Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Look Who Just Tried to Pop His Head Out!

This Mofo 

"As the air to a bird or the sea a fish," writes William Blake,  "so is contempt to the contemptible."

With that in mind I can't allow an attempted surfacing of Assemblyweasel Sean Ryan to pass unmolested. As I'm sure you recall it was Ryan who escorted Dragon Empress Tisch and now deposed Regentus Flatulentus Ole Bob Bennett into School #45 where Tisch held up an imperious palm and demanded silence from the dithering oaf  Ryan who'd tried to say something nice about Buffalo. The scenario had the air of a Prole being muzzled with a withering glare by a bureaucrat from The Ministry of Information or The Cowardly Lion being bullied into silence by "the man behind the curtain" depending on your frame of reference. Either way it was a disgusting show of spinelessness from yet another of our great "friends" we keep making it rain for with our VoteCope funds.

Surely you recall a pretty large handful of local bigmouths sat up on their haunches when it was announced that the cigarette heiress (by injection yes but still) was bringing her act to town. I emailed our great ally and stalwart NYSUT hand Monsieur Deeley asking for reinforcements from his ranks to show up and at least hurl a few raspberries at Tisch or heckle her with signs and a bullhorn. 

The appearance was to take place during school hours when jerks like us are all busy being ineffective, shopping on our iphones and putting our feet up while our students hemorrhage and fail in the aisles. Some other souls emailed Phil Rumore and Edie asking for similar backup and bodies to make a show against Tischy, informing her that she is not welcome here in the rain or on a train or in a box or with a fox. The others were met with crickets from BTFHQ on Porter Ave and I was chided by Big Mike for being something of a dolt. Ryan is going to show Tisch that all of the talk about Buffalo failing is bullshit, said the VoteCoper4Life. "Why would we want to protest that?" And silly me I thought he had me. Shows what I know I think I said to the ceiling but suspecting I wasn't really all that dumb and the truth remained to be seen.

Sure enough, the only resistance the two of them faced in Buffalo had nothing to do with anyone connected to our union affiliates lifting a damned finger. Instead it was anti-privatization gadfly and educational loose cannon Mad Myke OBowen on the front lines flinging invective along with fistfuls of monopoly cash in their yellowing bridgework calling them out for betraying our kids and selling them out to Pearson.

But I digress.

Last we heard of the muzzled one he was timidly squeaking up to vote a big cowardly, salad tossing YES to Sheriff Andy Cuomo's piece' d' resistance of anti teacher pogroms aka the 2015 state budget. Yes, Roquefort Ryan was one of Sargeant Cuomo's Heavy Hearts Club Band described so eloquently by Arthur Goldstein of They all held their noses, wept a little into their hankies, several fainted and were given mint juleps and let out of their heavy hoop skirts but in spite of their acute cardio gravatus they all managed to get in line like good little mice and do as they were told by sociopath Governor Andrew Cuomo, Esq. 

Apparently this little mouse doesn't think anyone here in B-Lo is paying any attention to the way he's voting. He should know that teachers study behavior and learn a lot from it even if it's the from the simplest of invertebrates. And now that he's embarrassed himself being shushed by the shrewish little rich broad and been bullied at the voting box by Mean Andy, Assemblyweasel Ryan thinks it's a good time to come up from the root cellar and declare how happy and a little proud he is that the wind stopped blowing. quotes Ryan as he questions the Wealthy White Men's Advocacy Group aka The Board Majority on how they plan to search for a new Superintendent. Actually he questions the entire board but we all know the 2FacedDumbocrat seeking donations from gullible teacher types always takes the suck up route which in this case would involve siding with the minority. Here is what came out of him:

"The inability of the district to conduct a proper search gives me pause and makes me wonder -- can the board actually conduct its basic functions?", said Ryan.
As for mayor control of the city school district, Ryan is still not saying if he would support mayoral control of the district. "It's a question mark now. There's no details being provided. It's too broad and it's conceptually -- it can mean anything," stated Ryan. Ryan says proposed legislation by Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples Stokes for mayoral control has not been field in Albany."   

Once again Ryan comes out cheering for a search, the equivalent of nominating the Pope for Man of the Year honors in the College of Cardinals. Then he chickenshits on saying where he stands on Byronic Control of the School Board. Finally, more of trying to tie himself to something positive by saying nobody in Albany has acted on Peoples Stokes resolution to Byronize the Board. I guess it could be worse, it could be a resolution to Bryonize the Board which many with the sense God gave them see as one in the same.

To summarize: Can it Skippy. Nobody needed your 2 cents on the Superintendent search as we all know what Lars, Carl the Churl and Gateway Jim, aka "Fatman" are about. So why don't you twiddle on back to Albany and see if you can find Scary Meryl. Ask her for your ball back since she stuck it in her purse when Mad Mike powdered her nose with a handful of orange $500.00 bills as she was clambering into her black Suburban. We need less of guys like Squeaky trying to crowd the stage, grab the mic and spew empty promises and applause lines at us then betraying us before the cock even crows once. If you can't be a man Monday morning Assemblyman, don't come slithering around on a Friday afternoon thinking a couple of free drinks is going to make everyone forgive and forget. We watch how you vote and you voted like a coward. Aint nobody forgetting that any time soon. 


  1. Well said! -signed #3

  2. For what they're paying me the least I can count on is loyalty among my vast readership. Much appreciated trois.

  3. I'm still in shock that UFT Prez Mike Mulgrew thanked the Heavy Hearts. A large problem with them is they seem to have the blessing of our union leadership. Karen Magee hemmed and hawed a little, but rumor is they're kicking her upstairs come 2017. Likely they want someone more in the, "Thank you sir, may I have another?" frame of mind.

    Thanks for the mention!

  4. I am hearing they like the stoop shouldered cut of Marty the Mess's jib.