Monday, March 4, 2013

Carl Paladino Charter School Champion

Charter School Advocate Carl Paladino Readies to Run for  the B-lo Board of Education Shove Over Flo Jo

What could be better for public education that Carl Paladino embracing the charter schools with a big bone crushing bearhug, you know like the one he gave his former punching bag Mayor Byron Brown recently now that BB has handed his development company a huge waterfront contract? 

Imagine all the Elmwood Village Charter hipsters cringing in their Patagonias and smelly peruvian wool hats from El Buen Amigo at the sound Carl Paladino spouting off on their behalf and touting charter sleeper agent Jason McCarthy as the only Board of Ed member who "thinks for himself" and "isn't in somebody's pocket." Well McCarthy didn't get any campaign funds from BTF but he was happy to accept a donation from Buffalo Niagara Partnership as well as an undisclosed amount from a Democrats for Ed Reform front group whose donations Mary Pasciak herself reported "eclipsed both BTF and Buffalo Niagara Partnership." While BTF and Buffalo Niagara Partnership expected to donate about 10K to the various candidates, the D4EdReform splinter group pumped in closer to $50K.  In Paladinovision you are a free thinker and standing on your own size 12s if you accept money from hedge fund millionaires trying to privatize public schools and make a profit off them while hiring clueless noobs as teachers and administrators who will eat shit for 8 hours a day and work for a bushel of firewood and a left hook.  Can't you just hear the American eagle's wings flapping proudly over this 21st century tableau of marked cards capitalism? 

So Carl loves him some charter schools as he explained in his frothing memo to Channel 4, Channel 2, Channel 7 the fat guy out front of the Arabian store in the  First Down coat and practically anyone else on earth starved enough for an interminable PDF to open it and read his rantings.  Feel free to read it HERE.  I only made it about 1/3 of the way through but remember as you drag yourself to the conclusion that this man LOVES charter schools. Somewhere in the Elmwood Village now a balding hipster sitting at the wheel of his hybrid is tapping his toe to the new Jamie Cullum, twisting his Georgetown U. ring  anxiously and praying this is all just a really bad dream.


  1. Sorry to the troll on duty but this blog doesn't allow trollnonymous remarks. If you wanna speak up do what i do and say who you are. If you can't commit to that then I can't commit to listening to you or exposing either of my readers to you. P.S. show me a link to Rumore saying "it's all about the children" Nice try with the Phil rumore straw man but he's a union guy and leaves the children to the teachers. He never said that anywhere. You forgot the cosmetics rider too. Bye.

  2. Compare and contrast:
    Here is a comment from a Buffalo reader on the article from the link above, who, after reading Carl's nonsense, writes this:

    "It would be great to see Paladino on the school board."

    Now here are two remarks from the Daily News article about Carl:

    "Just give Carl a club, some raw meat and a cave to sleep in and maybe he will go away. PLEASE!!!!!!"
    "oh no, not this republican shameless fool again."

  3. It will be interesting to watch Carl when the Charterizers open schools with his help, then toss him aside. He doesn't realize that once they open a Charter school, the public ( including hiz own self), has no say over what happens unless they have children in the school and...they are "chosen" for the school's "board".

    The State Ed Dept. is so swamped with paper work that they have NO TIME to overseee the how Charters use their money, whom they buy supplies from, what the curriculum is, and on and infinitum.

    The Chameleons have middle fingers too. Watch their obeisance and supplication turn into "up yours" as soon as the ink is dry on the permission slip that opens their pocket books and gives them a building.

    Carl will be a great guy until they don't need him anymore, then he turns back into a croaking frog. Do chameleons eat frogs for lunch?. Wouldn't surprise me.

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