Saturday, April 26, 2014

If You Think The Sisterhood Sucked, Wait'll You Get a Load of the Brotherhood

Think B-Lo Schools Are in a Jam Now? Wait til the School Board  Elections

School board candidate Larry Quinn is leading the pack in fundraising to the surprise of nobody. Funny though to see it written up in the Buffalo News you'd think little old ladies were dropping their church envelopes into a "Go Larry!" coffee can by the elevator on the 7th floor of City Hall. The fake populism generated in the News' story fails to point out that of his $34K warchest, $30K was amassed in $5K donations by 6 people. The usual Brahmin suspects appear -- The Riches, The Gioias, Tom Golisano et al and even StudentsFirst! was able to scrape a few piastres out of Michelle Rhee's travel bra and send them along to a fellow Corporatcrat with love.  Fellow developer and Board of Ed member Carl Paladino is positively ecstatic at the possibility of Quinn joining him on the Board. Of course he is. Carl's Ellicott Development is already renting properties to 3 charter schools in Buffalo. With the money from StudentsFirst! and their friends at Hedge-ocrats for Ed Reform just imagine the fun and games and subsidies and properties that will be flying around in the charter boom town the wealthy white men would like to create. Lest we forget Board member James Sampson is a Trustee of West Buffalo Charter School and Chairman of Reform Ed Buffalo, a cute little Stepchild of Democrats for Ed Reform whose Board consists almost entirely of hedge fund managers investing in education and private charters because they really care about nothing but the kids. Ahem. 

Which brings me to still more reasons to loathe, despise and condemn the Sorority Majority of this board whom Paladino likes to call "The Sisterhood." Namely the unholy coven consisting of Barabara Seals Nevergold, Mary Ruth Kapsiak, Flo Jo Johnson, Sharon Belton Cottman and Theresa Harris Tigg. Their dearth of leadership has been responsible for hiring the two worst Superintendents in post modern history in the form of the human ebola virus James Williams and more recently the bepearled and vapid Pamela Brown of parts unknown. They ran off Amber Dixon, a hometown long term Buffalo Schools pro because they simply couldn't bear the idea of a white superintendent. Sorry sensitive folks but this late in the game we're just calling it as it is. Sue me. And thanks to their Machiavellian treacheries the combination of Brown and her body guard/enforcer Mugsy the Blonde Guinn tag teamed to run Debra Sykes into retirement because they were having trouble harassing her and making her the fall gal for all of their paperwork gaffes with NYSED. These are lousy unprofessional slugs ending the careers of dedicated professionals in a large part over race and that really really sucks. Ironically though Brown, the girls and the bodyguard Mugsy are about to get out-Machiavellied by Carl Paladino whose ancestry runs a little closer to the Prince's than any of The Sisterhoood's. 

When they pulled their late night re-hiring of Guinn without putting it on the agenda or tipping off the certain "no" voters I think the Sorority Majority shot themselves in their knockoff Pedro Garcia pumps. They scuttled out of the meeting playing coy and trying to play it off as if they'd done nothing out of the ordinary in re-hiring the creature who'd taken over half of City Hall and was affixing her name to memos and incurring harassment complaints from employees who actually use silverware when they eat. Guinn had been canned back in the fall among other things for lacking proper credentials. Hmmm where have we heard that before? Darren Brown are you still on the payroll? She was also upbraided for signing off on time sheets and memo-ing people, in short for poking her bristling snout where it had no business according to duties laid out in her job description. What a perfect foil to Brown who qualifies for her own Amber Alert for all the times she's simply failed to maintain any kind of public presence in the midst of crisis. While Pammy fiddled and Buffalo burned, Mugsy Guinn was waterboarding underlings behind the woodshed. How symbiotic. It was pretty damned clear last fall when she was terminated that people were not happy with her or the way she did business. It was personal. And for Brown and the Sisters to think they were going to beard Carl and sneak her in through the AKA kitchen side door, return her to her perch and allow her to start pecking away again is one of the dumbest and/or most arrogant moves I think I have ever seen from Buffalo Schools employees. 

So the Sisterhood after running this school system as far into the ground as their bush league race based hirings could drive it have now stirred up the Caucus of Wealthy Caucasians. You don't get to tweak a guy like Paladino in his nose and walk away into the sunset. Carl's investigative report -- take a lesson James Heaney -- into the nefarious hirelings known as Yamilette Williams and Faith Alexander took all of about a week to get them both fired for lacking proper certifications. The investigation also turned up an outrageous revelation that nearly $15K of grant money that could have been used for educational purposes had been spent on trying to retro certify them. They were enrolled in a program at Oswego so that they could continue in their 6 figure duties many said they showed an egregious incompetence in performing. And if Pam and Mugsy think it's over I have some very sad news for them. Yammy and Hope were the opening act. Mugsy and Pam are going to be the closers. And if you thought the sisters dug a hole for the Buffalo Schools, wait til you see the crater the white guys are going to dig. 

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  1. Hardly any higher ups in Newark are properly credentialed either. What a reformy coincidence!