Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tisch and King : La La La I Can't Hear You...

 In yesterday's post I wondered out loud if Scary Meryl and Lil John were HEARING anything said on the NYSED Not Listening Tour. I Speculated on their arrogance, their cluelessness, the number of twists Meryl has left in that worried ass scarf of hers and the size of Lil John's cloven carbon hoofprint after all those plastic bottles of water he chugged. Can't say much for either of them but they didn't keep me hanging long for an answer. 

Check out the absolutely tin eared doublespeak these two spewed in the wake of yet ANOTHER public pantsing and arse kicking from citizens, parents, teachers and administrators of The Empire State: 

Lil John :

"We'll continue after tonight, as we do after each forum, to reflect and look for opportunities to support the success of the Common Core and the work on teacher and principal evaluations."
 He said the state Department of Education would seek funding in the upcoming budget to help local districts pay for more professional development of teachers.

Let me translate the language of the NYSED/ Cuomosphere for the uninitiated :

reflect : what a car salesman does when he says he's going to bat for you with his manager and comes back in 20 minutes reeking of unregulated rez smokes with exactly the same price but he's taken $20.00 of the undercoating you have all ready refused 3 times.

Look for opportunities to support the success of the Common Core : Since the fucking thing has zero successes we will continue to let you blow off steam for a few more weeks hoping you eventually will get distracted with NFL football gossip, online porn, The Kardashians and Katie Perry's wedding. This is how little we value your "input."

Teacher and Principal evaluations : We have every intention of using our bogus and costly Pearson test data, our Damnielson rubrics, our VAM scores (even though they were originally used to predict how much jelly a given acreage of strawberries might yield and their margin for error approaches 85%) to jack up teachers and admins for 2 years in a row so we can then fire them with impunity. 

help local districts pay for more professional development of teachers: wink, wink, C'mon folks we all know who's gumming up the works here, it's those dumb, lazy teachers who simply aren't up to the rigors of Common Core. So maybe we'll try to smarten them up a tad and pay for some of their training, yeah that's how we roll.

Scary Meryl:

Tisch observed that "rhetoric is very high," and said, "I would urge everyone on both sides to take a breath and listen."

Translation : 

Yes, yes it has come to the attention of the members of the Ministry of Education Reform that some of the prole children have taken to mutilating themselves due to the rigors we are attempting to impose. Shame, that. I do encourage you all to watch the Kardashians, check out the Richie Incognito rant where Shannon Sharpe uses the word "Epitaph" instead of "Epithet" and by all means the MILFS of Manhattan series is not to be missed on pay per view. First Russell Brand and now this guy? Lord, was Mickey Rourke back in rehab? Tch tch, Katie, Katie, Katie... Are we done here? 

So let's be clear. These two are deaf as adders yet lacking their reptilian charm and warmth. They have no stake in listening to a thing any of us has to say. Tisch has all ready played her Rhetoric is high card, likewise with the admonition that we all take a breath. No, Meryl, we can't take a breath because we still haven't figured out yet how to swim in the Deep End you forced us into. So maybe you should listen and maybe you can take a breath. Or better yet, just keep your mouth shut and breathe through your nose instead. Their patrician, top down approach is starting to leave very few options for anyone who'd resist. The notion that these two are somehow no longer serving the citizens of New York and are now dictating to the same citizens is one that needs to be addressed fast. The harder they push their Father Knows Best routine and the narrative that somehow they alone know what's best for kids when they don't have even a rookie's teaching chops between them is outrageous and cannot be tolerated. Diane Ravitch is using the word "Revolution." I wonder what word these two are using tonight. 


  1. Exactly! Thank you for making me laugh . I can't help but imagine if misogynist meryl was tortured as a child to make her hate kids so much. I will never forget her response when a reporter asked her back in April/May about her take on reports of student anxiety related to the tests Her answer? Shrugged and called it. "Productive struggle" Children should have a universal order of protection against her.

  2. Haha, this is good. I like the translations.

  3. Ever notice King John's constant flagellation with his hands when speaking. It drives me nuts. It truly resembles a puppet show--and Princess Meryl is clearly pulling all the puppets strings.

  4. Meryl should wear a coat made of dalmation puppy fur. I'd call her a sociopath.

  5. Ann _ I haven't ever been able to watch more than 5 seconds of him. I get your point thoiugh. He is odious.


  7. Thank you for your discerning taste I will get that money order in the mail as we agreed. You're dead on about the Dowager empress and her little rickshaw ornament too. These two are the comic pinata every smartass dreams of, a bit like having W. Bush or Nixon in the White House. A target rich environment as Norman Schwartzkopf might have described it. Thanks again for dropping by. Peace.