Saturday, February 21, 2015

Send Your Own Message : Dump Bennett, Appoint John Licata

Well friends, once again NYSUT "leadership" is wafting its message down from on high to the small folks and once again it makes about as much sense as their hashtag/text blast/ button wearing campaign. Get this: we are being told by the great minds who created the Grisanti Loves Domestic Abuse ad

 (as well as this ad that couldn't even spell Ranzenhofer correctly)

Did Someone Hire their 7th Grade Kid to Whip this Hit Piece Up? 

that we are free to call for the end of Robert Bennett as a Regent but we should finesse it in such a way as not to endorse former Buffalo Board member John Licata. So a No Bennett  message is only ok if we avoid a Yes Licata message. Got that?

I know these guys are the experts. I know I am just another dope who teaches kids to willingly suspend their disbelief as Coleridge advised us we must, But in the other periods I sometimes teach kids about Civil Disobedience and clue them in that in spite of his awesome Ghandi/MLK inspiring essay, our boy Thoreau was kind of a fuckup. You know that Walden Pond experiment came on the heels of HDT setting an accidental grassfire that nearly turned all of Concord to charcoal right? 

Well, all that aside, Henry had it right that we sometimes have to stand up and say no to authority no matter who that authority happens to be. And in the case of NYSUT's elite ranks I'm hard pressed to come up with anything they've done in the past few years that would give them a scrap of cred to tell us what we should be doing. Listening to Weingarten and running Ianuzzi out on a rail just as he was starting to get up on his hind legs and bark at Cuomo? The double pension scandal? The gutless non call on backing Zephyr Teachout? Aiding and abetting the date rape of WFP to endorse Cuomo? Telling us to back off on a Tisch protest because Skippy Ryan was going to handle her? The Grisanti ad?  The text blast, hashtag, wear a button, tell a friend cause the governor doesn't respect your profession campaign?  Are you fucking kidding me? 

I can't imagine what their beef with Licata might be. Nor do I give a rat's ass. The guy served for years as a sane, judicious Board of Ed member in Buffalo. He voted thoughtfully, answered emails, stood up to stupidity and cronyism and commented here on this blog on more than one occasion. Oh yeah, rumor is he sent his own kids to Buffalo Public Schools too. This guy replacing Bennett would be about like trading in your overhead projector for a Smartboard. NYSUT would like us to ditch the overhead and carry on with a nice new chalkboard for our troubles. Like the old overhead I had at #72, NYSUT's bulbs aren't too bright and they need to start changing a few before they hand down any more mandates from the aerie. 

Write your assemblyman. Find the email here.  Tell them to dump Bennett and install John Licata. 


  1. Will NYSUT ever connect its backbone to its balls? Unlikely.

  2. It's balls are in Weingarten's purse. Not gonna happen.

  3. Eff NYSUT. They have lost a lot a credibility lately. We will keep working for Licata.

  4. They are exctly what union haters accuse unions of being -- greedy and self serving.