Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are and I'll Tell You Who You Are

Fannie, Freddie, Rush, it's all good baby...

If anyone needs convincing that public school teachers have much to worry about if Obama is re-elected, look no further than the outrage of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel being invited to speak at the Democratic Convention. Rahmbo as he is disaffectionately known in Chicago is remembered for statements like "Fuck that UAW" and when informed that the liberal base was losing patience with Obama's decidedly middle of the road governance Emanuel told them they were "fucking retarded." This provided Sarah Palin with an opportunity to remind everyone about her Down's syndrome child and attempt to shame Emanuel for his remarks. Rush Limbaugh waddled into the fray and defended Emanuel's choice of words, using the R- word no fewer than 27 times in a tirade that both aligned him philosophically with Rahm Emanuel and made Sarah Palin eat shit.  Currently Rahmbo is trying to intimidate Chicago's Public School teachers from striking and asking administrators to report any union activity they can observe. The CTU is legally protected from this thug behavior as they are a legitimate union and they are allowed to exercise their first amendment rights in order to present their side of a very nasty labor dispute made so by Emanuel. He has tried to force them to work longer hours for no extra pay and cancelled a promised pay raise. He has also closed schools and essentially taken aim at defenseless minority communities deliberately underfunding their schools using something akin to a siege  mentality in order to make them fail so he can close them and replace them with charters. This guy is toxic and he is a sworn enemy of organized labor. Rahm Emanuel is yet another misdirected Dumbocrat acting like the bottomest feeder of the Republicans. He's yet another friend of the corporate donors like Hyatt mogul Penny Pritzkin whom Rahm has appointed to his Board of Education and apparently built her family a free hotel on the backs of taxpayers by stealing school funds to boot.  Forget firebrand and occassionally anti-White Reverend Jeremiah Wright and  forget about ex-Weathermen operative Bill Ayers too.  Barack Obama needs to distance himself from Rahm Emanuel the way Tina dropped Ike. And fast.

Is the speaking engagement Obama's way of throwing Rahmbo a bone after yanking the G-8 Summit from Chicago as Emanuel amped up his goon squads and pepper spray stores for protestors? 

With friends like this in the White House do public school teachers really need any enemies? When I look at the dopey ass NEA magazine I put in the chinchilla cage I see these earnest educated dopes waving Educators for Obama banners and I have to ask if they just did it for the free hat or in Rahm's folksy terms : are they really that fucking stupid? 


  1. I wonder that last sentence all the time. I can remember that same dopey NEA magazine during the fight between Obama and our current Sec. of State--the magazine laid out in a grid both candidates feelings/ideas for edumacation and Hilary's column was very pro union/pro teacher. She was opposed to merit pay and charter schools and Obama was pro merit pay and pro charter schools. That little chart sealed the deal for me. I remember during that fight for the dem. nomination and all these teachers going for Obama and I was like, "What?" He will never get my vote. Never has and never will.

  2. Here in NYC....I use the NEA magazine as a fire starter...literally. Thank you with providing me...with extra people, I can put on MY KARMA LIST. This list is reserved for people exactly like this moron, except I do not have a #1 target, because I clump them together. I only hope one day...that this cheese has to stand alone. Also, thank you for keeping the public informed about the despicable behavior of all these people

  3. Yep! They probably are F.....g stupid.
    What is really depressing for those of us who have dedicated ourselves to careers in Education, no matter how we vote, we lose.
    Neither party supports public education. Even worse than not "supporting", is that they are actively destroying Public Education.
    Sean abd those who comment here, and on other blogs that support public education vs privatization, give us all a lift, and validate the careers we have chosen. Thanks to all of you.

    Right now I am listening to Chris Christie bragging about how "They" have sunk teachers unions and tenure for teachers.
    Next week the Democrat Party, ( not "Democratic"),will repeat the boast..., and the Stepford delegates will cheer again.

    It makes me wish that more of the over 11,000 "hits" on this site were reflected in the number of comments.
    Not caring enough to join in the defense of our schools, will most certainly result in losing them to big business enterprises, and assorted groups with a "cause" or a" title" that forms an anagram or a "catchy" slogan.
    Some folks take a "Stand"...others take the "Position"...

  4. Now watch Chicago carefully. Rahmbo is trying to pull a fast one and is attempting to circumvent the CTU leadership and bring in Randi (the collaborator) Weingarten as a strike negotiator. If Randi accepts, let's pay close attention to whether she sends the Chicago rank and file down the drain. There was noise a while back that should Obama dump Arne Duncan, Randi would be next in line. for Secretary of Education. Rahmbo could be holding that carrot out to Randi in exchange for a collaborationist end to the strike. Watch carefully!
    PS However, he only way Obama would dump Arne Duncan is if there was tremendous pressure (financial) from the AFT, UFT, NEA, and local affiliates. Doesn't look like that is likely to happen. A vote for Obama is a vote against public education. A vote for Romney is a vote against public education. What is the answer???? Anybody?????

  5. Mouse,
    I think we're screwed. I just listened to Condoleeza Rice...she zapped us too. I am holding my breath until every speaker , every night, during both conventions, makes political hay trying to please the billionaires who fill their bank accounts. If we take the Peace Bridge to Fort Erie will we be better off?
    What if we could bribe one of the "parties" by telling them that teachers can win for them in exchange for scrapping NCLB and RttT.
    We don't have the money to buy them out. They don't care if we expose their secrets...they sleep in the same beds.
    I think I'll get a glass of wine and some chips before I start weeping :(

  6. Peg,
    I am a political junkie and cannot watch any of this convention. The first time ever that I have not watched one. I just dole it out carefully to myself via internet. It's better for my health that way. Also, just saw an ad tonite for "Won't Back Down". Get ready for a wave of Parent Trigger nonsense from DPCC and Buffalo ReformEd any second.
    The wine part of the wine and chips sounds perfect!

  7. I have pasted the text from Condoleeza Rice's convention speech below. Here is a link to a recent article that I feel provides an adequate answer.


    And your greatest ally in controlling your response to your
    circumstances has been a quality education. But today, today,
    when I can look at your zip code and I can tell whether you're
    going to get a good education, can I honestly say it does not
    matter where you came from, it matters where you are going? The
    crisis in K-12 education is a threat to the very fabric of who
    we are.
    My mom was a teacher. I respect the profession. We need
    great teachers, not poor ones and not mediocre ones. We have to
    have high standards for our kids, because self-esteem comes from
    achievement, not from lax standards and false praise.
    And we need to give parents greater choice, particularly,
    particularly poor parents whose kids, very often minorities, are
    trapped in failing neighborhood schools. This is the civil
    rights issue of our day.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/29/transcript-condoleezza-rice-speech-at-rnc/#ixzz24zlNwNGs

  8. Mouse,
    I Like your idea for not watching the conventions.
    Too disgusting!
    My first vote was for Ike. Since then I have never missed voting, but this year I gag very time I think of one or the other. There are two or three things I agree with on each of the platforms...mostly I don't like anybody, anywhere on either side.
    I value the respect of my children and grandchildren...and If I vote for either of these guys, I wouldn't be able to admit it.

    Maybe I'll leave the chips in the bag too, I'm gaing weight from the Lake Niagara.

  9. Mouse,
    Thanks for posting the links to Condie's speech and the Schools Matter piece from August 27th.. I usually get those in the mail, but I missed that one.
    Your posts are great :)