Saturday, February 7, 2015

Larry Quinn's Last Nerve Files Comp Claim

Ship of Fools Captain Quinn Finds Himself in Choppy Waters--AGAIN.

Larry, Larry, Larry.  Will this guy never quit?  Larry Quinn's weapons grade arrogance has reached clinical levels now that he's no longer surrounded, as he has been his whole adult life, with bootlickers, sycophants, toadies and yes men. And if there's anything that will spring the cuckoo door on the forehead of a guy like Larry Quinn it's being challenged by an intelligent adult  -- enter Mr. Gibson, Social Studies Teacher -- who doesn't give a shit about Quinn's connections, power or bank account.  It's a betrayal of all that the Larry Quinns of this mortal coil hold near and dear to think that an educated adult would step up to Quinn and essentially tell him I don't care how much ass you had to kiss and how many unfunny jokes you had to laugh at to get where you are, I think you're wrong and here's why. That anyone would go into the world and use their education to teach city kids about stuff like Civil Disobedience and the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire makes no sense to a Larry Quinn. In his head anyone who does that instead of trying to accrue financial and material affluence coupled with the right political helpers is a sap who's beneath contempt. And if you take a quick look at the Larry-isms we've documented just in the past few months : Scowling at the Lafayette kids as they shared harrowing life stories in a board meeting, accusing Lafayette teachers of pawning the kids out and writing the stories for them,  later at a site visit to the school referring to teacher Pat Foster as "that idiot" and his colleagues "those clowns." Note that Quinn tried to deny this but his buddy Carl Paladino blew up his spot and admitted Quinn had been "harsh and rough" saying also "it wasn't pretty." I can't help but make the comparison here to Al Qaeda denouncing ISIS as too extreme. When Carl Paladino steps away from you because you're being too insensitive, it says a lot about you. If you want to imagine Larry Quinn in a vehicle with a black banner flapping overhead make it an old school wooden schooner and put a cape codder in his hand too, dammit. 

More recently Larry's contempt for anyone who's not seeking his autograph or hoping to congratulate him on getting rid of Pat LaFontaine, Danny Briere and Chris Drury, has been captured on video for all to enjoy by yet another educated fool who chose to teach kids instead of making millions, Mr. Hip, aka Keith Hughes,  to whom we owe many thanks. First we have Larry the Wifi Guy surfing his iphone while student speaker Chronicle McClain tries to address him and his obnoxious frat boy aloofness. Is there a word for doing the very thing a person objects to you doing as that person is objecting to you doing it? I can only think of one word for it and it's the same word as before: it's called contempt. And if we don't already have a pattern of hubris and contempt established here let me add this last straw to an already staggered camel's back. Pay close attention to the body language, the facial contortion and the flicking gesture Quinn gives to the Buffalo cop when he tells him to give Kevin Gibson the hook. It's as if he's dusting a scone crumb from his turtleneck. Also of note is that Quinn again tried to deny his actions when confronted by Sandra Tan of The News of all people. Instead he made a weasel run implying that the cop took action on his own. He then follows it up by attacking Tan for reporting on his behavior classifying it as a minor thing. You see, to the Larry Quinns of the world, muzzling public input and curtailing the democratic process in a public meeting to suit your point of view IS a minor thing. All that democratic process crap does is let the little people run around inside the castle and shit everything up for their betters, you see.  And if you weren't convinced the guy is completely clueless on top of being a pompous ass, he can be heard in a whiny sniveling voice protesting aloud  "I don't go to their meetings and speak." No, Lawrence, you're correct, board members do not attend union meetings and offer their input. But feel free to try. I doubt the cops would throw you out. Only BTF doesn't serve alcohol at its meetings. 

In lieu of the recall petition, which I am sure is forthcoming, I can only observe that "The Movement" for lack of a better word, is standing on Larry Quinn's last effing nerve. In any fight there's the moment where you go for the knockout or go home. I'd say it's time we jump up and down on that last nerve and send Larry to the showers. You think he'd give you a break? Exactly. 


  1. I look forward to meeting Lars and teaching him the democratic process.

  2. Have the Buffalo police commented on why they were willing to be summoned as if they were wait staff? Given the risks of the profession and the power the community confers on them, they deserve more respect.

  3. BTW, a commenter at Diane Ravitch's blog (17,000,000 views) linked to your blog.
    Good stuff. Keep writing.

  4. Time to take this to the streets...this should not happen in America!