Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Board of Ed Election Chips Continue to Fall

The sore losering continues.

Today I read Lars Quinn whining that his fellow poor little rich friend Carl Paladino is being bullied. Quinn uses the appellation "Open season on Carl Paladino" with something of a dramatic flourish.  Hilariously "Lawrence Quinn" as he glossed himself        (anyone else surprised he didn't toss in the middle initial too while he was at it?)  waxes philosophical about human nature and the way people kick you when you lose. Umm, Lar? Carl didn't lose, he won. Oh... well then, never mind... Naturally our man Lars manages to gurgle a few lines from the Broad Foundation script, at one point implying BTF endorsed candidates lack the courage to make "real changes." I think I'll ask Hutch Tech Senior Austin Harig if I want to hear about courage, not the guy whose career payday came from dismantling the Buffalo Sabres. Or the guy who leaked a teen agers discipline information to the media then claimed he "heard it on the streets." Really, Carl? Which streets did you hear it on? Gotta love the "heard it on the streets" phrasing. Imagine some wise guys in a smokey back room playing poker, talking about "the vig," "the ponies," "broads and gats" and oh yeah, "Hey, Knuckles, Lefty, did yous hear Austin Harig got hisself suspended from The Tech?" 

Mmmmmm, not working for me. 

Elsewhere there's a letter to the editorial outhouse from some local charter schools network shill accusing BTF of being "afraid of Steve Perry." I am not sure why he thinks any of us fear this guy as much as we question who paid for his speech and expenses and who is going to give the counter point to what we all know will be an anti-teacher, anti-union gasfest straight outta the privatization 101 field guide. In case anyone needs about a dozen reasons right off the top to not fear this carpetbagging non teacher with all the answers Dr. Mercedes Schneider lists a bunch of them here. Oh and her PhD is legit, unlike the CNN celebucator Perry who's never been a teacher. Yeah, never taught for a day but he knows what you're doing wrong. And do we really wonder how Donald Trump got on the ticket? 

Yesterday some heretofore unheard of troll comes wading into a Facebook page peopled almost exclusively with B-Lo teachers whining that her kid in a charter school can't get free access to the Boys and Girls Club from SayYes! like all those kids in failing Buffalo Schools. And when someone responds to her nonsense she tags two of her girlfriends to join the fight about the way we've seen kids do at Riverside or South Park when they think they need to bring in some outside backup for a beef. Fortunately the page is still armed with an eject button and it was rather comical to see the strutting and fretting upon the stage that was then heard no more -- forgive the second MacBeth reference in one week. (Here's to you Mr. Jags) 

I can't help think of Steven King's 10-22-63 when Jake Epping goes through the rabbit hole in time to take out Lee Harvey Oswald and prevent the assassination of JKF. Any time he is faced with a "must do" situation Jake experiences what he calls "the past pushing back" because it has a will of its own and is fiercely resistant to anyone's attempts to change it. The car stalls, some bystander gets in his way, it starts to rain, a nosy cop shows up... It never ends. And it's maddening to the reader as well as to Jake -- I could also say the viewer if you watched the adaptation of HULU --mostly because he feels he is trying to right a wrong and prevent a grievous event from transpiring. You want to say stop pushing back dammit, this is right, it's going to be good for everyone! This past few days has left me with a similar sensation of experiencing the pushback by collection of the sore losers who saw their privatization majority piledriven in the Board of Education election. Surely none of us thought these moneyed interests were simply going to go seek honest employment in the gaming or toxic waste disposal industries. We knew they would attempt to regroup, reload and misfire again. I guess I am a little surprised by the pettiness and puerility of their initial salvos. Amused too don't get me wrong. 

And in yet another shining moment of classic Buffalo News school of butthurt editorialism I can't figure out for the life of me where they buried the article about Long Neck NY teacher  Sheri Lederman's case being decided in her favor and against the bogus VAM measures our hilarious clown friends in the privatization movement have inflicted on teachers. New York Supreme Court Judge Roger McDonough called VAM "arbitrary and capricious." It's a handy choice of phrase too as it accurately describe John King the former NYSED dope in charge when it was all imposed. Sitting NYSED dope Mary Ellen Elia has herself admitted publicly that the entire process is random at best. Now that New York Supreme Court Judge Roger McDonough has set a precedent in this ruling it's time to roll back the rest of the arbitrary and capricious bullshit rolled out by the privatization movement in their well funded and endless attempts to steal public schools from the public. 

The fact that King has risen like a circling floater to the top of the Department of Ed toilet makes this even more satisfying. So good to see him in a high profile position being spanked for his past transgressions and having this stinker hung around his neck not for just the Empire State but the entire country to witness. Did he think he could just walk away and not answer for his nonsense? Beware the Karma fairy, Johnny, she will always find you. Arbitrary and Capricious all right. Get used to hearing that one. 

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