Saturday, February 6, 2016

Here's What Your Teacher's Union Is Up to Today

Good for NYSUT. They put on an "activist's summit" here in B-Lo today. But in typically clueless and tone deaf fashion they handed out these t shirts.

Maybe nobody at NYSUT has spent much time of the social media lately. Oh wait I saw Karl and Andy going hard at Twitter the other day touting the non moratorium moratorium as Sullio and Lace to the Top bombarded them with reality bytes. 

If this shirt looks familiar maybe it's because you saw it here in its vertical version:

Yep there's Randi and Lily our union leaders stumping for a candidate no teacher will touch with a ten foot pole. Oh but this pic is days old and Randi is busy with other pressing union business elsewhere by now. You'd never guess would you that we are likely weeks away from seeing our unions stripped of the right to collect agency fees from members when you see the shit this lady is up to.  

Speaking of social media and "union leaders" here's what your girls is tweeting

Since neither Wienie nor any of the poverty porn tourists from TFA are actually teachers it strikes me that she really needs to open another twitter account to post shit like this as it seems posting it using a national union logo and twitterfeed should at very least be ground be impeachment. I hate the internet phrase "can't make this stuff up" but really folks? What the fuck? 


  1. Weingarten addresses neither education nor poverty. How much did that little speaking gig net her? TFA are tourists en route to real careers.

    Abigail Shure