Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm Mad As Hell Too Carl. Naah I'm Actually Laughing My Arse Off

Nothing says "I want to join the Buffalo Board of Education like getting das boot from one of their meetings. Carl Paladino played an extended remix of his turd in the punchbowl drum solo by declaring his candidacy for the Board of Ed then savaging them verbally and being shown the door by security. Hilariously, he has revealed his number one priority as a Board member as getting rid of Phil Rumore as the President of the BTF. When Mrs. Kapsiak declared him to be out of order he shot back You're out of order. Not sure if she followed up with an I know you are but what am I? But it would have been awesome. Now I'm no lawyer as Carl is but unless something has changed Board members have about as much say in the selection of BTF President as I do in picking out Flo Jo's outfits when the girls go a conferencing in sunny places.  True to his broken clock Modus Operandi however Mr. Paladino did zero in on the conditions of the Math Science School or whatever they're calling it these days. It will always be Seneca in my imagination. When I subbed there in the mid 80's I wrote my name on the board and was met with a howl of delight from the local satanists who took great pride in attending a school whose address was 666 East Delevan and had the mark of the beast in its phone number as well.  Duuuude, croaked one shaggy lad, are you like related to Alaister Crowley or something? Ahhh poor uncle Al says I to their delight. But that was a different time and nowadays the devil appears to be in their sewer pipes as teachers and kids are feeling woozy, light headed and nauseous from the bad air in the place. Hard to say how Barbara Nevergold and Lou Petrucci are to blame for the problems on site but Carl is naming heads who should roll and accusing them of being in bed with Ciminelli the contractor who has built every dog house, municipal parking ramp and tanning salon in B-lo over the past 500 years. O.k. maybe some scab outfit threw up a hotdog stand or a bluebird house or two but no more than that. So the guy flames the board, the head of plant services and tosses out a mental image of the guy bunking with the construction magnate all before earning one vote from his constituents. And as he is shown the door he manages a No, you are! at the current board president. This is why so many members of the comedy writers guild were lighting candles and saying rosaries that Mitt Romney would win the election. I wonder if Carl re-issue those Harley Davidson color schemed bumper stickers for the Board race? Between being Mad as Hell and getting in Post hack Fred Dicker's grill with an offer to "take you out" the governor's race was a comedy writer's wet dream. I heard last time he was in Albany he actually strolled past Dicker in a glass walled studio doing a radio show and flipped him the bird. Goddam this might be just too much fun. No word yet from Michael Caputo on managing this campaign but something tells me it's not in the stars.  And with Lou Petrucci bowing out of another run there appears to be nobody in god's own acre of South Buffalo dumb enough to run against Carl, his money or his incredible cistern of rage. In the words of Van Miller, fasten your seatbelts...


  1. This is worth watching! And my condolences in advance to the folks in South Buffalo.

  2. California DreaminMarch 1, 2013 at 7:34 AM

    School board election. OK, people. It is time to get serious. I was at a fundraiser for Ralph Hernadez tonight. We have 2 vacancies for sure. Petrucci and Kapsiak aren't running. WE NEED TO GET ORGANIZED. There were a bunch of teachers at this fundraiser. It was indicated that Paladino owns this next election. He is funding an Hispanic woman NAMED HERNANDEZ to run against Ralph.

    Ralph at least has an open ear for teachers.

    This is a very important board election. IT IS IMPERATIVE WE GET INVOLVED. He knows the issues and wants to work with us.


  3. Thanks Dub, always good to hear from you.

    Cali - It's ironic almost a FOX News principle at work that a millionaire is playing this Neo Populist card to rev up all of the yahoos in B-lo, and their numbers are legion, playing to all of their baser instincts, hating on Phil the pampered union guy, the black board members, the idea that Ivory Tower dwellers are living large on the public dime, etc etc . Talking the astroturf grassroots game out of one side of his mouth as he uses his millions to buy this election. Yet none of the I'm mad as hell too Carlers make the connection that a rich guy with his own agenda has them calling for blood and heads to roll. It's a page right out of the FreedomWerkz or Heritage Foundation playbook but instead of the Koch Brothers it's a local rich guy.

