Saturday, October 15, 2016

Nobody Asked Me Up til Now

The other night before the Council of Delegates meeting Executive Committee members gathered toward the front table to run through a few last minute endorsements. The guy running against Ranzenhofer, Brian Higgins and someone else whose name I can't recall were unanimously agreed upon. When the Presidential ticket came up I waited my turn and voted a loud nasal Nae to the surprise of nobody who's heard one thing I've said or written since this freakshow of a campaign rolled out from under whatever rock it was hatched beneath. I did note a raised eyebrow or two and one member asked me to explain in private why I voted that way, solidarity during contract talks being paramount and all.

Truth is I've been saying it since Bernie Sanders threw his hat into the ring and up until now nobody affiliated with union leadership has ever asked me what I thought. So I guess I voted against Randi Weingarten and Lily Eskelson's Machiavellian machinations as much as I voted against the beneficiary of their skullduggery. I did not vote in favor of a tax deadbeat who thinks he can grab women's crotches. Nor did I vote for a Mexican subsidized wall, charter schools, Common Core and more tax breaks for people who need them least.

I voted for Bernie Sanders.

Sadly, the only way the current system allows for a guy like me to vote for the guy I drove to Cleveland to see on a school night with my wife and kids and the guy I stood outside of Alumni Arena in the rain for nearly 3 hours with my family and our dear friend Julie -- I repeat the only way this system allows me to vote for the guy I believed in and still believe in -- is to vote nae in an Executive Committee endorsement less than a month away from election night. If anyone's concerned about me disrupting solidarity you can rest easy since Phil Rumore his own self laughed and said something to the effect of I know why you did that. To which I said I did it for Bernie and Phil answered Aren't you glad he ran? I am but I only wish he'd have had at least a fighting chance. If you haven't seen the wikki dump emails illustrating NEA President Lily and AFT President Weingarten treating all of us as dummies to be out maneuvered I suggest you google them and see for yourself. I believe my local is working hard and looking out to get us a fair contract. I only wish I could say the same for the national affiliates. Start here on Norm's blog  to see how unions were punished for endorsing Bernie and how Weingarten said she was going after NNU a nurse's union that actually believes in democracy for endorsing Bernie. If you're not pissed off I really can't help you. If your biggest professional concern is a lack of paper towels in the faculty lounge you are making it verrry easy for the Randis and Lilys to screw you over before you even know what hit you. Read the link above to Norm's blog and get a look at who doesn't give a shit what you think. Hint, it's not David Coleman this time.

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