Monday, October 1, 2012

Bawk Bawk Bawk: Reform This

More evidence of the classlessness of our "reformer" friends : over the weekend someone has been playing games with twitter accounts sending messages from me and some other people I know. It coincides neatly with a troll who showed up here demanding his nasty stupid remarks be printed. Naturally I made him the same offer I make all trolls : if you want your oppositional remarks to be posted on this blog you will have to sign your name to them same as I do to everything I write. Funny how cowardly these people always are. I make no secret of who I am or what I do and I stand behind everything I say on here.  My goal is just so I have no problem standing up for it. Why, trolls, are you, like all of your reformer pals so afraid to step out into the light and be counted ? What are you so afraid of ? Why do you hide and snipe and dodge and run like little bitches as soon as you shoot your mouth off ? Must be I am hitting some very sensitive nerves. I guess when you have nothing to argue back with you have to resort to cowardice. Sad sad sad. And these are the ones who think we need to hand over our schools to them, I guess because they show such courage and leadership ? 

1 comment:

  1. Not just the Twitter accounts...also the Facebook pages.
    You are right ,Sean. They are immature jerks who are incapable of grown-up behavior. I think what they have done/are doing is illegal as well as stupid. We shall see...
    In the meantime, we shall keep exposing their not so sterling character traits and nefarious intentions.