Monday, May 18, 2015

It's Official. More Rumore.

Votes are counted and it's going to be another term for Phil Rumore as President of BTF. My guys with Renew did not win and of course I am bummed but not defeated. The idea of BTF operating as anything other than an extension of Phil is a little less of a strange scary fantasy to a lot of people now, moreso than a year ago or even 6 months ago I'll wager. And it's really not my M.O. to go looking for that slack jawed moon faced silver effing lining to shit but I think there are some reasons we'll all see before long why things went as they did.

For starters I'd like to be able to send the guy off with a party and a big thank you and even a crappy Timex like the important people in the private sector are known for doing. I'll bet Lars Quinn has a drawer full of Casios for all the times he's been shitcanned, errrr,  righty-sized, errr, replaced. So maybe in two years we'll have put some of what we learned to work. Maybe in two years we'll be toasting Phil Rumore instead of feeling like we had to have him whacked to get the chair away from him if you'll indulge me a Sopranos reference. It felt unseemly that it had to go that way, that there was not going to be any hand off of the torch or any up and coming pool of new leadership we could choose from. Just taking the guy out because there was no other option was not what I saw in my William Glasser Total Quality World. (Christ on a bike, remember all those in services?)

And while we were campaigning and counting our votes, look what the Floundering Five did -- they hired their S.O.B. $350/hr lawyer to screw us for every fucking cent they can get and strip us of everything but the enamel in our teeth. This guy has wood for the Triborough, like he sits in bed at night wishing he could repeal it and see union people lose every shred of self worth they've ever collectively bargained for. With that on the rear burner for now, let's wonder aloud what ne'erdowell reformy hacks are going to slither into town straight outta da Broad Foundation's unaccredited school for slimeballs hacks and shitheads looking to be King for a Year or So? Do you think nobody's told those 5 dopes where to look for a Super who'll be simpatico to the corporate ed reform/privatization agenda? Do you think that perky little privatizing cheerleader of the reformers Katie Campos her annoying self, hasn't emailed all of her reformy pals to tell them about the opening in B-Lo? And did the Bflo Nooze Editorial Outhouse not suggest with a perfectly straight face that the Board should be sending smoke signals to Reformy John King to get his own personal short list of preferred Privatizing Scumbag Superintendents? Oh they are busy busy busy. Don't kid yourself otherwise.

I guess my point is it was fun to fling a few mudballs and vent. It served a purpose to question giving Phil yet another kick at the edu-can. I honestly believe some good will come of people speaking up and making their voices heard. And as things stand I think the best thing we can so is make sure we have it all out of our system. While we took a little break to air some family laundry and file a few grievances of our own, it's important to note that the people looking to screw us to the floor never stopped trying to find new ways to do so. If we ever needed the solidarity so many of us like to talk about, it's now. And if there's someone you're not feeling real great about who's wearing the same BTF badge as you, maybe this might be a good time to ask yourself just how important your differences are. God knows if you didn't see this one coming across the Skyway you might want to go get your lasiks surgery before we lose it: We'd best hang together or we're surely going to hang separately.



  1. As an outsider, please explain how and why membership could vote for someone who will allow the demise of their profession? It will affect all of us. One weak link in any union leadership team across Nay weakens all of us.

  2. I'm guessing many people don't see it that way. All they know is Phil and as typical teachers tha's good enough so why take a chance?

  3. He's retired 12 years ago hardly ever goes to board meetings. He's 72 and Lewin draws over $150,000 yearly. She retired same time as Phil. The BTF Constitution changed about 2002 about the time he and Lewin retired to keep them on in perpetuity. About two or three years ago, the Buffalo News published a story caught people by surprise how though eligible for district retiree health insurance the retiree officers of the BTF were taking it instead directly from teachers. I guess this is the reason why the laid/off teachers back in 2005 asked Rumore to discuss their plight with union to help cover Cobra because the premiums are paid back upon recalled hired back again. Rumore never responded. After the Buffalo News story broke out the practice of retirees taking their Heath care from BTF instead of teachers allegedly ended. Ogilvie abolished the Supervisor of Attendance position and Rumore never addressed it at any of his school board appearances. This position is as important as the superintendent vacancy. And has had an impact on what happens in the classrooms. Retirees at the helm of BTF has been linked to stall contract negotiations. And there is the question whether their is fair representation.