Monday, March 4, 2013

M&T Bank CEO Bob Wilmers, Educational Venture Philanthropist Stiffed on the Check? Owch...

Believe it or not I overlooked quite an eye popping allegation left discretely among the comments of my humble contribution to the free floating internet garbage heap I call this blog. A frighteningly reliable source has confirmed that a well placed operative in the daily ebb and flow of Board of Ed Business claims that our local philanthropist, anti union millionaire, bank chairman and Bordeaux chateau owner somehow never got around to paying the Board of Ed the $100K or so he promised when he was allowed to gerrymander the "talent" search that brought the worst Superintendent of Schools Buffalo has ever seen, aka Jimmy Dubz of the questionable doctorate Williams. Trust me I spent some time on the phone and some internet time searching how to make a FOIL request on this my 52nd birthday because I care about the CEO millionaires, especially when they stick their unwelcome blue noses into school business and bring in a shithead anti union thug fresh from ruining one city's schools to fuck our schools all up and screw our kids out of a chance at getting educated in a professional, respectful, courteous environment. Say it aint so Flo Jo -- Is Bordeaux bob a welcher? To be continued...


  1. All of this blog should be put into book form. Dave Barry would realize that you are his competition!!

    Happy Birthday, my friend!! Hopefully there will be about 40 more :)

  2. I love how his pet project over at Westminster is crumbling under his nose. After the sisters over there ran out the former Principal because...egads, he was doing a great job, most of the staff liked him, and the kids and parents did too (but, alas he was not of their kind) they were able to get another appointed to the gig. Now, those very same pillars of education are leaving the M&T Charter School, er, Westminster in part because the new Principal told them he won't send his kids to his own school because the teachers suck. No kidding. He's also bringing in programs the former Principal wouldn't because they weren't research based and have not shown to provide any results for kids, meaningful or otherwise. This what we are turning into. Snarl Paladino and his posse will come in here, tell everyone you suck, take a pay cut or leave. And do it for the kids. F U Snarl.

    Way to go charter schools!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Peg you flatterer. Stop that flating.

  4. Kevin, great to hear from you and wow I had no idea that this was the current state of M$T Charter School. Poor old Bordeaux Bob must be up to his hemmies in angst. Keep us posted, always good to hear from the fronts. You know where I roll and it couldn't be less connected if I were in a gulag somewhere. Peace. Snarl ? I wish I'd said that. Oh wait. I will.