Monday, August 6, 2012

Charter Schools and The Shock Doctrine 101-B

"Only a crisis actual or perceived produces real change"
Milton Friedman pioneer of disaster capitalism and Shock Doctrine practitioner

So every time you hear the "CRISIS" drumbeats now from our dearly disingenuous capitalist friends down at Chameleon and/or DeformED H.Q. any time they throw out one of their prefabbed talking points about the CRISIS IN OUR SCHOOLS or FAILING THE CHILDREN or OFFERING QUALITY CHOICES in Education, just know they are trying to soften up the ground for their big push, their D Day as it were if only their cause was so noble. Please give up 7 minutes to see how this ties together, the charter school push isn't about education it's about free market manipulation of the masses for  PROFIT. It's about the market getting rid of teachers and their unions to drive down costs and create a spongy workforce of invertebrates preferably freshly graduated from one of their educational puppy mills where they crank out little drones and stick them in classrooms all in about 6 weeks. Get rid of teachers and replace them with starry eyed do gooders who need to feel good about themselves before they peel off and go to law school so they accept a low paying gig in an underperforming school full of poor black kids. Now that costs are down it's time to start making money.... Do not believe for one second that the charter school movement is about quality education. It was never meant to be. It's meant to put even more money in the pockets of people who all ready have plenty. Naomi Klein and Alfonso Cuaron :

In my wanderings I came across an amazing comment on the Chameleon's own website where I believe a teacher from Waterfront laid out almost to a T the concerns raised earlier by me, other Waterfront teachers and Professor Gardella from UB who is actively engaged in his own STEM program at East High School. Again as they did at East, the Chameleons operated in a vacuum. They made no inquiries as to the agreements and arrangments all ready in place. Waterfront is working with Canisius and East with UB among other groups. Enough from me here's Amy Borowiak :

Amy Borowiak says:
As a member of the Waterfront Community for the past 12 years, as well as working with the families very closely throughout this period, I am appalled at the sneaky and underhanded way this is being handled. Not only have you completely disregarded the wishes of of our schools’ families to work with Canisius College as our EPO you have totally destroyed any trust going forward with the charter school community. Yes, there are those of us who believe that both Charter schools and traditional public schools can co-exist and serve a purpose. Wouldn’t it have been great to even have formed a partnership? We could have been an example for all of New York State. Tapestry Charter school can not even handle the students it has. We alone received 2 students kicked out in March to our school. After 4th grade students are leaving in droves for the public and Catholic Schools. What makes this organization think they can educate students better than we can? Are you going to deny our students transportation? What about our ELL children and Special education children? What is your record on educating those populations? Despite what some may think, we love and value these students and embrace the diversity they bring. It saddens me this is how events have unfolded. I truly believed Tapestry was based on collaboration and cooperative learning. I guess the almighty dollar has finally gotten to this group of educators(?) You have disappointed many people in this community. Great things are happening at Waterfront. Our children feel loved and supported. Our students’ academics are improving our attendance is up and suspensions are down. Yes, I know you would love to get your hands on our beautiful building, but Waterfront is not just a building, it is so much more.

OWCH. This from someone who prefers co-existence with charters...


  1. Unfortunately, it is the building that they want and I fear they will get it in their "sneaky, underhanded way." This is what has happened in the NYC schools. It reminds me of the cuckoo (a member of the "brood parasites" group of birds) and the movie The Bad Seed. Sneaky and underhanded is a nice way to describe the actions of these things.

    "These birds, called brood parasites, lay their eggs in another bird's nest and let the other bird parents feed and raise their chicks. The "egg abandoner" is then free to mate again and lay more eggs in another nest. The cuckoo is the best known brood parasite and an expert in the art of cruel deception. Its strategy involves stealth, surprise and speed. The mother removes one egg laid by the host mother, lays her own and flies off with the host egg in her bill. The whole process takes barely ten seconds. Cuckoos parasitize the nests of a large variety of bird species and carefully mimic the colour and pattern of their own eggs to match that of their hosts. Each female cuckoo specializes on one particular host species. How the cuckoo manages to lay eggs to imitate each host's eggs so accurately is one of nature's main mysteries."

  2. Yeah I must be a little brain addled from the 70's but the fact that they want to steal the physical building somehow seems to escape me. It IS an awesome structure and its locale is pretty sweet. The idea of real estate theft is just way down my mental list. I have to believe that the powers of good will prevail here though Slim, there are simply too many people paying attention, from Mike Blake to Prof, Gardella, to the Waterfront Teachers who pretty much ate the chameleons' lunch in front of them at their little surprise meeting. Not to go overkill or anything but John Licata and Petrucci are also pissed at the sneaky and underhanded way this deal was hatched. Ralph is on YNN saying they pretty much lied that they aren't getting help from the Board when they never even asked for any. And if politics don't yield strange bedfellows even the Sorority Majority of the board of ed are on our side this time. Nobody but this little band of well connected lawyers and their wives want to see any of this happen. I have to believe it's the beginning of a series of setbacks for this bunch. I also have to believe that the real message, the one they avoid revealing to anyone is getting out as much as they want it not to get out. They are about mediocre education at best and all out fraud in a lot of situations and their goal is not Proficiency but Profit.

  3. When the project buildings behind the Waterfront School are leveled, ( I think that is in the planning stage...) new condos will be built on the very expensive and exclusive site. Then the Waterfront School building will attract "neighborhood "children who would have gone to Nichols, Nardin,Buffalo Seminary, Canisius or Elmwood Franklin.
    I wonder if that is the Chameleon " 10 Year Plan". Lots of money could be made if the lawyers,developers,and assorted opportunists get their grubby fingers on our beautiful Waterfront School.

    Just supposin'...