Monday, March 24, 2014

So Much for Post Racial America in BPS

It's been a wacky week in Buffaltucky folks. For those of you close reading out there you might wanna annotate my opener, it's just a bee hive of alliteration. Back to that later... 

We know now that Mugsy Guinn's henchpersons Yammy and Lil Faith have been sent packing back to the big edumaterials warehouse in Omaha or wherever the hell they climbed out of. It hasn't been discussed yet if they are on the hook for the 12K the district spent trying to retrofit them with certifications to do the sweet 135K jobs they were handed. Seems to me they owe us and if they don't, whoever signed off on using that much grant money to certify two unqualified slugs for high paying jobs neither of them deserved needs to step up and own it. Then repay it. 

Word has it  -- and I am getting some good word these days from a few sources who were able to tip me off first that these two were being put on leave and second that they'd been dismissed before local media had either story -- the next dance contestant on Carl Paladino's card may well be none other than the Chief Talent Officer himself Darren Brown. He seems to figure in the hiring of these 2 carpetslaggers and it seems he also played a role in the nasty racially tinged sacking of Debra Sykes. Now to call anything in this looney bin racially tinged of course makes about as much sense as calling The Everglades humid, uhh no shit. But Mugsy Guinn's harassment of Sykes for what has been reported as a 3 hour meeting, trying to bully her into resigning or retiring while on another burner she slides her two incompetent sorority sisters into a quarter million of shared salary without a scrap of credentialing, in my book has bad racial stink to it.  Sykes filed an harassment complaint against Guinn that went ignored and when Sykes asked the lawyer about it he had no idea what she was talking about. So the lawyer calls Chief Talent Officer Brown to inquire about the complaint and he calls Pamela Brown to tell her Sykes is asking about her complaint against Guinn. The result of said call from Brown to Brown is that Sykes is summoned to the Superintendent's Office and scapegoated for the administration's manifest incompetences. Sykes is told she can retire or resign by the end of the day or face disciplinary action even though Pamela Brown has never made a single complaint about her work. Talent Manager Brown is then instructed by Pamela Brown to offer Sykes no advice or alternatives, leave her hanging as it were. The News was in no hurry to report any of this. It mostly came from Carl Paladino. Big surprise. 

WBEN has also referenced the darling of Bennett High, Principal Terry Ross, yet another out of state 'talent' recruited by god only knows  whom and brought to Bennett to shake hands with kids as they beat the living shit out of each other, threaten and intimidate other kids and adults, sell drugs, skip class, curse, run wild through the halls and generally ignore everything he says. Hey, the guy looks great in a suit though. And he has "a doctorate" like  Mark Frazier, Fatima Morrel and Wil Kerzeszetes, so how bad can he be right? It appears that Dr. Terry may have just got his papers in February but that would mean he has been doing quite a bit without the papers leaving the district liable same as those other 2 slugs were doing. Better yet, back to Talent Manager Brown again, why was this guy hired if he lacked the proper paperwork? Is it another race thing? Would be have been hired if he was a white guy? If he was a chair or a table? 

Yes folks, it's tiresome and depressing here in Barack Obama's neo liberal dreamland of the post racial society that we have to ask these questions. But I think we have to ask these questions. When you hire Superintendents by race, Board members sneak previously fired employees back onto the payroll along racial lines and those employees bring their friends along too skipping ahead of all sorts of people who have the proper paperwork, it's time to cut the shit and call out the players for what they are and what they are doing. Worst of all, yes, worst of all of this is the glaring reality that none of these people, not Guinn, Alexander, Williams, or either of the Browns appear to have the slightest regard for the students of Buffalo. Their main concern appears to be placing people of their own race in high paying positions whether they are qualified to do the job or not. Or in these cases knowing goddamned well they weren't qualified but placing them anyway counting on nobody checking up. 

The rehiring of Mugsy Guinn during the mop up phase of a board meeting was likely the end of Pamela Brown's career here in Buffalo. The deadly intersection of arrogance and just plain stupid has claimed its share of careers and poor Pamela must not have seen the light change. But remember, the great benefactors of SayYes! are the ones who brought her here. They also brought Mary Guinn to Buffalo. And while they are trotting out kids in pom poms and SayYes! t shirts, then welching on their promises to run after school programs, remember they brought us this virus. They are very likely enjoying its spread too...

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  1. "Ross was recruited by Buffalo Promise Neighborhood, the nonprofit trying to revive the 14215 ZIP code area, where Bennett is located."
    That is from the recent article on the "good doctor" Terry Ross. So that tells you a few things. He was brought in by Wilmers as a transformational agent. I would not be surprised if Wilmers is adding to Terry's salary, also. Wilmers just has sooo many good ideas for education in Buffalo. Wilmers had to really be looking in some strange places to come up with this character. Or maybe his good buddy David Koch recommended Ross to him? Also, I am sure he never had to interview in Buffalo because he was vetted by the Promise Neighborhood and put in place without any fuss or question by Pamela Brown. Because Pamela Brown, like the honey badger, don't care.
    Also, since everyone is so concerned now about certification, how do we justify TFA kiddies with 5 weeks of prep coming in to Buffalo? Oh, wait, that is Wilmer's idea, too. Maybe they will all be working in the Promise Neighborhood?