Wednesday, February 27, 2013

B-lo Board of Ed Votes Tonight on Placing 5 Week Wonder TFA Grads in B-lo Public Schools

Buffalo Board of Ed votes  tonight on Bordeaux Bob Wilmer's "idea" that we hire TFA  "teachers" with 5 weeks so training for our most at risk kids instead of experienced, qualified certified professionals. I emailed every Board of Ed member except McCarthy who self identifies as a charter shill. I heard back from Licata and Petrucci. Nothing from Wreck it Ralph or any of the Sorority Majority. A friend heard back from Nevergold, Licata and Pertrucci and that's it. Let's see if they fall for M&T Bank CEO and Bordeaux chateau owner Bob Wilmer's tricks again as they did when they allowed him to pick up the tab for the James Williams talent search. Phil Rumore, BTF President appears to be responding to pressure from his constituents saying in today's B-lo Gnuz that he will not issue a statement in favor of or in opposition to the WTFAs coming to the City of No Illusions until he hears from the delegates and Executive Committee. I know one delegate he'll be hearing from. He should have spoken against Teach for a While straight out but I am seeing the ambivalence as a note of improvement from the other day when he was quoted as saying he'd go along with it if it was good for the kids. WTF? Of course it's not good for them or the parents or the teachers who will be running interference while our students teach the elites of the better schools how it goes in the urban classroom, hallway, parking lot and school cafeteria. Rest assured none of the kids will ask to see their vacation pics of Captiva Island. Amazing that the general public has had less than week to read up on all of TFA's shortcomings, flaws and exaggerated claims of reformy excellence yet TFA's been advertising for an Executive Director since the third week of January for their expansion into Buffalo in September of 2013. It appears someone thought this was a done deal. Funny, the neo liberals with their appointed school boards and Mayoral Control love the democratic process about as much as their inbred cousins the Neo Cons love capitalism just as long as they can rig the game and crush any chances of  competition. I truly hope they get it right at a Board meeting for once. 


  1. I heard back from Nevergold, they tabled the issue for this year. She said that numerous board members had questions, want time for full discussion and ample research.
    But we should all beware - Wilmers, TFA, Chameleons, and the other "reformers" are probably planning their next attempt to hijack the schools and bust the union, (which will be praised to the nth degree by News ed board, as well as endorsed by the sup.)
    Thanks Sean, for turning the spotlight on their latest grab for our schools.

  2. Maybe we should supply them with with the research from scientifically valid studies. The Rheeformers have hundreds dedicated to churning out the junk science results.

    Karen, you are spot on about the rheeformers not giving up. They are busily concocting their next moves. There is so much money involved, and almost no oversight, so the opportunists are salivating for a chance to "take-over".

    Sean, I love reading your comments here, in the News and on the other teacher blogs. Your clever anaysis , and humorous remarks lighten -up the frustrating lies, damn-lies, and the other crap exuding from the "reformers" and their supporters.

    Thank You!

  3. Karen, isn't it funny how this maneuver was sprung on everyone the same way they sprung the "community meeting" at Waterfront giving the opposition less than 24 hours to mobilize and respond. And once again they failed to ram their slam dunk through and have been thwarted again for the time being. I am sure PCB PhD harvard has all ready figured out she'll go further and make more money as soon as she climbs the fence and links arms with the rephormers. Why else would she fawn all over lil John King and salivate at the chance to appease a charter happy shithead like Wilmers..

  4. Thanks for showing up as always Peg. We do need to make each other laugh I am sure of that. And who are more ripe for satire than this bunch of phoney ass self important overprivileged turds?

  5. School board election. OK, people. It is time to get serious. I was at a fundraiser for Ralph Hernadez tonight. We have 2 vacancies for sure. Petrucci and Kapsiak aren't running. WE NEED TO GET ORGANIZED. There were a bunch of teachers at this fundraiser. It was indicated that Paladino owns this next election. He is funding an Hispanic woman NAMED HERNANDEZ to run against Ralph.

    Ralph at least has an open ear for teachers.

    This is a very important board election. IT IS IMPERATIVE WE GET INVOLVED. He knows the issues and wants to work with us.


  6. Carl hasn't got the guts to run on his ideas and "improvement plans"...he'll buy the election with his "fun " money.

    It will be fun to see how many lawsuits will result from his attempts to become Enforcer-In-Chief.

  7. What exactly can we do to get involved in the school board election? Please share.

    Also, does anyone have any idea why Pasciak is no longer live blogging the school board meetings? I found those very helpful.