Saturday, September 7, 2013

Post 201 Arne Speaks, Gives His Paw, Rolls Over

O.k. I admit I was tempted to sign off after 200 posts sans lawsuits or disciplinary reviews but that would have been the coward's way out. Instead I am going to follow the sage advice of a local barrister who blogs under the sobriquet Buffalo Pundit and keep the posts more like fortune cookies and less like  dissertations. While I am loathe to embrace the sound bytten digital cognition of the day, there's simply not enough hours in a day to crank out a breathy manifesto every time the Ed Reform Class steps in another of their manure piles of prevarication or PamelaBrownPhDHarvard fails to act, adjusts her pearls instead and gazes into the camera with her signature expression of doltish bemusement that passes for uptown aloofness among the Sorority Minority of Buffalo's Board of Ed. Better to use the scattershot shells often than the daisy cutter every two weeks I gesse, as Geoffrey Chaucer might have said. 

A few thoughts :

Arne the Dolt Duncan has determined after reading a study that teen agers have stuff in their brains that makes them different from other people. In fact they would learn better if they started school later in the day. Well Arne, the idiotic corporate fueled policies of you and your appointer President Obama have caused a nationwide revolt against high stakes testing. Your Common Corporate Standards are being forced down the throats of teachers, admins, kids and parents without any kind of field testing and are being met with resistance from Americans of every political stripe imaginable -- Michelle Malkin and Diane Ravitch agreeing on more than they disagree if that can be believed. You are doing your best to starve public education by handing over control of education funds to petty Shetland tyrants like John King the politically appointed Commissioner of NYSED and avowed enemy of public education. So with all of those flaming chainsaws in the air Arne do you think it speaks well of your "leadership" that you've staggered to the podium to cite studies that have been around at least since 1996?  (likely longer but  that's the furthest back I could find in a 2 minutes google blizzard.) And as if that's not enough of a non sequitur, Arne has courageously asked local districts to look into allowing teens to start their school day later. Not that he's offering any funding to accommodate the contractual complications this re-structuring will incur nor is he offering any incentives to districts who are willing to take a chance on a later start and later quit. No, good old jumpshot Arne, Obama's favorite ball polisher, must have stood in front of a mirror for a second and seen his undeniable irrelevance like Nixons' five o'clock shadow. Sadly for the big doofus though, this mindless ejaculation only serves to make the case that he has no point and serves the corporate masters who placed him in his office  with instructions to await orders and keep his mouth shut. I think I understand why now. What next Arne, should the kids eat peppermints and drink water on exam days? Wanna outlaw Dodgeball? 

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