Saturday, April 9, 2016

In 27 Seconds Hillary Removed Any Hope of Me Voting for Her

In 27 seconds we see a politician nobody endorsed trying to pump up another politician everyone hates for pushing through a $15/hr minimum wage she never supported. 

And when the people in the room booed the guy everyone hates the politician nobody endorsed tried to browbeat them into going along with her because after all, the guy everybody hates stood up for the wage she said she wouldn't go along with. 

And in case everyone doesn't know, the politician nobody endorsed had a nice chat with Duncan E. Kirkwood, the local advocacy manager for the Northeast Charter School Network before she headed up to Ra Cha Cha to talk at all those people who didn't endorse her. 

I can't decide exactly if it was cluelessness, hubris or indifference that drove Hillary Clinton to think she could mention ne'erdowell shithead Andrew Cuomo's name in a roomful of unionized teachers and not get a negative reaction from them. I have no problem believing she is so tuned out and disconnected from the world people like us inhabit that she'd never imagine mentioning a punchbowl turd like Cuomo would strike a sour nerve. Then again I think she's also hubristic enough to believe that she owes these people nothing. And after all Cuomo is a powerful ally of hers if not ours so tough shit if we don't like it but she's going to give him some love and we can just deal with it. Finally, and I think this could really be it, she just doesn't give a shit what a bunch of losers who make $62K a year wiping other people's kids noses and teaching them times tables think. I mean really these are throwaways who can't do a thing for her or her prospects. 

And if I didn't already have enough reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances -- the Trump doomsday scenario included -- the fact that she cared so little about teachers that she'd mention a cretin like Cuomo to us then try and humbug us into hearing what a champ he really is just put me over the top.

Bernie will be in Alumni Arena this Monday at 7:00 pm. I've seen Talking Heads, The Clash, Sedaris and John Oliver there. I'll tell my grandkids how I saw President Sanders there. I hope to see you too.

Feel the Bern Hill. We Are!


  1. She reacted before the crowd even booed. Whole thing was on purpose. She had to speak, but, she wanted to look like she wasn't too cozy with teachers. So, she made sure she said something provocative, thus, that would be the headline. She's an a-hole.

  2. It seems Weingroan parlayed the AFT's early endorsement of Clinton into a vapid speech to NYSUT which praised their sworn enemy. Teachers everywhere say, "Thank you, may I have another?"

  3. Awesome! I was texting my husband at this moment at the RA. She lost me a long time ago, but this was the shit icing on the stink cake. Also not happy that I gave up so much time to support my local only to have to listen to an HRC sales pitch all weekend. Shame on NYSUT, AFT & NEA.

  4. It's not just HRC- her entire team has nothing but contempt for educators. Podesta's involvement is exemplary of her strategy- give with one hand & take with the other.
    In 2008 Podesta set up 2 transition teams on education. The one with Darling-Hammond was "only a sop to a faction that would have no real influence." The 2nd team was bought by Broad,Gates, DFER & TFA that gave us Arne Duncan. We need to remember we don't vote for just HRC we vote for their entire, rotten team.

    "The reformers’ arrogance is best on display when Brill gloats about the charade of appointing anti-reformer Linda Darling-Hammond to lead Obama’s official post-election education planning, while DFER, with funds from Eli Broad, wrote a secret memo for the “informal yet real education transition team.” Jon Schnur organized the effort and strove to calm his nervous fellow-reformers, assuring them that the Darling-Hammond appointment was only a sop to a faction that would have no real influence, while DFER’s secret memo set forth the Administration’s actual policy – including the naming of key Gates Foundation and Teach for America operatives for crucial administration policy posts, and calling for use of student test scores to evaluate teachers. It is disclosures like this that make Brill’s book something less than the unambiguous morality tale he aimed to present. Had the reformers been a little less sure of themselves, they might have less to answer for when their program, as it certainly must, eventually implodes."

  5. Perfect example of an arrogant aristocrat disconnected from us "ignorant masses" types. She had no idea how much we revile that man, or she did and didn't care.