Thursday, August 22, 2013

Come Again When You Can't Stay So Long...

The Ed Reformer in Chief came to Buffalo today and sad to say was apparently unheckled, uninterrupted, un-mic checked and unmolested. That he came here at all is something of a question mark and believe me I am in such a no fucking mood I can't even be bothered to find out whose campaign he was kicking off or what local Dumbocrats got a warm fuzzy and wood posing alongside the big doofus.  

 You have to wonder what bunch of gulls were eager to sit in Alumni Arena of my Alma Mater and listen to his bollocks for a minute let alone an hour. Other than the neo liberal get tough on social issues and unions crowd I am baffled that this houseboy for the American Corporate Plantation can get anyone to come listen to a second of his shite. He's appeased and appeased and appeased and been given a seat at the servant's table every time the Republicans get a chance to kick him in the teeth. He's all kinds of tough on poor pathetic cross dressing Bradly Manning throwing the book at him for exposing stuff like this Apache driveby in Baghdad that vaporized 2 legitimate journalists with families. But when it comes to the wanksters of Wall St. he and  Dumberica's number two House Negro Eric Holder just can't seem to find an indictment with both hands. Larry Summers, in fact, a free wheeling de-regulator, white collar criminal of the worst order and facilitator of the global economic meltdown is likely to be nominated as Obama's Treasury Secretary in a few weeks. 

Aside from allying himself with assholes like Summers and Rahm Emanuel, President Obama has also demonstrated a penchant for reaching across the aisle to hold hands with  the worst union hating and teacher attacking bozos like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. His circle of friends includes people like Chicago Hyatt Hotel billionheiress Penny Pritzker whom he is trying to wedge into his cabinet as Commerce Secretary. Penny is famous for mistreating the help in all of her hotels and trying to screw them out of a living wage while standing by drooling as dozens of Chicago public schools were closed and she was given TIF funds (meant for education) to build another new hotel. 

President Obama asked for teachers and union members to vote for him and the first time a sad number of us weren't reading the fine print and we did. The second time around he sent looney old Joe Biden to Chicago to beat the bushes for teacher votes and Old Joe was clobbered with Stop RtTT leaflets. He returned to Washington most likely as tonedeaf and dumb as he was when he arrived in Chicago and assured his Executive Sellout that everything was in place. And now the guy who asked union people, workers and teachers to vote for him then stabbed us all in the back as he served drinks and sandwiches to his white billionaire masters on the Ed Reform Express is coming around singing a sad song about those bad Republicans who won't let him play ball. 

They are repulsive make no mistake but Republicans have never pretended to be anything but the nasty racist profit grubbing whores they really are. They've always shilled for Industry and attacked workers with gusto. Never did a Republican make me think he might be my team mate and if I went with him he'd look out for my interests. Barack Obama on the other hand pretended he was one of us or at least knew what we were talking about. He played that self made populist fiddle with his single mom with cancer and his brilliant scholarship backed educational accomplishments. He really talked some shit but what pisses so many of us off in the end is that's all it was, just shit. 

He deformed "National Schools Week" into  "Charter Schools Week" flipping a big straight finger at the thousands of teachers who go into some of the most desperate and deprived areas every day in hope of reaching another kid. He let us know he's about Harlem Success and Kipp and Green Dot. Chicago, Philly, L.A. N.Y.C. and Buffalo Public Schools can all go suck it. And what do you know but our own be-pearled Superintendent and educational donut hole PhD Pamela Brown her own self actually told the little bespectacled goatee in Albany she'd be late answering his dog whistle cause she wanted to hear the POTUS speak. Is Pammy so daft that she doesn't even realize Obama agrees with Lil John King about people like her who think public education is a worthwhile and noble engagement? Poor, poor Pam, she doesn't even realize she's not invited and there she is in her pearls and sun hat wondering when her photo op is coming. 

In a footnote to this rant I will add that I threw out an open invite to mic check Obama on the so called Badass Teachers page on FB. One girl asked what a mic check (watch the video StandUpChicago! are the kings of the mc)  was and another snarked me from Cali telling me she'd come if I paid for her trip. Loser. No repsonse however from any of our vocal local BATS who seem to think getting more than 20 feet away from their keyboards to actively engage in some hell raising in real time is simply not worth their badass time. I agree the group needs to change it's name not because Badass Teachers offends me but because there are no more than a handful of real badasses in the 25K claimed membership. Plenty of wind whistling through the bat cave though. All talk and no ass as Coach Dickerson liked to say. Peace friends. 

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