Friday, May 16, 2014

NYSUT and BTF Are Too Chicken to Protest a Visit from Scary Meryl

Regent Bennett Appears to be Battling Flatulence Again. Madame Tisch Appears to Be Suffering from Tartive Dyskinesia while ASSemblyman Ryan is Simply a Politician and a Wanker. 

We missed a good opportunity today to give Meryl Tisch a little of the Chuck Foreman treatment B-lo is infamous for providing its unwelcome guests. Not that we still have much snow lying around but imaginative folk that we are it seems a suitable substitute projectile could have easily been produced. Rumors began flying Tuesday that Assemblyman Sean Ryan was planning to escort the Dowager Chancellor into School #45 where she could observe all of the unseemly little brown, black and yellow foreigners there trying to NCLB their way into English fluency before the 3 year cut off. I am sure Empress Tisch kept her distance, after all, these weren't her gardeners, pool boys and cleaning ladies so she couldn't be sure they had all of their shots. It struck me and several like me that this would be a great opportunity for our dues collecting union leadership to take advantage of the fact that they are not obliged to be teaching in classrooms during the visit. Ergo maybe they could do a brother a solid and go holler at Tisch, hold up a correctly spelled sign and tell her Common Core blows and so do she and John King. O.k. choose your own pithy epigrams but that one's mine.

Well 2 of my friends emailed our fearless leadership at 271 Porter Ave and received a rousing chorus of e-crickets in response. Another colleague called Edie Lewin personally but Edie yawned and said she really had to wash her hair just then. Phil Rumore manned up courageously and strode into #45 with a roll of BTF stickers handing them with bravado to all the teachers and enjoining them to affix them to their raiment as a fierce show of unity, solidarity and power in the face of the evil doers. My own kids don't even want to play with those goddamned stickers yet Phil thinks we should all cover ourselves in them to scare away the woman married to the Loew's hardware heir. It gets better friends, just wait. I messaged a NYSUT employee and griped that nobody at BTF was giving a rat's ass so maybe they could shake a few branches of the NYSUT tree and dislodge a handful of souls to get on over there and give Meryl some shit for having the temerity to show her miserable beak in our schools after she and he pals in Albany have done everything they can to ruin public education and break teacher unions.

The response was priceless : Sean Ryan (ASSemblyman) is bringing her in to show that the "failing schools" bullshit isn't true. I don't think you want to protest that."

Oh? Don't I? On the contrary, Mr. Out of the Classroom NYSUT dude I sure as shit DO want to protest that fact that she thinks she can stroll into one of our schools without any show of resistance. I want to protest her saying stupid inflammatory shit on her little Tour de Core when she told everyone they needed to calm down and her little talking dummy with the goatee called pissed off parents and teachers "special interests." I want to take her to task for her ridiculous comment that kids needed to jump into the deep end (and fail) so she and her pals could all gloat about how dumb the kids are and how only common core and a steady regimen of high stakes testing will save them and get their equally dumb teachers fired.

" I guess this is why I am still in the classroom" I responded to Mr. NYSUT. Apparently I and my like minded colleagues lack the vision of our non teaching expert class. I don't step aside for a numbnuts like Sean Ryan who has his own agenda and is out to prove God knows what for what political purposes. I do know they are his own though and in no way will they benefit me or anyone in the classroom. No, I am more inclined to ask him who the hell he is that he is going to escort an ill tempered elitist biaaatch like Tisch into one of my district's schools to prove a point. Apparently Phil and Edie are tickled with the election results that threw Do Nothing Iamuzzi out of office and launched Karen Magoo's meteoric career with a big string attached to Mikey Mulgrew from UFT who essentially won her the election with all of his delegates. And as long as Phil is happy and Karen is happy "reconnecting with Commissioner King and Governor Cuomo" I think is how she put it in the NYSUT rag's ridiculous President's message, then I guess we should all be happy too and shut up until we are spoken to.

NYSUT thought it was a great idea to endure a 6 hour bus ride to Lake Placid, stand around for hours in 30 degrees getting rained on and harangued on a goddamned bullhorn of all things by that gaseous phoney troll Randi Weingarten, then climb back on the bus for another 6 hours and call it a Sunday well spent in unionism. They encouraged us to join them and do that. It was THEIR idea. Magoo is calling NYSUT "a member driven union on the march." And I am laughing my ass off at her naivety. You are on the march all right and you are marching just as Mulgrew tells you to. Some members asked you to march and none of you would get up off your dead asses because you didn't want to offend a politician and a millionheiress who hates unions. And as sure as I predicted this before they even held an election, watch and see if NYSUT doesn't find a way to endorse Andrew Cuomo for governor before November.  Our union leadership doesn't represent us. It represents itself and its own selfish interests. They want us to ride 12 hours on a goddamned bus and splash around in a 30 degree downpour but when we all have to go to work teaching and we needed them to show up and raise a little hell they told us who was boss. I am sick of paying union dues so my so called leaders can do as they damned well please, endorse one of the worst possible board members and flatly refuse to act on my behalf. I am sick of phonies pretending to be invested in the interests of workers when all they really care about is advancing their own station on the backs of people whose profession and livelihood is under siege from more directions than we seem able to count these days. The very people we shouldn't be taking shit from, the ones who are paid well to advocate for us and have our backs seem to be working against us more than they are for or with us. This shit needs to stop. I can only hope this post pisses off a few of them half as much as their lameass version of unionism is pissing many of us off. Member driven union on the march, my arse.


  1. True. I called them prior to my protest. They were, duh.....

  2. Brilliant. I'm cross posting on ed notes - I don't want anyone to miss one delicious word.

  3. Once again, you hit the nail directly on the head, but unfortunately not into the ass of Tisch. It's a damn shame that no one at BTF and/or NYSUT gave even a little baby shit in a diaper enough to show and make some noise! This is what WHOMEVER UFT chooses to lead NYSUT leads to - more and more and more of the membership just getting pissed off and in some cases pissed on. And, they wonder why we won't climb on that damn bus for the better part of a 24 hour period of time for ONE HOUR of picketing?? The lack of awareness of ANYONE working north of the Tappan Zee Bridge as a NYSUT member makes me want to spit!!

  4. Thank you Sean. Your anger and wit are much needed.

  5. Funny I wrote this post as I had about 6 different sets of plans I was trying to sort among 3 binders, a grade book half filled and the rest on a legal pad all of which I was scrambling to get into the same place the night before my Principal was due for an end of the year visit. I cringed re-reading the invective laced diatribe I'd laid out a little surprised at the level of anger and frustration I'd unleashed. Worsworth says all poetry is full of the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions so I guess I'll just run with that.
    Norm -- thanks for the exposure. I am glad you and I see things the same way.
    Michelle - thanks for the support. If enough of us keep screaming they are not going to keep pretending we don't matter.
    Patrick - Tiocfaidh ar la.