Friday, June 27, 2014

NYSUT's Back Door Endorsement of Andrew Cuomo

Sorry friends but I am having a hard time letting this one go. When NYSUT Regional Director Deely said he simply couldn't do anything that would hurt Kathy Hochul in a Democratic primary I only saw it one way. We all knew this push was coming from the Cuomospere.

I admit I want this to be the post heard round the state

They want erbuddy here in Buffaltucky to scratch their chins and cuss them danged erpublicans on the back porch for a corncob or a chaw or two before we come in and set a spell. And whilst we're a settin up to the eatin table or leverin back our Lay Z Boys we're supposedta say, Aww heck, I know that dadburn Cuomo's a sneak and a Eye-talian to boot, but I just gotta stand up fer my gal Kathy Hochul...

We must be THAT stupid. Or at least they think we are.

So when Democrat4LifeDeely comes along with this whacked out post about not wanting to "hurt Kathy Hochul" my immediate response failed to take into account that Deely is actually floating "the message" straight from the very penetralium of the Gubner's mansion itself. He is modeling the desired behavior for all of us droolers who think Cuomo is such a vile bastard we wouldn't vote for him if he could bring back Mother Teresa herself and put her on the ticket with him. Oh but now that he's teamed with St. Kathy we are supposed to somehow overlook his bullying, his arrogance, his petty trifling nasty politician's blackened Faustian soul and find a way to throw him our support. Because we just love us some Kathy Hochul.

In traffic today, between a tailgating maniac on my arse at 75 mph and a rubber necking idiot loitering in the passing lane at 50 mph (George Carlin will tell you about both types of drivers...) I axed myself out loud If Kathy Hochul is such a stand up gal whom we'd never want to "hurt in a primary" why the fuck is she paling around with terrorists? Tell me Mr. Deely, did Kathy Hochul stare into her soul for a protracted period of time, say a chaw or two or even a corncob on the porch, axing herself "How can I team up with that iniquitous pile of shit? How can I hurt my teacher friends, my union friends, my friends kids who are students who are subjected to the child abuse of Common Core and standardized testing? How can I show my face in public after hitching myself to that petty tyrant's tumbril? How can I hurt the guys in NYSUT by allying myself with Beelzebub?

Guess what Deels? Not thinking she axed herself any of that. Pretty sure she polished up her pumps, packed a bag and said I'm your girl, Sheriff Andy, and let the small folk be damned. Cause when you partner with a guy like Andrew Cuomo you agree to some pretty unscrupulous and Stalinesque shit. Blowing kisses and tossing candy from the back of the executioner's cart does not undo the stench of his work. And just as George W. Bush took Pervez Musharraf by his Pakistani ISI short hairs and said Listen up boy, you're either with us or yer agin' us, I am here to say unequivocally to anyone with the sense God gave them, Kathy Hochul, as a running mate to Andrew Cuomo, is NOT with us. I'll let you figure out all the x's and o's of what she is...

NYSUT figurehead Karen Magoo and others have been beating the drum, well, let's say they've bumped into it a few times by accident and it made a small noise, with their claims that they have NO intentions of endorsing Cuomo. Even though it would set Weingarten up nicely and Mulgrew too who goes as Weingarten goes and if not for them we might very well be listening to Dick Ianuzzi still telling us to stay behind the barricades.

What better way to endorse the guy without endorsing him than to say you really care deeply about his running mate and you couldn't bear to see her "hurt." Do these people sleep at night or is that when they feed? Un-fucking-real. 


  1. And we should care about hurting Kathy Hochul because....????? Who cares about Kathy Hochul's career???? Did Deely get to shake her hand at some point?? Crazy!!!!

  2. Sean,
    You must be omniscient! Her Letter to the Editor in today's B-News proves it!