF members!! There is something fishy going on here and it's not in the lake....
  3. Well folks, it's time to thank Phil Rumore for letting us be ranked SEVENTY SIXTH in teacher salaries!!! THAT'S 76.... The time is now to band together and do something about this. PLEASE spread the word!!! LINK:http://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/feature/schools/2012-wnyschools/2012/06/04/western-new-york-teacher-pay-rankings.html?page=all

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