Saturday, May 10, 2014

When Public Schools Mix with Private Funds People Get Hurt.

If you haven't seen the cell phone video yet of our colleague Kevin Coady being assaulted by 2 alleged students in a stairwell of Bennett High, fear not. By the time James Sampson, Larry Quinn, Carl Paladino, Patty Pierce and Jason McCarthy get their charter school, privatization mojo on there will be plenty more of this kind of footage.

Why would I say such a damning thing about our great white saviors? Well, if you take a look at whose footprints are all over the Dr.TerryRoss hiring, signs point back to the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood, a pet project of M&T Banker and Bordeax Chateau proprietor Robert Wilmers. This is yet another of these blurry little enterprises where people with access to a lot of money, either theirs or someone else's "invest it" in public education for the purpose of manipulating public education to their own will. We saw it in Albany when Dowager Regent Tisch got on all fours and reached into the tin box under her bed, withdrew a cool million and created her own little army of reformy policy wonks calling them The Regents Fellows and putting them to work doing her will with public education policy. Nobody in the public asked for this or benefitted from it. Tisch wanted a way to have more influence in public education policy so she bought some. Nobody had the presence of mind to tell her no, that's not how it works, lady. 
But we really don't have to leave town for examples of the local Brahmin thinking it's their right to interfere with public education by way of inserting themselves into the equation with their checkbooks and trying to buy the public school system they think would benefit them and keep the small folk in line. Remember when the Gioias and the Riches and some of the other local ruling caste members tried to bribe Pamela Brown with a half million to simply STFU and go away? Of course they were falling all over themselves in self congratulation and quietly damning all the ingrate proles who failed to see the shining magnanimity of their shamelessly politic gesture, some of the ingrates even went so far as to tell them public officials are not for sale. The cheek of that poxy lot. And who can forget the time Bordeaux Bob chided the sisters of The Board into allowing him to pick up the check for the "talent search" that eventually brought James Motherfucking Williams to B-Lo? Ralph the Un-re-elected Hernandez once told a table or two of constituents towards the end of a gathering that truth be told Wilmers never even wrote the check he'd promised when he offered to spare the city the expense of finding a Superintendent. So he stiffed the Board and boned the city, kids, teachers and parents with the most incompetent, racist piece of shit we've ever had the misfortune of calling Superintendent. 

Nobody can say for sure why anyone at Promise Neighborhood -- who have been dissed by Pamela Brown and Co. somewhere along the way and recently announced they are pulling out of Bennett -- found Dr.TerryRoss to be the guy they just had to hire. O.K. if we follow prevailing logic, he is African American. He looks good in a suit. He tells people to call him "Doctor" and he yells at teachers in front of student. The school he is charged with operating is a combat zone where kids know they can do whatever they want including selling drugs, threatening and assaulting adults and students sans consequences.  Ross was also was uncertified until February 1 of this year yet was put on the payroll last July. Sounds about the way things get done at the Alpha Kappa Alpha's City Hall Sorority House Satellite. And again, where was Chief Talent Officer Darren Brown when Ross started getting paid before he'd completed the appropriate certifications? Whose job is it exactly to vet these beautiful people who show up here claiming to be doctors and looking to make somewhere in the low 100's for starters? Most of us make half that or less and you can damned well bet our paperwork is all checked out carefully. The private/public marriage is pure West Virginia. It's never the fine hybrid all the rich felons claim it will be as much as the banjo playing lackwit whose only real goal is to entrench a puppet or a troublemaker who will work the will of the "donor." And with Sampson about to get a chance to flex his flaccid reformy muscles on the city stage -- remember, this is a guy who recently penned his own little Areopagitica, a frothy polemic defending the Common Core Standards, Commissioner John King and I believe he also managed to stick up for anal cancer. Add Carl Paladino whose Ellicott Development Corp. is already renting buildings to 3 charters and going halvsies with another company to convert Holy Angels into a charter, plus Larry, I don't know shit about education, but I was President of The Sabres when they had a mad goat emblem, and Patty Bowers, I will do as Larry and Carl tell me to do Pierce to the already seated charter bobblehead and bartender Jason McCarthy and we are going to have enough shitty administrators and schools under siege to start out own Youtube fight channel by mid year. 

We wish Mr. Coady a speedy recovery and stand with him in solidarity for his actions as much as we might want to brain him for jumping in, we've all been there and sometimes the only choice you have is to not wait for back up because it means standing there while someone's child gets their face kicked in. People have been saying this school needs a shakeup for months now and it should be noted that James Sampson expressed his support for Mr. Ross same as Pamela Brown does. Sometime you need to abandon your little rhetorical flourishes and do what's right. Getting rid of this clown in a suit who calls himself doctor and can't protect anyone from his ineptitude as an administrator is the right thing to do. NOW. Holding fast to what your ed reform flow chart says you should say will get people hurt. Terry Ross needs to be sent packing. NOW. 

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  1. Is Rumore losing it? Do we need a Julie Canenaugh?