Saturday, February 11, 2017

Betsy Devos Gets the Bum's Rush

If you haven't seen this yet and I doubt you haven't it's worth another look.

Betsy Devos tried to sneak in the back door of a school in Washington D.C. and was headed off by what looks like about 5 protestors. The crowd was reported to be made up of retired teachers and parents. What's great about this is that none of these people had a voice as Devos smirked and played stupid cat and mouse games with Tim Kaine as he pressed her to answer a question about funding and disabled students. Nobody was able to yell Are you fucking kidding me?! as Devos tried to bullshit Al Franken about where she stood on the debate of proficiency vs growth. 

It was painfully clear she had no idea what he was talking about yet she tried to play the glib bullshitter the way the guy who appointed her did yesterday with no translating earpiece nodding and pretending to understand Japanese. Nobody got to stand up blasting an air horn and slapping a pair of pimp shades on Elizabeth Warren as she pantsed Devos on her complete lack of anything resembling experience running a student loan department. The GOP Senators pretended not to notice how obscenely incompetent and unqualified she came across and they were voting for her if she walked out in a grizzly bear costume firing a potato gun. They really didn't care what she said or how stupid she looked. The deal was done.  

When the people are kept out of the government and billionaires are able to buy their way into it there is going to be some shit. This door blockade is only the first of what promises to be a withering and relentless storm of blowback from the disenfranchised, the pissed off and the tired of standing by and being bent over by billionaires. I don't think Betsy is going to be much of a quick learner either. A day after she'd been chased away from the back door and ushered past an array of dumpsters she hops on twitter trying to be funny asking where she can find the pencils. 

The results were hilariously predictable:

 I don't know, maybe go to a public school and get one?

Nasty Woman

Easy DFeb 8
 Why don't you buy some pencils like you bought off your confirmation?
Feb 8
 probably next to your bible and cross. Let's make America dumb and religious again right?
Regulos McScribblesFeb 8
   thank you for siding with corrupt billionaires over America's children. Stay classy.

What's great about Betsy's rough start is it reminds me of another incompetent hand picked hack who ended up pissing Andrew Cuomo off so badly that he traded him to Washington DC for a box of copying paper and some white out. She will be terrible and I expect she will handle pressure and criticism terribly. The last we can do is keep her in the spotlight. As teachers we comfort the afflicted. In this case we also need to afflict the comfortable. 

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