Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another Greasefire on Long Island - Watch Lil John King and Scary Meryl Get Blown Up by Port Jeff's Union President

Lil John King and Scary Meryl thought they could manipulate the flow of the discussion tonight by screening the participants and handing out golden tickets like some kind of ed reforming Willie Wonkas. No matter how much of the rabble they kept outside, the "conversation" as NYSED Chief and Montessori Dad likes to call it, went on full throttle and firing on all cyllinders. Did either of these two think they'd be reported for child abuse? Did lil John think he'd be called "Ineffective" to his face? Did they expect a teacher to say We're not Failing, You're failing as he stabbed a finger in the air in their direction? Well, to borrow a phrase from Flat Earther Tom Friedman, I'd have to say if they didn't think that then they both suffered a failure of the imagination. Port Jefferson Teacher's Union President Beth Dimino unloads on them both with all the subtlety of Ray Lewis going unblocked on a zone blitz. It's ugly in a really gratifying and lovely way. Port Jeff has a kick ass blog and they suffer no reform fools. Strong showing, brothers and sisters. You are raising the bar for the next Smackdown, errr I mean forum

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                                 And Another Serious Ass Kicking Here

I guess the real question is how many bottles of water can King guzzle and how many times can Scary Meryl adjust that goddamned scarf before either one of them listens to any of what's being said. Do they realize that every time a speaker gets loud and passionate the entire place jumps up out of their seats and gets loud? Every time these two are called out for the misguided, un empathetic, profit driven hacks that they are the audience is energized and erupts in cheering and whistling and furious applause? Do they not grasp the anger and frustration their hubris and their patriarchal, top down bullshit is sparking? A while back Tisch suggested we all just needed to jump in the deep end. Presumably she'd be standing by in a pair of Topsiders sipping a Cosmo while the rabble drowned each other. Well Meryl, welcome to the Deep End. This is the boiling pit you and your pals have cast the entire state into. It appears New York residents from B-Lo to Port Washington are not enjoying the Tisch method of swimming in the deep end with a piano strapped to their backs. Tisch and King are hearing this everywhere they go. The message is LOUD and CLEAR.  Do they just not care? Are they THAT tone deaf? Or are they that ARROGANT they they honestly believe if they allow the proles a few minutes to vent and rage that it will all blow over and they win? The Ministry of Ed Reform has never looked so shaky folks. If you know anything about body language -- and what teacher doesn't ? --Take a good look at these two flop sweating onstage and think about what it says when you put your hands up to your face or cover your mouth with them. Hint: It aint good.


  1. Sean, Your readership is definitely more than 2 now! Congratulations on this quote and citing that I just read on the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association website: Describing Dimino’s words for Tisch, King, and Flanagan, Sean Crowley of B-LoEdScene says “Beth Dimino unloads on them with all the subtlety of Ray Lewis going unblocked on a zone blitz.” He then says that “Port Jeff (we gather he means Port Jeff Station!) has a kick ass blog”. Thank you very much Mr. Crowley, your blog is a kick ass blog as well…. and one every PJSTA member should be reading daily. Keep the truth coming.

    1. Cheers for Port Jeff and for Sean! You are helping many of us keep up - I would not want to have missed those clips. Thanks for the blog - entertaining and informative!

  2. ...and as she flicked her scarf...and glared at the crowd...she hissed to the King..."Let them eat cake!"
    Pretty cold ...

    The folks in in Port Jeff were really great. Thanks .