Thursday, October 10, 2013

Big Labor Supported Him Twice But President Obama Thinks Striking Workers Should All Be Fired

Just Say No.

Well Educators for Obama whoever the hell you are, if you didn't get the message the last 3 or 11 times the POTUS laid it out for you, here it is again :  Washington Examiner

President Obama again compared Republicans in Congress to workers going on strike, telling reporters Tuesday that GOP lawmakers had no more right to shut down the government than factory workers had to walk off their jobs.

The president made similar remarks at an event in Rockville, Md., on Thursday. He even referenced that event in his remarks Tuesday.

Both times, he compared GOP lawmakers to hypothetical striking workers. He argued those workers would be rightfully fired if they tried to shut down a plant to extract concessions from management.

In each case, Obama seemed unaware that the worker activity he was describing was a classic organized labor strike, a federally protected activity under the National Labor Relations Act. The law was signed by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 and is considered one of the era's major liberal victories.

Our so called Democrat is comparing the reprobates of the GOP who've engaged him and their own leader, John Of Orange Boehner, in a high stakes game of chicken, consequences be damned and their health club stays open. And I guess if we follow Barack Obama's thoughts on the topic of likening striking workers to elected officials stuck in a frat boy mindset it would only follow that Obama would like to don his Ronald reagan mask and send the whole bunch packing with a Trumpean flourish of  "Yeh Fahed!" 


The guy is so into his second term Eff you mode that he's completely lost sight of the stance people in his party are supposed to take in support of any worker desperate enough to forego wages and benefits for an uncertain period of time simply because management won't listen to reasonable negotiations. None of that for our self made man from the single mom and the projects or wherever the hell that fuzzy narrative we were all sold had him growing up big eared with a funny name sneaking a few hits from a roach in his teens. No, our guy has shed all of that poor, mixed race baggage and emerged from the Goldman Sachs chrysalis resplendent in a bright shade of silky green. And let's see now, there's Barack and Oprah and Tiger and they're all doing pretty good so I guess all that talk about race and equality belongs in the last Century? 

If you belong to a union and your employer provokes you to strike please be advised the President of the United States thinks you deserve to be fired. And if you still have one of those goddamned bumper stickers on your Prius get out there and scrape it off. 

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