Tuesday, November 10, 2015

NYSED Commissoner Elia Fires a Shot Heard Round the World. And B-Lo Will Answer.

You Tell Me

Well it didn't take long for the forces of corporate ed reform to fire their first volley at B-Lo Public Schools. Fresh from burying Hillsborough County Florida's school system in a $20-$40 million dollar hole after a Faustian deal with Bill Gates, MaryEllen Elia has been subcontracted to do more damage on a much wider scale here in the Empire State. Isn't it interesting the way the ed reform class shuffles its muscle from place to place until they end up beetling over their base as Barbara Byrd Bennett did in Chicago. Looks like B3 is headed to the Stoney Lonesome. Curious to see if she gets paroled before Elia gets yet another brown parachute, this time from New York State. 

And here in B-Lo we are under fire from another carpetbagger in the form of one Kriner Ca$h, a guy who publicly bragged that he has a stash of F.U. money, that he never even asked for the job, said you'd have to be crazy to want the job. He shamelessly refused to even buy a house here claiming essentially that everyone knows he'll only be here for a minute so why bother investing in anything like pretending to be a part of the community. That Elia recommended this fool and that the so-called "teacher friendly" Board Minority voting block welcomed him with batted lashes and flushed cheeks, knowing full well what he's all about, pretty much condemned us to the fate Elia has delivered. So please remember to keep them at arm's length and ignore any of their hogwash to the contrary, they welcomed this and approved it whole heartedly. 

Again it's not so much our enemies in education that we need to keep on eye on as much as the shape shifters who pretend to be our friends. When I heard the Board Minority members gushing and giggling over how fortunate we were to have this jackass with the Rhett Butler moustache deign to pay us a visit I knew we were toast. And if you just unravel things a little further you have our dear Democrats in Albany whom NYC blogger Arthur Goldstein has indelibly dubbed "The Heavy Hearts Club." They all wept into their hankies just a little then voted for sociopath Andrew Cuomo's anti teacher pogrom laced budget saying things like It really hurt me to vote for it so I voted for it. 

And once upon a time the sad sacks of Working Families Party got this wild hair up their arse that they might just grow a set and throw in with renegade candidate Zephyr Teachout for Governor. Well we all know how that ended, with UFT/Unity UberSlug Mulgrew among others actively working against WFP and colluding with other  "labor" goon squads to date rape WFP into submission and capitulation ending in a disingenuous and hollow endorsement of Cuomo. High on our list of backstabbing "friends" there's AFT Empress for Life Randi Weingarten who glibly robocalled on behalf of Kathy Hochul and Cuomo doing her best lawyerly parsing of the betrayal claiming that she wasn't calling on behalf of Cuomo but just for Hochul. I am reminded of Bill Clinton in Lewinskean disgrace saying something to the effect of "define is." It didn't fly then and it didn't fly when Weingarten did it either. You robocalled for the Cuomo ticket Randi. Take Dr. Phil's advice and "own it." Lest we forget our cautious, trembling duelling retirement do nothings of NYSUT. While Rome burns they videotape each other doing the Nae Nae. They send bold e-blasts around the state. They make strongly worded calls to The White House. They are a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

I read on the internets the other day that CTU in Chicago has taken a little survey of its teachers and they have concluded that 97% of them are ready to strike. When Karen Lewis says we are going to strike everyone knows what that means. It's not idle chatter and it's not a ploy. It's for real. I wonder if BTF can put down the NYUST Lilliputians of Labor handbook long enough to borrow a page from Karen Lewis. 

The longer we act powerless, the longer we allow these carpetbaggers and hacks to call the tune and we dance the Nae Nae to it, the longer we remain powerless dancing to their tune. I think I've had about enough of it being Kriner Cash's and MaryEllen Elia's and Carl and Larry's way. If not now, When? If not us Who? Buffalo is currently at Ground Zero of the Ed Reform war on public education. 

What are we going to do about it? 

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