Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You KNOW This Guy

O.k. loyal readers my research team really isn't funded to do everything so I have no idea how old either of you are. Mom, I have you down as a 1925 birthday so that puts you in the bracket who probably needs this little in-service.

Between my students and my own kids I have been introduced to the world of internet memes peopled by such personalities as Bad Luck Brian - Narrowly escapes Hiroshima, takes first train to Nagasaki; Good Guy Greg, outruns the meter maid to drop a quarter in for a stranger; Annoying facebook Girl, friend requests you, never says anything to you ever. I have to admit I have developed a fondness for the whole meme thang and above all a character known by the wholly apt moniker : Scumbag Steve. 

Steve is that guy in the study hall of the mainly black school who attempts to blow up the teacher and earn the respect of the non white kids all around him who are thinking maybe be might just be catching an ass whipping after school if he keeps it up. Steve is shameless, a mooch, a chiseler, a toilet non flusher, a liar, a mama's boy who acts hard, a poser, a fake and a punk. Hard not to love him. 

What's even better is Steve is a template. He serves a springboard for so many of the people we neet every day in and out of Eduland that really can't be described as anything other than scumbags. It'ds possible to create your own scumbag characters as one may download a graphic of Steve's hat that can be placed atop any given scumbag with a minimum of photshoppery. I think you might see where this is going... stay tuned. 

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