Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gubner Andrew Goes Off the Grid

Andrew Cuomo Attempts to Hide from Opponents and The Media  in a Remote Location South of Mt. Christie

Well, Gubner Andy, I guess it's about time for my semi annual schadenfreude booster shot. Governor Cuomo wasn't it you who blustered your way into my hometown of  B-lo here a while back, took a Tischean look around at the contemptible goings on along the shores of Lake Erie and declared that there needs to be a "death penalty" for failing schools? Ahh but I wax rhetorical, Sheriff Andy, of course it was you. And it's been you taking tubs full of cash from all the charter school profiteers, braying like your party's long eared mascot about "teacher accountability" insisting that the asinine tests your cronies at Pearson miscreated should be used to determine if teachers should be fired or put into little crappy teacher remediation camps until they can be vaporized. Yes Andrew Cuomo it's been you, the self proclaimed "student lobbyist." Oh yes, remember that misstep? You tried to hoist yourself up for the approbation of everyone in the state by stepping on teachers and everyone else who works with kids as you perjured yourself in declaring that you, more than their teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, Moms and Dads fer chrissakes, yes, YOU were the only guy who REALLY gave a shit about them. Then you sicced your little talking puppet at NYSED, the Dowager Chancelloress Tisch and Regentus Flatulentus Old Bob Bennett on the state with orders to shut them all the hell up and cram Common Core down their throats no matter how much they balked. Yeah, Gubner that was all you buddy. And now, if I may borrow a somewhat inflammatory phrase from a  few decades past, it would seem some of your chickens are coming home to roost. 

The karma fairy flies non stop 24 hours to all cities, Andrew, including Albany and that cozy little upgraded bungalow you and your tv chef are refusing to pay your taxes on in Westchester. It wouldn't surprise me if the karma fairy could fanangle a path through your pal Chris Christie's orange cones on the GWB either for that matter. Oh yeah, Governor, it seems nobody's really buying the stories you and fatboy are floating on that one either so stay tuned, you may very well be eating more crow than that nasty bald fen who took the claw hammer in his dome at The Wall in the final episode of Season 4. But for now let's focus shall we? Seems our Moreland Commission has beetled over its base as Matthew Arnold might have said. We know the idea was to create yet another of your signature "commissions" like the education reform one you put Dick Parsons in charge of. Wow, that was a stretch. And like that one, this one was supposed to harrumph around and look into some things, decide that they were either shocked to find gambling at Ricks or set up some orange cones and declare there's nothing to see here. The Moreland Commission wasn't actually supposed to DO anything and you rigged it so it couldn't. I mean how long does a guy like you last if there's a legit corruption commission snooping around with a couple of those pain in the ass politically ambitious prosecutors eating out of paper bags, running Starbuck's iv's and sleeping on their desks for 2 hours at  a crack before they hit the beat again? How long? Not long, Andy. Am I right? So, what to do? Shut those mofos down before they hurt somebody. 

Sadly for you Gubner Andy, you probably should have set up another education panel or one to look into the racetracks, the bridges or, wait, no, scratch bridges, oh God anything, Mixed Martial Arts gaming if nothing else. But hubris is a very sharp sword and almost nobody is capable of handling it. You thought you could set this thing up, take it to the vet and lop em off and send it back to yap and chase its tail without anyone getting bit in the ass. I guess my only question now Governor Andy is are you and Kathy Hochul holed up together as you hide from the media, from Astorino and Zephyr Teachout -- boy didn't they look like hapless dopes just a few days ago -- or are you hiding in separate locations? I think I'd go with the latter if I were you. You remember how Saddam warned Uday and Qusay to split up not to hang out together. Well they didn't listen and look how that turned out. Kathy Hochul was just trying stay under the radar with her teabag/gun friendly and anti immigrant stances which some thought might not play too well with whatever puree fed dissolute liberals who are still trying to caucus with the Dems. Likewise, a few days ago that mattered. But today both Cuomo and Hochul remain subterranean while above the surface the Daily Kos is leading off with : Yup, Confirmed. Andrew Cuomo is One Corrupt Bastard.  He sure as hell is. 


  1. Is this the same Governor Cuomo that NYSUT will be having us union losers support any minute now? Funny, I think I just read that Karen Magee is finding it hard to rule Cuomo out come support time. Union membership is going to need to be very firm this time around.

  2. Yeah Karen isn't going to find much outside of what RandiMike Mulgarten tells her. That was the deal when he handed over all his UFT delegates and gave her an insurmountable head start in the NYSUT election. She will do as Mulgrew tells her which in essence is what Weingarten dictates. And since Weinie is all up Cuomo's arse we know what this fakeass non member driven bunch of phoney union hacks will do. They will go teats up same as Twerking Families Party did and throw their considerable heft to Andy the Invisible. We need to clean house of these parasites if we ever have any hope of fighting off the powers of corporate ed reform. The enemy within is killing us before we can even get to the battlefield.