Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NYSUT and VOTE COPE: Dumb and Dumberer

If you weren't impressed yet with the yield of your Vote Cope donation here's yet another piece of their high octane strategerizing. Apparently the Vote Copers can't afford a spell check option maybe because they've dumped what? half a million plus into Marc Pannepinto the convicted voter fraud's campaign? Well, if you felt a little shortchanged by the battered woman ad that suggested Mark Grisanti would step over her with reptilian detachment on his way to a fundraiser then maybe this Mike Ranzenhofer slam is more your style:

Those Teutonic surnames can be tricky but this is Western New York where people ask reflexively when they learn your name -- What is that? Meaning, is it Polish, German, Irish, Cambodian, Sierra Leonean? We are ethnically obsessed and we can handle these euro names with ease. But the noobs of Vote Cope whoever the hell they are come stumbling into town and they can't even spell "RANZENHOFER? More to the point, they can't even spell LOSING? And they claim to be the political wing of the largest Teacher's Union in New York State? 

So Vote Cope shakes down hard working, tax paying, dues paying teachers for donations. Mind you these teachers are under siege from a sociopathic Governor who just yesterday declared he planned to break the teacher's union if and when he is reelected. I hesitate to mention that said Governor wears the emblem of the Democratic Party jackass, the one NYSUT pursues their abusive relationship with in something of a textbook abusive relationship tableau. 

...Curious to observe also that during the Governor's debate, Kathy Hochul sat with County Executive Mark Poloncarz (who is on record as saying Vote Cope should be embarrassed at their Abused Woman/Grisanti ad) and Byron Brown, Mayor. They sat away from the rest of the rabble in a direct eyeline with Cuomo. Meanwhile the two Dumbocrats who showed up at City Hall to express their deep concern for education were seated in another section. Sean Ryan sat a few rows ahead of us (Green Party invitees) and Tim Kennedy  sat in the seat to my left.  It struck me that these two are not part of the cool kids club and they won't be either as long as they keep up this pro-teacher posturing... 

These aforementioned teachers are also under fire from a Dumbocratic Party federal government that cheerleads the destruction of unions and plays open favorites to charter schools and the powers behind the school privatization movement. So when teachers hand over their hard fought money to a group that claims it will act in their best interests wouldn't you expect that they'd get a little better representation than a picture of a battered woman and another of a generic yogurt container with Halloween letters and two misspellings.

Instead of handing over your hard fought salary to these jackasses I suggest you invest in lottery tickets or take it the casino. The odds can't be any worse than what's coming out of NYSUT these days. 

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