  4. California Dreaming,
    Thanks to you and the others who attended Ralph's fundraiser. Yes, Ralph's fundraiser could be considered "grassroots" fundraising, asking his constituents to help him financially. This approach differs radically from Mr. Paladino's approach, which is to purchase a seat for himself and any others willing to be his stooges on the Board of Education.
    Thank you also, California, (may I call you California? Mr. Crowley immediately went to the VERY familiar "Cali". A bit "forward", yes?) for reporting back to the readers here. It will be very important for the voting public to have as much information about the School Board elections as possible. The candidates have until the beginning of April to officially declare and have paperwork completed. The elections will be held at the beginning of May. NOT MUCH TIME! But enough time for UNinformed voters to be bamboozled by millionaires throwing their weight ($$$) around.
    I urge voters and others interested in the future of public education in Buffalo to perk up and attend some of the public campaign meetings that will be happening. Commit to becoming informed. Demand transparency in funding. All of the candidate information is public and available.
    Oh, and don't keep your opinions to yourself! Take a minute and post your findings here at B-loedscene. This grassroots source is NOT connected to Wilmers, Paladino, or any of the other New Market Tax Credit fiends.
    And one more note. I am NOT laughing my arse off at Carl Paladino. I'm actually mad as hell that he will be turning one of the most important Boards in our city into a clown show. He is on many BOARDS in Buffalo due to his real estate holdings and deep pockets. He is considered by most of those business Boards as a presence to be endured, a tragic thorn in the side of progress.
    From: Pineapple Hare

  5. Carl echoes the privatization malarky because everyone in his circle is wealthy and listens to their "friends" who are convinced that the amount of money in their bank accounts is in direct proportion to their IQ.

    No tich guy in Western NY is listening to lowly teachers, and poor kids in the city are mostly invisible to them.

    They do listen to other lawyers and businessmen at the table. SO, we need a sharp attractive confident woman to take him to lunch and start a dialogue about real reform. She would have to laugh at his jokes, and hide her chagrin when he makes insensitive sexist remarks. He might listen,but remember that he is a product of his age group, and that is where his internalized "manhood" comes from...when he grew up is where his brain is. ( Where everyone's brain is ...).Guys his age are ballsy because they want you to know that they still have a functionaal "set".
    Anyone want to volunteer for this hazardous duty?
    (I'm too old and wrinkly.)

    1. Peg,
      You have outdone yourself with this one! Thankfully, I also am too old and wrinkly for Carl, so do not feel that I need to put myself on the lines for "the cause". I do not think my prickly pineapple outer shell would attract an old goat like Carl. But if I were a younger lass, with a brain, I might be willing to lead him around by his "set" and divert his attention away from the campaign. I am sure it could be easily accomplished.
      Thanks for the laugh du jour.

  6. Old RepresentativeMarch 2, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    I echo Pineapple's (may I call you Pineapple?) comments--we all need to attend the candidate Q&A public sessions and grill the candidates and then report back to this blog. It is imperative.

    On another note, I heard from a very reputable source that Wilmers never paid that $100,000 to the Board of Ed for the superintendent search that unearthed JAWS. Why would we ever even think of doing a deal with that guy again? Does anyone else have more information about this? Why isn't this public news that the money was never even paid!

  7. Pineapple,
    Actually, you would be perfect! Very smart, great looking, young enough, ( can't have a college student), conversant on the issues...perfect!
    Your subsequent resume could include "lobbyist".

    I think he would pay for lunch because privately he is a gentleman. ( My brother told me that he's a nice guy with strong convictions like all the "mature citizens" who frequent the downtown eateries.)
    Sooo, "GO Girl!"

  8. Regarding Pasciak being yanked from the Liveblogging I know she emails teachers but she and I are not seeing eye to eye so I am the last person to ask her. I would suggest anyone who's ever exchanged words with her to ask though. In spite of her charter/reformer agenda of late she was pretty forthright and accessible back when bringing down JAWS was on the top of the list. Or if we all inquire every time we drop a comment on the News they are eventually going to say something.