Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Buffalo Board Proves Once Again Dying Is Easy

Hurricane Carl made landfall last night yet only managed one good comical shot at procedurally impaired Board Member Sharon Belton Cottman nominating her for Board President because he said " Sharon has a unique talent for rolling her eyes." Looks like the Ghettofabulosity has hit the fan on day one and I should be more ashamed of myself than I am but I look forward to more of Paladino calling out the Sorority Majority who've ruled the Board of Ed roost for years, traveling to distant places to shop and stuffing their faces on the public dime with nobody to say them nay. Proving she still doesn't get it Belton Cottman turned down the nomination saying she wasn't going to allow Carl to make her the butt of his jokes. A little late on that one, methinks. 

Aside from this little bit of flying fur da Board voted Barbara Seals Nevergold in as President. Dr. Nevergold upstaged Carl's show of ironic humor in claiming da Board was going to get into more of that transparency thing. You know, the thing they completely avoided in secretly approving PamelaCBrownPhDHarvard's secret evaluation. Of course Belton Cottman demanded the other day to know why the board she is a member of was getting this done in such a late, sloppy manner having not even taken it yet to the legal department for a once over. She just doesn't seem like she's ever going to catch on that there comes a time you stop acting like Sam Radford in drag barking about accountability and actually taking some accountability for the actions of the very board you belong to and are trying to rebuke. 

Probably the most killer comedy sketch though wafting out of Buffalo lately was the one woman stand up act performed with the help of  2 dozen and one color coded slides by none other than PamelaCBrownPhDHarvard who dazzled the media with sleight of hand that would leave Chris Angel wanting to bury himself in pre-cast concrete and unsubstantiated double and triple talk that would have George Orwell spinning in his pine box. Buffalo News' Education replacement for Mary Pasciak, Ms. Sandra Tan appears to have been bitten by the Kafka bug as well as she chronicles the pointless data, the inconclusive assertions and the general absurdity of a woman who's being paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year to hide behind Elena Cala all day and do stand up with charts for the media who had to have been hard pressed to keep from heaving dead cats and rubber chickens at her in the spirit of Mark Twain. Have a gawk at Tan's assessment of Brown's comedy set: 

At a Monday morning news conference, Brown presented 25 slides, including nine flow charts with no comparative information, no names, and no summary on how the multitude of personnel changes affect the district’s bottom line. Although the flow charts are color-coded, no legend was provided at the press conference to help anyone piece together what the personnel changes meant.
Brown said her reorganization changes, including eliminating some vacant positions, so far have saved the district $1 million. She also said 30 positions have been eliminated through retirements, attrition and also roughly a dozen layoffs. It wasn’t clear whether that’s a result of Brown’s reorganization or general cuts to the 2013-14 budget.
Though Brown had described the reorganization as a way to “reduce excessive high/mid level management positions,” interim Deputy Superintendent Mary Guinn said the central office is expected to see a net increase of five positions.
Some positions are being consolidated as part of the reoganization, but it’s unclear how this affects the district’s total number of central office administrators. Attempts by The Buffalo News to further clarify this information after Monday’s board meeting were unsuccessful.
Brown is apparently eliminating a chief of staff position but adding an “executive assistant to the superintendent.” She’s also apparently replacing the district’s main lawyer, expanding the finance and registration offices, and changing a number of other job titles.


I can't confirm this but wags are saying Brown might have actually closed her talk by saying "Don't forget to tip your servers, I'll be here all week." 

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