Friday, May 15, 2015

Board Majority Artifacts Posted Here

Well fellow scavengers it's been a frantic week of scanning and uploading that post test you had crumbled up in a moldy wad at the bottom of your gym bag. But we deserve it don't we? I mean if NYSED and the people who never set foot in a public school classroom think we need to prove that we're not playing Words with Friends and Farmville all day on the public dime then dammit I think the least we can do is send them a few shartifacts to validate our existence. In case you didn't know there was some kind of log jam this afternoon at about 2:00 and I'm wondering if too many people counted on the system to handle the 4:00 deadline. My colleague was trying to post some quiz scores on Infinite Campus and couldn't even get to Finite Campus. Here's hoping. And while I was at it I dug up some artifacts for the Board Majority to justify their miserable existence too. Enjoy. 

Artifact 1.1 Larry Quinn's Bar Tab

Artifact 7.4 Jay McCarthy's Guide to Using the School Board to Further a Political Career

Artifact 6.2 Hello Patti's Martini Glasses for When the Boys Take Her Out Drinking

Paul Hastings
4 months ago
I am surpised people have not looked into Jim Sampson's past more. According to his resume on, Sampson states he moved the agency from a $2 millon deficit to a $1.5 million surplus But according to agency financials online the agency runs close to $1 million loss every year while Sampson was CEO. Glad he lied on his resume. Now this report comes out and NYS taxpayers get to learn that they paid for his car and membership to local social clubs. He needs to resign from the school board!!!

Artifact 2.2 Comment on James Sampson's Thievery from Gateway Longview in Buffalo News

Artifact 6.4 Carl Paladino's Crazy Excellent Emails to Pals

 Oh and did anyone else find out yesterday that instead of attaching 1 element to each standard as we were told earlier that we were really expected to attach 3?  Oh boy it's been a week of excellence and the Board hired a reformy lawyer who has lots of grit to see what kind of buggery they can perpetrate on us contractually. So far they've shot themselves in the foot with every one of their hamfisted maneuvers. Let's just stand back as  the buckshot flies. Watch your Weejuns Larry!

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