Friday, September 20, 2013

Ed Reform's Cub Reporter Gets Pansted

This morning with a list of chores ahead of me on a beautiful late summer Personal Leave Day I had my usual peek in on Artvoice. More to the point I guess I flipped to Buffalo Pundit's continuing series "Donn Esmonde Is an Ass." When the semi retired gadfly and cub reporter of the Wealthy White Men's Club for Ed Reform  Club stuck his snout into the Clarence Schools budget brouhaha advocating for the knuckle draggers and their anti educational scorched earth policies Alan did not appreciate the shot across his bow. Mess with my kids motherfucker and it's on, might have been his motto if he were blogging for a mag with looser standards than Artvoice asks of its staffers. In passing I forwarded a tidbit someone actually sent me in semi anonymous fashion at my school email, the one nobody uses as it is open to any and all City Hall cyber snoops with nothing to do between e cigs and the    Lloyd 's truck at noon.  The information contained in psaid email was rather shocking : 


    You are always sharing ed reformer connections with your blog readers and I wanted to share something I discovered last night.  (You may already know this).  As I was reading Esmonde's most recent column about school rankings I started thinking
about his wife being a Buffalo teacher since it was mentioned in the column and comments.  I started to look for her name, since comments were speculating how she could be a teacher but not be in the classroom,  but could not find her listed anywhere
under Esmonde.  Eventually I did find her listed under her last name, Prusakowski.  (That also made me wonder if she was posting comments  to his column as pruska359 or if he was tolling with that name).  As I was looking for her last name an interesting
piece of info came up online.  Donn Esmonde, his wife, Steve Polowitz, and his wife purchased a home together in Spring Hills, Florida.  I remember you referred to Polowitz as Esmonde's buddy in one of your comments in the BN.  I guess they really are
buddies if they bought a house together.

     I hope you do not mind that I sent this to you through your work email.  I did not want to post it on the latest entry on your blog as it was not related to the graduation rate topic.

Thanks and keep up the great work,

As I said the writer referred to my blog as "great work" which most would find shocking. I suspect Alan may have had this same intel in his vest pocket for some time and just got around now to using it. But I couldn't help wanting to rush out and take a bow for playing a part in blowing up a phoney urban hipster who has been abusing the power of his newspaper job to badmouth my profession and forward the agenda of his right white pals whose vision involves turning teaching into another poverty level service gig like the ones at Wal Mart and McDonalds. In truth I can't take much of a bow anyway since the Woodward/Bernstein of this breaking story is an elementary school teacher who was looking for something else completely and stumbled into the little suburban bungalow in Spring Hill FL with a pair of very interesting names on the mortgage. There are so many days where I am nothing but weary of Lil John King and his puppeteers in Albany not to mention the larger scope of $60K a year teachers trying to take on Gates, Broad the Waltons and their billions not to mention the White House and our great traitor Obama. But when something like this comes across the horizon I start believing in David's slingshot again and I want to pick up some rocks.  Thanks again to my source of the century and to Alan Bedenko for firing back at the phonies and the hypocrites and hipsters of the Ed Reform class. 

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