Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BPS Plays Musical Chairs with Music Dept. Superintendent Says Nothing to See Here Folks

 Buffalo Public Schools are cutting half their band, orchestra and instrumental music programs and hacking the existing programs at 4 more schools. That's what happens in a place where nobody gets to vote on the school budget. And in the wake of this Greece-like austerity axe swinging, the first lady of simulated pearls and wardrobe extending jackets herself, DrPamelaCBrownPhDHarvard, has the Gargantuan cheek to look us in the eye and utter the following pile of unadulterated horseshit 

 “I do want to make sure it’s clear there have not been dramatic cutbacks in instrumental music,” she said last week. Superintendent Pamela C. Brown stated that no major cuts are being made to the district’s music program and stressed that general, vocal music education will still be offered at all elementary schools.


I guess when they come out to Eden looking under barn floorboards for kazoo remnants to outfit their music programs Buffalo can admit they're making dramatic cuts. Brown is also playing a ghettofabulous little game of cat and mouse with the good folks from VH-1's Save the Music Foundation. This group donated instruments to the district with the understanding music departments would be spared such cutting. Well the city is welching on its obligations and the folks who gave them a bunch of free stuff would like to hear an explanation for the sudden about face. They probably would like their stuff back too since the good faith in which it was donated appears to have disappeared like one of last summer's homework packets. 

It appears we can now call this a pattern since Brown hung out on the DL after she'd promised to get back to everyone with an explanation of the MOU she signed on the teacher's APPR. She just didn't take any calls and ignored the emails until she was able to promise Lil John King she would do whatever he told her to do. And when the district's own version of Tariq Aziz, Elena Cala tries to lie and say the union is just projecting, Brown and Co. refuse to let the newspaper verify the cuts with the music director. Cue Thompson Twins "Lies Lies Lies" hit now.

 I really hope the Sorority Sisters on the Buffalo Board of Education are proud that they were able to dig up another bullshit artist who thinks she can hide from reality, the newspaper and her employees. I wonder if she thinks she can hide from parents and students too ? Something tells me Amber Dixon wouldn't be in stealth mode ducking phone calls and emails about now. But then again Amber was white and that simply wasn't going to happen around City Hall. Are we going to call Judy Eliot back on a per diem or is Brown waiting for the Broad Foundation to send her that much needed Deputy Superintendent to do her job for her?  

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