Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's Time for Randi Weingarten to Simply Go Away

I exchanged Twitter spitballs with the President of the second most worthless Teacher's Union in America the other day. It's second only to the most worthless Teacher's Union because that one has more teachers it absolutely fails to represent. Yes friends, I was on The Twitter, as the kids call it and I stumbled across  Randi Weingarten fulminating against her pal Chris Christie in the following tweet:

Hmmm, Randi Weingarten and Chris Christie, interesting. It appears Weingarten is reverting back to that theoretical central casting "union firebrand" who can't stand to be in the same room with a guy like Christie let alone sit at a table with him. But any of us who haven't been smoking bath salts or speeding into Mongolian Buffet parking lot trees alongside Marcell Dareus in his Jaguar grasp the obvious prevarication in play here. Randi is Christie and Christie is Randi. They are on the same team working for the same side. It's just that periodically Weingarten has to pull out her Captain Renault whistle, give it a good blow and say I am shocked, shocked I tell you to see what the enemies of public education are up to now. She then proceeds to work out a merit pay scheme with Christie and goes on a happy talk show with him and Bradley Cooper where all the chattering skulls whistle their amazement and reinforce the canard that Chris Christie and Randi Weingarten are diametrically opposed beings and isn't it something of a miracle that we are able to seat them here among the dithering heads without them going all Cobra and Mongoose on each other. I responded to her inane tweet as I have done probably a dozen or so times with one of my own high and inside pitches hoping for a little chin music from the faux unionista.

For more on Crispy's most orgasmic moment as the Biggest Jerk in Jersey you can fwd to the :40 mark where he too bangs home the  hackneyed lie that he and Weingarten are polar opposites and nothing less than some sort of divine intervention could ever facilitate Weingarten's giving away the farm, selling Newark's teachers out with one of those zany merit pay schemes that privatizers love. People like Chris Christie love these schemes as they pit teachers against each other and sew division among the ranks. People like Weingarten are paid to know better since there is no data or record of a merit pay scheme leading to better education, better scores on tests or better morale among the ranks. There are however several instances, let me say many more than several, of these crackpot car salesmen spiffs resulting in cheating scandals, unethical behavior of all sorts and a damaging effect on the educational process and its integrity.

Now that you've had a chance to towel off your tears after witnessing that emotional self stimulation, have a look at Weingarten's response to my shot across her merit pay loving, corporate sympathetic bow:

And now we get the same whopper from the sellout herself. Randi the Common Core cheerleader, Bill Gates pal and advocate Weingarten is telling Coopmike48 who I believe writes and/or contributes to that we must reach across the aisle to those whom we oppose. And in case we were wondering it's not to further her own career or to nail down the AFL-CIO endorsement for Cuomo which could land her in Arne Duncan's seat should Sheriff Andy seize and occupy the White House in 2016. No her motives are downy pure and lily white. It's for the kids. Yes, folks she actually played that cornball card from the bottom of the deck and told me and CoopMike that "it's for the kids."
In construction when some idiot using the first person plural pronoun suggested something you didn't plan on helping him with a common response would be "We? -- you got a mouse in your pocket?" I tried to lean into my roots as a Union Laborer from local #720, Denver when I responded :

Methinks the message is clear, friends. This human has made a very cushy career for herself at the expense of the members she was hired to represent. Hob nobbing with and defending Bill Gates and his assholic Common Core Standards while teachers are being vilified and targeted for removal with the data collected from them is nothing less than a treasonous act. Instead of popping off about a bad rollout or slowing down terrible education, (remember last year when Weiney and Ianuzzi in his 70's cruising hat were chanting "Get it right?") Weingarten should be calling for the CCSS to be thrown in the garbage and discontinued nationwide. Why isn't she saying this? Same reason Governor Cuomo is playing such hardball about medical marijuana : political expediency. Weingarten has accepted millions from Gates and agreed among other things to use them in "training teachers in Common Core." Guess what Randi? We don't want to be trained in the soul sucking, tedium infested, drone creating bullshit David Coleman was able to sell to your pal Bill Gates. You want to earn some cred with the members? Give the damned money back. Renounce your Faustian bargains with Gates and admit you screwed up. Until this happens you remain another bad joke in the farcically populated landscape of "union leaders" who serve corporate masters instead of the people who elected them. 


  1. I am one of the Newark teachers getting screwed. My illustrious principal told me that I am not a good fit for the school. Despite being technically proficient, I am not building community. They are starting a restorative justice program whereby instead of children experiencing school as a prison like institution, they will be encircled by sharing, caring adults. The other day one of these charming young people told me he was going to gun down the shit out of me. Not to fear, he has since apologized. Thanks for getting it right yet again Sean Crowley. Tell Randi to go f--- herself for me.

  2. I say fuck her regardless. Awesome piece. Thank you.

  3. As always, you hit the nail on the head, Sean. I go head to head with Randi on Twitter pretty frequently. Ever make a call to an outsourced call center where the rep just reads through the responses on the script? That's Randi, spewing nonsensical BS that says NOTHING! I don't understand how someone SO obviously owned by the opposition can continue to collect a HUGE salary funded by the very members she is screwing over.

  4. Thanks for giving those of us unlucky enough to be NEA the information from the "other" side of AFT. We're not hearing much from our Great Leader so it's oh so enlightening to hear the crap coming from his counterpart's mouth. I wish we could mobilize both unions' members enough to dump their sorry asses.

  5. Any suggestions Robin?