Monday, April 11, 2016

Corporate Ed Reform High MisTakes Testing Stooges Are Losing Their Minds

As we pause for a breath during the eye of the test and punish hurricane here in The Empire State, the advocates of High Mistakes Testing appear to have completely lost their minds. Commissioner Elia's lame, half-hearted attempt to charm parents and kids into the test and punish trap has failed miserably for obvious reasons. Elia's game is not the carrot but the stick. It's why you never saw Rob Ray skating on the power play. Enforcers don't score goals and goons don't sweet talk people with specious evidence of a Kinder Gentler Test and Punish paradigm. Hell hath no fury like a Commissioner scorned and like Caesar's murdered ghost, Elia has given the order to "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of ed reform!"

B-Lo's very own DPCC front man Sam Radford, fresh from what had to be an excruciating morning last week of listening to Bronx Principal Jamaal Bowman speak on the Opt Out movement, is tweeting some off the hinges stuff that is so childishly racist that it's almost hard to be offended by his nonsense. The fact that Principal Bowman is not white and works in the decidedly urban setting of NYC should have given our friend Sam some information to contradict the racial profiling he embraces in his tweetery. But alas...

Now if a white suburban Opt Out activist tweeted "It's that time of year again when urban non whites collaborate with the corporate ed reform machinery..." Can you imagine for one second the shitstorm that would ensue? The outrage and the offense would be off the charts. #Hashtaggery and uproar would surely ensue and possibly even a call for porta potties and medical staffing. But Sam knows he is safe to throw all of the incendiary racial bombs he pleases. He's made a pretty successful career of it and nobody wants to wade into the trap of calling out the Angry Black Man no matter how racist and lacking in credibility his remarks are. The fact remains however, you can smell the desperation of the pro testing camp as they sink lower and lower in their attempt to stomp out the momentum of the Refuseniks. 

And just when you thought the Buffalo News couldn't get any more shrill or absurd who comes along but corporate ed reform's favorite sorority sister Tiffy Lankes with an editorial so ridiculously stupid and so fraught with the kind of lamebrain theorizing most of us remember from dorm room bong sessions -- it kind of reminds me of Badger and Skinny Pete arguing about the plausability of killing Zombie Nazis on Call of Duty. Tiffy theorizes the Opt Out movement is backed by those lousy non compliant Gen Xers who were all the scourage of American Society before these horrid millennials arrived on the scene late and unprepared with no work ethic and an entitled air. What's really priceless about Tiffy's Op Ed -- she claims to be a journalist but spends most of her so called professional life writing badly disguised anti teacher editorials -- is the accompanying photograph. As Tiffy points an accusing finger at Generation X her editorial butts up against a photograph of an Opt Out rally whose participants appear to be more members of the Second Greatest Generation or Baby Boomers than Xers. 

And if a real writer was going to play with this idea a little she might even consider that Baby Boomers, the former radicals who espoused Making Love Not War and Ending the Draft not to mention Dropping Out and Turning On might be genetically predisposed to jump at a chance to tell the man to kiss their ass cause my kid's not taking your filthy test. But Tiffy isn't wired that way or at least her editors aren't going to allow that kind of wiring to show up on their motherboard. Combine this foul ball with Rod Watson's pathetic attempt at humor in his "I am opting out of work letter to Warren Buffet" (hilarious too that a clown who writes one crappy column every 7 days has the balls to accuse anyone else of a shoddy work ethic)  and you have a pretty solid read on how little good news the corporate ed reform movement has. They have squat so in place of anything good to say about their cause they are inbreeding fiction with speculation in a desperate attempt to create a kind of disingenuous upbeat cant. But nobody's buying it. 

Round two is coming and we have already been promised there are more gaffes and errors ahead. Yeah in case you missed it Day2 of ELA was yet another case of a test corporation taking $30+ million to create tests and to date they have been unable to do so without screwing up.  If the ed reformers and their cheerleaders didn't like the Opt Out numbers for ELA tests they are really going to feel the agitas when the Math Refusal numbers come out. Keep those ipads charged Tiff and Sam, a bunch of billionaires and their lackey politicians will be counting on you to spin their angst away by the end of next week.

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