Saturday, August 2, 2014

Campbell Brown 25 (from Uranus) Ed Reform Variant

Ironic that a movie satire of tv called The Groove Tube, thrown together in the era of low quality homegrown and monstrous faux wooden tv sets, could so succinctly predict the outpourings of a dithering Orphean tv head 30 years into the future. I can't say for sure if Uranus is one of the corporate monsters crouching Cyrano-like behind Campbell Brown 25's podium feeding her pithy anti unionisms and drecky straw parent ejaculations. With the Kim Jong Unesque levels of secrecy surrounding her backers and scriptwriters - we all know she's an empty headed pretty face made for reading what's in front of her by now, no? - Uranus could very well be the Oz behind her curtain.

Disembodied of her network, her cameras, set and network, the lovely, vacuous Orphean head of Campbell Brown 25 goes on singing her scripted message of bad teacher unions and ill used parents, of abused children and diabolical due process to any and all who will listen. Just a caveat though dear Campbell Brown 25 from the poet Alan Dugan who writes:

Shrined as an oracle, the lovely head
went on with its talking, talking, talking
until the god, the jealous Apollo himself,
came down in a rage and shut it off. 


  1. I also like what Jersey Jazzman had to say about "the Campbell". In one word, LAME. This is what we now are dealing with. Stupid bobbleheads. She is what the "money" feels will translate to the public. The new Rhee, since Rhee's star is currently in descent. While Campbell Brown is lame, the "money", however, is not. The "money" is talking. And it's talking right here in Buffalo. The Buffalo News calls Bill Phillips of the Northeast Charter Network a "stakeholder" in the Buffalo Public Schools. Really???? Bill Phillips is looking at Buffalo as just another "market". Here is a blurb from his website. Note his background. He is an edupreneur par excellence! : "Bill served in business development leadership positions with Beacon Educational Management....Prior to entering the "charter sector" (my quotes) he worked as a marketing and new product specialist and a manufacturing supervisor with Texas Instruments, Inc......He also served as a school board member in Mass and during his tenure founded a region charter school...." This is what the Board majority and the News is foisting on our City. The business of charter schools. They view us as a "market" and our children as dollar signs. Greed. And Sandra Tan and Tiffany Lankes should lose their journalistic licenses. They suck up to the News Board. They are journalistic frauds and should be assigned to the same category as Campbell Brown. LAME

    1. That Phillips was included in that profile stinks of manipulation of the BN from the outside. By mixing him in with the Holy Five and laying the Board's dysfunctionality solely at the feet of the vanquished sisterhood, the News is still faced with the glaring realities of rogue egos studiously ignoring the new interim superintendent and his sidekick, assholes who don't know how a deliberative body is supposed to work, and a union cowering in the corner out of fear of the Mighty Quinn. The Charter Hawks are perched on the roof waiting for a bunny to lope into their view and soon nature will be red in tooth and claw.

  2. We may dismiss Campbell Brown as a figurehead, but the ed deform money is a powerful influence. Look at what they've done so far. Until parents take it to heart that teachers - union teachers - are better for their kids than standardized test scores, we're going to continue to take it on the chin.

    Tired in Albany