Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NYSUT Fakes the High Road. Again.

An anti Cuomo demonstration scheduled for this afternoon was cancelled by the beatific souls of NYSUT on the pretext that it might be bad form for teachers to be seen hectoring Gubner Andy while his significant other was undergoing "serious cancer surgery." All things being equal, I'd take my hat off to such a high minded gesture. But things are far from equal in NYSUTlandia. Remember these are some of the same compassionate slobs who willingly signed off on a campaign poster that came within a bad haircut of claiming Mark Grisanti supported domestic violence.

Remember this one?

I think we all know even the most invertebrate scumbag politician we can imagine -- with the possible exception of Scot Walker -- couldn't be accused of standing up for domestic abuse. Yet somehow the forbearing pneuma of NYSUT saw fit to create this impression of a guy whose biggest sin among his formerly conservative base was voting in favor of same sex marriage. 

And as long as we're just a couple of friends having a chaw and a cuss out on the back porch let's also assume that someone had probably figgered out the Gubner wasn't even coming to B-Lo anyway but his toothy stand in, his charter school loving Lieutenant would be making the trip in his stead. 

Don't Steal Possible, Just Privatize It! 

Oh you remember Kathy Hochul don't you? She's the one  on whose behalf Randi Weingarten was making robocalls when it appeard Zephyr Teachout and running mate Tim Wu were gaining ground in the primary race. Kathy has soooo many friends. Here's another one a lot of us are familiar with and in spite of the fact that Hochul's running mate has savaged teachers and the profession worse than any other single person in New York State, this NYSUT guy just couldn't bring himself to go against her. 

He just wishes Cuomo would listen to educators. But we know he doesn't. Instead he listens to his wealthy donors who are heavily invested in the privatization of public schools. If wishes were ponies we'd all have a ride wouldn't we now Mick????? So let's just can the high road bluster and the high minded rhetoric and be honest for once in our lives shall we. I'm leaning strongly toward the notion that someone from our the party great friends the Democrats made a quick phonecall or fired off a text and said you're not protesting in Buffalo today. To which our tremulous allies in NYSUT responded with a courageous acquiescent squeak of ascent.  As The Dude says to his bartender friend at the Bowling Alley in The Big Lebowski, Friends like these huh, Gary? Right Dude. 

Do we look as dumb as you think we are NYSUT? 

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